Ayam Cemani Chicken For Sale : What People Are Usually Interested From Ayam Cemani Chicken?

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam cemani termasuk jenis ayam hias yang memiliki cirikhas tersendiri yaitu seluruh tubuh berwarna hitam
Ayam cemani termasuk jenis ayam hias yang memiliki cirikhas tersendiri yaitu seluruh tubuh berwarna hitam

Are you trying to find ayam cemani chicken for sale? But before you find the answer here, have you already known about ayam cemani chicken?

Well, ayam cemani is a kind of fowl that has unique and exotic appearance. This chicken is native to Central Java, Indonesia and has been kept not only in Indonesian but also other countries such as Germany, Nethrelands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Europe.

What is the most expensive chicken in the world? Ayam cemani chicken for sale is one of them. Though this chicken is really expensive but it doesn’t make chicken lovers, maybe you, not to admire this chicken. This is why there are still a lot of people looking for ayam cemani chicken for sale.

Ayam cemani chicken really has absolutely mesmerizing characteristic. With all black color inside and outside its body, many people are really interested to keep it at their home as pets. From the head to toe, even its bones, meat, and internal organs are black. Due to its uniqueness, this all black chicken is also claimed as the rarest chicken in the world. As a result, the breed of ayam cemani chicken for sale is also quite rare. So, what is the rarest chicken breed? Now you know for sure the answer is.

There are actually several kind of black chicken breeds. So, cemani chicken is not the only one that has black color. However, from so many types of black chicken, cemani is the only one that really has solid color inside and outside. For example: the other black chickens may have black color but their eyes are not as solid black as cemani chicken, even sometimes the eyes color are similar the general chickens. This is why people also call ayam cemani chicken as gothic chicken.

What People Are Usually Interested From Ayam Cemani Chicken?

There are some reason why many people, not only Indonesian but also foreigners are interested with cemani chicken for sale. Let’s see…

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1.Ayam Cemani Chicken Characteristics
ayam cemani chicken
ayam cemani chicken

Do you know that in its native, ayam cemani is thought to have mystical powers? Yes, that’s true. In Java Island, especially in Central Java, there are so many people still believe in the power of this chicken which is said to bring fortune to the owners. However, this is not justified in Islamic teachings since every good thing happens because of The Almighty God, not because of a black chicken.

Apart from this myth, for rational people, the beauty and characteristics of ayam cemani is the only reason why they fall in love with it. Even though ayam cemani price is so expensive, but most of them think that it is reasonable since this chicken is absolutely amazing! The jet black color of ayam cemani really attracts them to keep it as house pets. According to a source, there is a chicken breeder in Florida is able to sell ayam cemani chicken for $2,500 only for one chicken!

Do you believe it? The appearance of this chicken which is jet black is one reason that makes it so expensive. Besides, ayam cemani are also very hardy, easy to handle and low maintenance. They are great free rangers and absolutely stuning to see roaming around the yard.

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2.Ayam Cemani Chicken Meat
meat ayam cemani
meat ayam cemani

Have you ever know cemani chicken food? What do you think first when you see black chicken meat in front of your eyes? Well, ayam ceman chicken for sale is not only addressed to ornamental chicken lovers that want to keep it as pets. It is also addressed to those who want to consume the ayam cemani chicken meat for themselves.

For some people, consuming black chicken meat will possibly feel weird or even disgusting. Just imagine seeing black chicken in the bowl or plate. What do you feel, then? However, the fact is ayam cemani meat is as delicious as general free-ranged chickens. Even, some people said that it is more delicious!

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Well, people consume cemani chicken meat not without any reason. It is not only because of the delicious taste, but also the big influence for humans health. They realize that cemani chicken meat contains nutrients that are so good for health. In other words, there are some people who are also looking for ayam cemani meat for sale to be consumed instead of keeping it as their house pets.

3.Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs
Cemani Chicken Eggs
Cemani Chicken Eggs

About ayam cemani eggs, there is also a misunderstanding case among society, especially in Indonesia. Many people still believe that cemani chicken hens lay black chicken. This is why some people are looking for ayam cemani chicken eggs for sale not because they want to hatch it or breed it but becase they want to get fortune. They think that the black chicken eggs will bring luck to them so that they are willing to pay a high price for it. This is what we should think smartly. Just because this chicken has totally black color inside and outside doesn’t mean the eggs are also black.

So, do ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs?

The real fact is the color of ayam cemani eggs are similar with others chicken. It is usually cream, sometimes brown. The wrong perception in the society about black chicken eggs should be changed. The black color of cemani chicken happens because of a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis. This condition causes genetic mutations so that the chicken contain extra melanin. However, that condition cannot reach the egg’s shell so that the shell color is still similar with other chicken’s.

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