Caring For Chickens In Backyard : How To Raise Chicken In Backyard

caring for chickens in backyard
caring for chickens in backyard


Are you interested in Caring For Chickens In Backyard? And do you know that raising chicken is popular in recent years? Moreover, keeping poultry in your backyard is very satisfying and useful.

However, raising chicken must be patient and probably need extra time to take care.

Also, you must know about the poultry care and management. It will help you to understand the chickens care 101.

So, here are tips on looking after chickens for the first time. It is so easy on how to raise chicken In Backyard. So let’s take a look the description below.

Maybe, looking after chickens for the first time has a lot of confusion for you.

A lot of question in your mind on how do I take care of chickens? do chickens make good pets? or how much space do you need to keep chickens? It is so confusing, right? Then, before you are Caring For Chickens In Backyard, the first step is to make sure your commitment to raising them.

It is the key to raise chicken In Backyard. You need to raise them with love, pay attention to the chicken coop care, feed them and make sure you have time for them.

Rules And Regulation On Caring For Chickens In Backyard

Another important about this is the regulation and rules on Caring For Chickens In Backyard.

Most of the region or cities have their own rules on keep chicken on the backyard.

Even, different houses in the same area also have different rules.  Maybe the article about The Regulation and Rules For Keeping Chickens in The Backyard will help you.

Also, you must know what kinds of chicken that are allowed by the laws in your region.

That’s why you need extra attention to rules and regulation. Don’t try to hide them because there will be the way to solve the problems.

It must be careful about deciding types chicken in your backyard. The poultry will get along with your neighbors and it perhaps will make some noises.  

Do your neighbors allow you to keep chicken? Then, just let them know. Let your neighbors know before you start to raise chicken.

After they know and have no problem with it, you must thank them, so when your chicken starts laying eggs, you can share it with your neighbors.

Or when they are not allowed just bribe them with the fresh eggs. Then, if you are not sure about the rules and regulations.

The best solution is your country’s governmental website, followed by your local government offices or Town Hall.  

It is the best source information to make sure you are on the right path.

The Selection of Chicken For your Backyard

Are you ready to raise chicken in the Backyard? Then, choose your chicken. In the process of selection of the chicken must be careful.

There are several options for start raising chicken. The first is you can start form hatching eggs, start with the DOC (Day Old Chick) and the last is the adult one or a pair.

Every stage of chicken has their advantages. When you are starting from the hatching eggs you must prepare the hatching machine then. But you can also leave it to another hen for hatching the eggs.

It costs cheaper than you buy the adult chicken. Then, the most easier is you start from DOC (Day Old Chick).

Afterward, the types of the chicken are usually raised for the hobbyist, meat, or the eggs. There are tons of chicken types you can choose which one of them because every type of chicken has a different purpose of usage.

The best chicken used for their meat and eggs are Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Rock, or Rhode Island Red and many more.

Then for the hobbyist, you can choose The black meat Ayam cemani, The beautiful silkie, or the exotic Polish chicken and many more.

It depends on your backyard size and your time to raise them.  It is the best way on Caring For Chickens In Backyard.

The Convenient Chicken Coop

There are many types of the chicken coop that can be your choices. Also, there are many of ready chicken coop that you can find on the internet.

Then, what is the best Chicken coop for your Chicken? It must be based on your chicken variety.  

Then most important is coop must be durable, secure and convenient because Coop is where your chicken sleep, brood on and the save place from the predator also harsh weather.

Besides,  are you worried your chicken may get into neighbor’s yards? So choose the coop with the run attached and keep them in an enclosed area. Also, you must decide you will make your own coop or buy.

There are many options for coop on the internet with range prize from $200 to $600 depending on the size of the coop.

Actually, making your own coop is very easy but it needs a lot of times and lot of work even it is cheaper.

There are many types of the coop that can be your inspiration. Such as in the picture below.

