Finding Ayam Cemani Chicken For Sale With Good Quality Both In Terms Of Eggs, Meat, Or Character Of That Chicken

Ayam cemani is legendary so many people want to have it. Some people want to take care ayam cemani in their home. But many requesting about ayam cemani chicken and limited stock so sometimes there are ayam cemani chickens which have not good quality. This is why a lot people choose to breed Ayam cemani chicken for sale.

Ayam cemani chicken is the unique and also the beautiful ornamental chicken. With hair all over its black body make this chicken is very interesting for many people and they want to take care this chicken at home. Not only the feathers are black and even the legs, the beak of the comb to the meat is also black. The uniqueness of the color is different from the other types of chickens. the selling price of this chicken was relatively stable. Ayam cemani chicken is the type of kedu chicken exists in Indonesia, this chicken is a native chicken Indonesia and originally developed in the area of Central Java, Temanggung. With its trademark is a lot of people  love this cemani chicken. historically, the existence of cemani chicken has existed since the kingdom of Majapahit.

Why is cemani chicken black?
Not because it is a belief that many regarded by society, but the color comes from genes or offspring that are black. But the color does not affect the color of eggs, white eggs or sometimes chocolate like chicken eggs.
Chicken cemani have an average weight 2-3 kg for cemani male while for female cemani can reach 2.5 kg. Chicken cemani who are ready to lay their eggs at the age of 7-8 months and above. With a period of 3-4 times per year, but the production time depends on hatching if using a hatchery machine, would provide an opportunity to increase egg production. Chicken cemani alone can have age up to 7 years more. But the existence of cemani chicken is now increasingly rare, rarely found because only a few farmers who have this cemani chicken. Actually there is still much to do research on this cemani chicken. Such as when doing experiments crossing this cemani chicken with other types of chickens. Because it is cute chicken has to seeded egg production when we compare with chicken in general. And if for the production of meat, cemani chicken has the deficiency of the color of the flesh is black or grayish.

How to obtain an ayam cemani chicken?

To get a good quality of ayam cemani chicken, you should know characteristic of ayam cemani chicken. Then you should buy from the breeder or seller and of course you can trust. To know ayam cemani chicken with a good quality, you can see the explaining below:

  1. Beak, beak of ayam cemani is black. When ayam cemani chicken child, this black color will appear. But time by time this black color will change become white color because to bite some foods.
  2. Fur, fur has black color. If the ayam cemani chicken before is intersected with another chicken, so black color from the fur can not be full just about 95%. This is it, it makes us easy to know it.
  3. Skin, almost 100% skin color of cemani chicken is black.
  4. Anus,  color of cemani chicken’s anus is jet black. And it is different from the kind of another chicken.
  5. Foot,  color of cemani chicken’s is not jet black, because  foot of cemani is scaly and if it is dry, it changes white color.
  6. Throat and tongue, ayam Cemani chicken’s throat is black color, even though its tongue is gray or sometimes white.
  7. Jengger, jengger cemani chicken is black color. But indeed when ayam cemani chicken grows matured in the lower part of the comb sometimes look red.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Price

Ayam cemani is widely known right now. Demand is not only parent of cemani but also you can look for puppies  in the market. We also provide starting from age of 1 months, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months and adults ready for production. How much is an Ayam Cemani chicken? Following ayam cemani chicken price list:

  • 1 month Rp 110.000/ tail
  • 2 months Rp 150. 000/ tail
  • 3 months Rp 200.000/ tail
  • 4 months Rp 250.000/ tail
  • 5 months Rp 300.000/ tail
  • Adult Rp 550.000/ tail.

“We don’t serve cemani about requesting for rituals, medications and like others.”

The development of information increasingly rapidly, the public increasingly know the benefits of chicken eggs cemani. Cemani eggs are believed to increase the vitality of men, by mixing eggs with honey and kencur rice. So that’s why we also sell original cemani eggs with the price of Rp 40.000/ grains ready to send to a lot of regions in Indonesia and also abroad.

