Feel interested to breeding chicken? This List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds can be your references to start. Recently, Fancy chicken is popular for the backyard. Not only for the meat and the eggs but also raised for the hobby. Also, this poultry is easy to maintain and it has a lot of variety. Here’s List Of Fancy Chicken Breed.

The Exotic chicken raised for hobbyist because of the appearance or the uniqueness. Even though some of them has the highest price it does not matter. Because they are so lovely also have their own advantages. Some of the exotic chicken breeds for eggs and the other for fancy hen breeds. Then would you to know the List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds. Let’s take a look The Top 10 Exotic and Fancy chicken for Backyard.

  1. Silkie, the beautiful fluffy plumage

This is an adorable chicken and it has beautiful fluffy plumage. Then, it is one of the most popular chickens for breeding in the backyard. Silkie has a tinny body and it has an attractive color of the feather that makes people are falling in love. Besides, silkie chicken has a black or dark blue skin. The black or dark blue skin of Silkie chicken because of  Hyperpigmentation. This is the rare condition that causes black or color because most of the chicken has white or red skin color.

Furthermore, Silkie is categorized as the bantam chicken which means it is a miniature version of standard chickens. the originate of this chicken is believed from  Southeast Asia or more specific to China. Because this chicken has been used as medicine for warming the body and strengthens the immune system. Also, this chicken meat is good for woman fertility. Then it is good for nourish the woman who was giving birth and help the woman to restore the vitality after giving birth.

There are several variations of silkie chicken breeds pictures based on their color such as :

  • WhiteBuff
"black chicken meat "

Silkies are the beautiful chicken covered in fluffy plumage

  • Black
list of fancy chicken breeds

Black Silkie, the  Exotic Backyard Chicken

  • Gray
list of fancy chicken breeds

Gray silkie – The list of fancy chicken breeds

  • Partridge
list of fancy chicken breeds

Partridge silkie Fancy Chicken Breeds

  • Splash
list of fancy chicken breeds

splash silkie list of fancy chicken breeds

  • Lavender
list of fancy chicken breeds

lavender silkie chicken

  • Cuckoo
list of fancy chicken breeds

Cuckoo Silkie chicken

Actually, silkie has many different colors. The picture above is the top of silkie chicken breeds pictures. That’s why silkie becomes Top 10 Exotic Backyard Chicken. Besides,  they also become the top of fancy hens lists on the category of bantam chicken. Then, would you like to try breed this List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds? Since they are a human-friendly and lovely creature to breed.

2. The Malaysian Bantam Chicken Serama

list of fancy chicken breeds

Serama chicken breed

The next List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds is Serama chicken. They are the smallest chicken in the world and includes in the categorize of bantam chicken. Then, what is a bantam hen? In general, Bantam is the classification for the smallest chicken. Sometimes it is the reference to the chicken miniature. The size of bantam a bantam hen chicken is more smallest than chicken in general.

Moreover, Serama chicken is around 15-25 centimeters tall then the weigh around 500 grams for the adult. This chicken is originally from the Kelantan Malaysia. Recently, this chicken is the popular breed for Indonesia and Malaysia. This chicken is the result of crossing  Japanese bantam with Malaysian bantam chicken.  Serama chicken is raised for an exhibit at shows also keep as a pet companion. Many bantam enthusiasts called “living world art” because of the tiniest body than other poultry.

Furthermore, This Bantam chicken is famous for their beautiful color and calm.  Some serama’s have larges chest and they have a sweet character which is easy to handle. That’s why they are love became the center of attention. The eggs of this bantam are smallest than other bantam chicken.The eggs size only 1 Inch length white or light brown colored. This is friendly chicken to breed and it has an exotic variant color. Serama is the smallest bantam and one of the top List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds. Let’s try to breed this chicken as pets or hobbyist.

3. Plymouth Rock Chicken The American Breed

list of fancy chicken breeds

Plymouth rock chicken

Do you know about The Plymouth Rock Chicken?  This is one of popular chicken native from America. This chicken was found in Massachusetts in the in the nineteenth century. This is one of List Of Fancy Chicken Bree. There are many people breed this chicken in the United State for a small farm. This is one of the oldest and most successful breeds poultry. This chicken is resistant to the cold weather and they are friendly.