1.Chicken hut coop

caring for chickens in backyard

This is convenient chicken coop that easies to clean up. Also, there is two-door that can access easily by the chicken.

This coop is made from wooden and the nesting box are easy to take off from the coop.

The ventilation is great which is the chicken easily gets the fresh air from the outside. You can try this one!


2. Poultry shack coop

caring for chickens in backyard

This is a coop that can be used for 30 chickens. This  is made from wood with the safety guard from the iron wire.

So, the predator cannot interfere your chicken. Then the coop was so large.  

It is around 10×12’ floor plan so the chicken can move freely. It has steady construction is able to the installation of electrical installations for cold weather.

3. Cluck-carrier

caring for chickens in backyardThe cluck carrier is only for 1-5 chicken in your backyard. This is one of the convenience coops. Because it is complete with the nesting box that easier to collect the eggs.


4. The mansion chicken coop

caring for chickens in backyard
The mansion chicken coop

This coop is the best deal for you! The mansion chicken coop is one of the best coops for your chicken on the backyard. It is suited for up to 20 chicken.

Also completed with the cozy place for go brood. It is features 6 nesting boxes; 1 box per 3 hens is ample because they love to share.

Then would you like to have one of them? but please check your backyard size before.

However, there are still many of chicken coop used on Caring For Chickens In Backyard.


How do I take care of chickens?

Having chickens is wonderful for your life also for your family. It is because they will give you lot of advantages from their meat, their odor, and their eggs.

Even raising is challenging, you must know how to care for chickens for eggs, how to take care of egg-laying chickens also how to take care of a chick.

But all of it can be easier when you want to learn from the expert. 

The most important is you should keep your backyard chicken clean and healthy because also can get you a lot of diseases, that’s why is important to keep your body healthy, learn more about how to stay healthy and out of drugs on this article

Mostly chicken feed is based on their purpose. For example, the hen given pellet which is high in calcium so they can lay great eggs.

Then for the chicken meat over six weeks old feed with a finisher which is high in protein. So, they have a high quality of meat.  

Then, for another type of chicken, you can feed with crumbles, bran, or mix it.

Besides, the chicken must give supplement it helps them to stay healthy. Also, provide sand to help your chickens grind their food and a source of calcium for laying hens.

You must notice to keep the food fresh and clean. During the night, cover the coop and feed up with a lid to stop it from attracting pests.Then clean up any leftovers.

Keeping chicken in your backyard is good for the children. It will teach the children about the responsibility and care for other living things.

After start raising chicken, you will get a lot of the advantages and disadvantages.

So keeping chicken must have times to do a research. It will help you know how to raise chicken properly.

There is much information of chicken care 101, from the website, book, forum, blogs, and etc.

Lastly, Daily Caring For Chickens In Backyard.

caring for chickens in backyard
how to take care of a chick

Must be noticed! You can let your chicken in and out from the coop. In the morning let them on the outside of the coop.

Then when the sun goes down make sure they are inside the coop and lock them up.

Provide the easy access so they can in and out the coop during the day. It will teach your chicken that the coop is their home to settle.

Then, how to care for chickens for eggs? It is easy. You must collect the chicken eggs often. Collect their eggs in the morning or afternoon.

They will lay one egg every day then you can collect the fresh egg every day. Next, you must clean the coop routine. It is necessary to prevent the pets such as mites and diseases.

Afterward, do regular daily routines such as feeding them, refill drinkers, collect eggs, etc.

Then observe them and see if there is any change in appearance or behavior to ensure that the chicken is healthy.  Also, keep your chicken stay warm in the winter.

We already share information about looking after chickens for the first time that you can try. Then  Would you like to Caring For Chickens In Backyard? It is human-friendly.

Also, they are easy to maintain and can provide a lot of advantages. Further Information about poultry and Interesting article keep following our website  

If you have a question just feel free leave the comment or direct message on our fan pages on Facebook or Instagram. Happy breeding!

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