Ayam Cemani Eggs For Sale

Let’s see also for hatching of this chicken. Ayam Cemani is one of about 34 types of ornamental chicken that we provide. From the age of tillers for breeders, ayam cemani is quite popular by the community. At this time, not only from the age of saplings, most people prefer to have their eggs to be hatched. As an ornamental chicken, chicken cemani in the treatment is almost the same as the chicken. So also on the eggs are produced. The cemani eggs have white color, sometimes also brown. Chicken cemani start laying eggs at the age of 8 months weighing about 2.5 kg. In one spawn can produce 8-15 eggs with a laying period of 3-4 times per year. The egg production will also lay eggs maximally. However, if still a beginner, hatching eggs with cemani may be an option.

Now, currently enthusiasts for eggs cemani indeed increasing. Maintenance chicken cemani start from the eggs to hatch intoa new trend. Perhaps with the maintenance of like that, the breeders will be more experienced if later when Cemani has grown into a breeder and ready to spawn. However, the original cemani eggs are the choice now. It is called the original cemani egg because it comes from the original chicken cemani as well.

The maintenance of chicken cemani qquite easy, in cultivation Ayam Cemani, you can also use it as a broodstock because when the age of Ayam cemani makes have a height about 60 cm while for females have a height about 50 cm. But to be used as a mother also needs a good condition. Ideally, in 1 cage, 1 stud for 3-5 females.

Chicken cemani food in Indonesia, you can call the food with voer or br with a mixture of rice bran and corn milled. The maintenance of chicken cemani to get the results according to expectations, by intensive way or you can put in cage is better. Adult of cemani females in one spawn time can produce about 15 grains. The egg will be incubated for 21 days, after the chicken eggs hatching cemani it will produce saplings which can be taken care of with sires or it could be with a box which is warmed. While still the see feed provided can be voer or pure br.

Ayam Cemani Egg Color

Do ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs? Do any chickens lay black eggs? Let’s know Ayam Cemani Egg Color from popular cemani chicken. Who does not know chicken cemani? For the ornamental chicken lover, of course they are not stranger to this chicken. The uniqueness of its all-black color attracts the hearts of ornamental chicken lover, the growing popularity of chicken cemani indeed affect the demand in the market.Cemani Eggs : ayam cemani chicken for sale

The last few years the eggs also enliven in the market, the eggs cemani get the higher demand. Some people want to keep it from hatching the eggs, there are also just want to consume the egg because of his curiosity. There is even demand to reach thousands to supply eggs per month, it is evident which the eggs cemani participate in the market compete.

Ayam Cemani egg yolk-Find And Feel The Incredible Advantages Of Ayam Cemani Egg Yolk For Your Health

One of the questions that often appear is the color of cemani chicken eggs. Some people think that the color of cemani eggs follow the cemani chicken color, black color. Cemani chicken eggs are the same with chicken eggs in general, because basically ayam cemani also includes an original chicken from Indonesia.

Ayam Cemani Meat For Sale

For the meat cemani chicken itself, even though it doesn’t black totally but the characteristic of original cemani meat clearly visible. Cemani chicken meat looks black and some parts look gray and it makes some people eat it delicious. There are indeed who try to give food for cemani chicken with black rice, like kluwak, etc. For the original cemani chicken that we give normally is enough voer or BR or sometimes you can call this food  with chicken concentrate, just it is enough. And we do not give special food for cemani chicken. Nevertheless the results of our cemani chickens are good, healthy and also grow well.

Cemani Chicken Meat-Find And Feel The Incredible Advantages Of Ayam Cemani Egg Yolk For Your Health

Daging Ayam Cemani

Meat of  Ayam Cemani

But as far as we know the provision of feed like this has not been proven to make meat or chicken blood cemani turned into total black. Even though, if you cook ayam cemani chicken, it is similar with chicken meat of village.

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