Plymouth Rock is one of the favorite chicken breeds not only in the US but also in the UK. They are kept for the egg and the meat. They are good layers of the brown eggs. This chicken can lay up to 200 brown eggs per year and they will lay a year around. Besides, they are a positive breed that friendly. They are good chicken for children raised because of their gentle and sweet behavior. It has various varieties such as Barred, White, Buff, Silver Penciled, Partridge, Columbian, Blue, Black and black frizzle. But the most popular is the barred black and white feathering.

This is one of the top chicken breeds charts. The Plymouth Rock Chicken is great for their meat. This breed is easily adapted to the new area. They can breed inside and outside the coop also they can stand in the cold. They are included in the list of fancy chicken breeds. because they have dual purpose as good layer and the great meat. This chicken is suitable for breeding in the small backyard.

4. Polish The Exotic Ornamental Chicken

list of fancy chicken breeds

white crested black polish rooster

Have you ever met this funny, friendly, quirky chicken? They are polish the exotic ornamental chickens. Another name of this chicken is ‘Paduan’, ‘Poland’ or ‘Tophats’.  Did you know if the originality of this chicken is not from Poland?  it is from Netherland.  They are famous because of their top hat feather on the head. The most popular ornamental chicken keep as ornamental breed and also for the exhibition.

The Polish chicken popular for their unusual and beautiful appearance. They have a small V-shaped comb with red color. The standard weigh of this chicken is around 2.75 kg for male and hens about 2 kg. Then it lays white color with medium length. But this chicken rarely goes broody. The temperament of this chicken is Friendly, Easily Handled and  Shy. But sometimes they are noisy, flighty.

This chicken has a huge variety that recognized by the American Poultry Association. The variety is based on the feather color such as Bearded White, Bearded Silver, Bearded Golden, Bearded Buff Laced, White Crested Black, Non-Bearded White, Non-Bearded Buff Laced, Non-Bearded Golden, Non-Bearded Silver etc.  Then would you like to breed one of them? this is one of the famous chicken in the worlds.

5. Sebright The British True Bantam Chicken

list of fancy chicken breeds

Sebright list fancy chicken breeds

This is one of the exotic bantam chicken with a lovely temperament. This chicken is known as a miniature bird. Sebright is the oldest  British bantam chicken that found by Sir John Sebright. This chicken was found In the early 1800s then became the popular fancy chicken. People raise this chicken for the show bird and this is rare poultry.

Sebright is fancy hens lists. Because of the adorable appearance, these small birds are keept. Due to their unique appearance, many breeders and hobbyist looking for this chicken and this is favorite List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds. There are two varieties of this chicken such as Silver and Golden. The chicken-size around 0.57-0.65kg and it can lay 60-80 eggs on average. They are so adorable with their small body. This is perfect for your backyard chicken.

The feature of this small breed has slate blue legs and the beak has dark horn color. Then, for the roosters has a rose comb with smooth dots and small spikes that sweep from the back of his head. this is just small information about Sebright as fancy hen breeds. These pretty birds, with their wonderfully patterned plumage and delicate features, is perfect keep in your backyard.

6. Onagadori Long-tailed chicken.

list of fancy chicken breeds

The Onagadori chicken breeds chart

Onagadori also is known as long tail fowl. This is Japanese rare breed. They are considered as cultural heritage in Japan so it is very the hard to find. Their tail can be long as 10 meters ! This is the longest tail among the birds. The feather will always grow, even of being shed and replaced. Onagadori means “Honourable Fowl” in Japanese. This is a breed of domestic chicken. This chicken must be placed in the special coop. So that their tails are rolled up like a curl and suspended on the walls for protection. The coop name is “tombaku” it is used for protecting the feather.

The onagadori have several features such as for the color Black-breasted Red, Black-breasted Silver, Goishi (a pale Black-breasted Golden) and White. Then for Comb, Wattles & Earlobes are divided into  Red wattles, with the red single and slightly curved comb, white to pale yellow lobes.

Based on the history, this chicken emerging from the cross of Shokuku and Totenko, and perhaps the long-tailed tail of Minohiki from Japan. Recently, this chicken is very rare outside of Japan. This breed is for exhibition only. They have a docile temperament which is easy to teach or handled. They are rarely this can be the hobbyist. That’s why they are included List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds.

7. Araucana The List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds

list of fancy chicken breeds

Araucana chicken breed

This is an interesting chicken for keep. Araucana chicken is originally from Chile, South America. They are popular chicken for their blue eggs. They can lay eggs that range from blue to blue-green, to more of an olive color From several varieties of  Araucana. The breeders keep this chicken for their eggs and sometimes for Show Chickens.

Araucana chicken is the type of bantams and Large Fowl.  The Araucana Weight are various the Cock is around 2.7 – 3.2 Kg and  Hen is around 2.25 – 2.7 Kg. Then for Bantam Cock around  740 – 850g and Hen: 680 – 790g. This chicken has varieties including Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing, Black/Red, Blue/Red, Lavender, Pyle, Crele, Spangled, Cuckoo, Blue, Buff, Silver, Black, and White. It is huge of variety of chicken and Colorful.

They have the charming personality that will attract your attention. Besides, this chicken is able to lay 160 Eggs every year. Araucanas are a very rare kind of chicken with a hairy chest that appears from either side of their face. But this chicken is good to raise in the backyard. This is friendly chicken that easily handles in the backyard.

8. Yokohama Chicken The Exotic Long-Tailed

list of fancy chicken breeds

Yokohama chicken the list of fancy chicken breeds

This is an ornamental chicken and popular for the show. This long-tailed chicken is one of the rarest lives stock. And it’s only 100 Original species of this chicken in the world. It’s hard to breed this chicken. This chicken is not originally from Yokohama Japan. But it is a port where a French missioner named Girard first exported this species to Europe. Then they were named Yokohama for their port of origin.

The appearance of this long-tailed chicken is simply gorgeous, elegant, eye-catching and beautiful. Yokohama chicken has behavior tame. The Yokohama characteristics such as It has a red breast, and red shoulders, but white hackles and white, long tail feathers. They also have yellow legs and skin, and a red walnut comb. This day Yokohama chicken is listed as Critical on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority list. And It is hard to find the original Yokohama.

9. Kadaknath Types Of Chicken In India



Kadaknath Types Of Chicken In India

One of popular breed chicken In India is Kadaknath. This chicken is very important for Indian. Because this chicken meat and eggs have rich sources of protein and iron. Kadaknath meats contain high percentage protein (25.47%) and they have aphrodisiac properties. Although the Kadaknath breed has many unique characteristics, nowadays it includes rare poultry in India. There are not many breeders who breed this chicken.

Kadaknath is the Types Of Chicken In India, and famous for its black-colored meat. Besides the black meat, Most of the internal organs show intense black color and varying levels of black color. Such as in skeletal muscle, tendons, nerves, brain, and others. The deposition of melanin is the reason why the black pigment happens. Because the black meat and the eggs are popular,  they are included in the List Of Fancy Chicken Breeds. This is an exotic black feather chicken that you must have in your backyard.


10. Appenzeller Spitzhauben The Extraordinary Feather

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

The Appenzeller Spithauben is the national breed of Switzerland. They look like a bird. They are also attractive and has a unique appearance.  This unique chicken is smart climber than other poultry. They are suite life in the mountains and love climbing the trees. Spitzhaubens are actually quite efficient producers of medium or large white eggs.

They have their own meaning the lacy bonnet or pointed hat. This unique chicken has a V-comb and feather crests in males and females. They are one of the rare poultry in the United States and they recognized officially by neither the American Poultry Association or other breed registries. The weight of female hens averaging 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) and rooster 4.5 lbs (2 kg). This is the light chicken for your backyard. Then would you like to breed this unique chicken? This is an unusual chicken that exotic for your backyard.

What we already share to you above is The Top 10 Exotic chicken for Backyard that you can keep as the hobbyist. Further Information about poultry and Interesting article keep following our website Hobiternak. If you have a question just feel free leave the comment or direct message on our fan pages on Facebook or Instagram.


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