Cemani Chicken Facts About Its Meat, Eggs, And Price

Cemani Chicken Facts About Its Meat, Eggs, And Price : Will You Believe That Cemani Chicken Has Black Color Both Meat And Eggs, And Has Really Fantastic Price?

What do you know about cemani chicken?

black chicken breeds
Cemani Chicken

It has no doubt that chicken is a kind of animal that is very useful for human life. It is utilized not only on its economic side but also its beauty side. One kind of chicken that is useful for both sides is cemani chicken. As you can see, in Indonesia there are many people who breed ayam cemani chicken for sale.

Cemani chicken is an uncommon and relatively modern breed of chicken which is native to Indonesia, exactly from Central Java, Indonesia. Even though this chicken comes from Indonesia, but not only Indonesian people who are interested to keep it but also people from other countries. Do you know why? It is all because of its amazing beauty value that it has. Yes, that’s true. There are several things that make cemani chicken claimed as beautiful chicken.

Well, cemani chicken is very well-know for its exotic solid color in all of the body. From beak, head, eyes, feathers, leg, skin, everything is black! So, no wonder why people also usually call it ‘The Lamborghini Of The Poultry”. It is totally black inside and outside, from the head to toe, even its bones, meat, and internal organ are black. Do to its uniqueness, this chicken is categorized as the rarest chicken in the world.

So, what is the rarest chicken breed?

You know exactly what it is. Since cemani chicken is one of the rarest chicken in the world, it is clear that the breed of this chicken is also rare. It causes many people, especially chicken lovers are hunting information on how to obtain a ayam cemani chicken.  Well, this chicken is mostly cultivated in its native, Indonesia. Besides, due to its popularity, people from other countries, especially in Europe also try to cultivate it.

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Nevertheless, ayam cemani chicken for sale is quite difficult to find. Even, due to its scarcity, ayam cemani chicken price is really really high. By considering its perfect beauty, its number of population, and its function, it does make-sense if this chicken has expensive price. Moreover, there is also one more thing that makes it expensive. In Indonesia, people do believe in the mystical powers of cemani chicken. Even though it is just a myth, but this phenomenon has already spread in the society.

Then, how much are Ayam Cemani chickens?

A breeder in Florida named Paul Bradshaw sells cemani chicken for a fantastic price, $2,500 per chicken! He said that the rare Indonesian breed Ayam Cemani is his most requested bird, ever. Then, a one day-old chick (DOC) can be sold by the Florida-based company for around $200. That’s a really fantastic numbers, isn’t that?

By knowing that story, now you can believe that cemani chicken is really special. It even shows that not only Indonesian people who want to keep this chicken, but also foreign people. It shows that this Indonesian breed is already ‘Go International’ !

Now, if you ask “what is the most expensive chicken in the world?”, you already find the answer! Yes, right. Cemani chicken is one of them!

Facts about ayam cemani chicken meat

Cemani chicken meat
Cemani chicken meat

Talking about cemani chicken, it is clear that everything about cemani is black. Black from the tips of its feathers to its feet, and then from its bones to its beating dark heart, the name of ‘Lamborghini of Poultry’ is very suitable for this chicken.

Cemani chicken gets its unusual pigmentation from a genetic trait of fibromelanosis, a rare mutation of hyperpigmentation which causes the color is the opposite of albino. To be honest, it’s such a cool and rare thing, right?

Now, just imagine in front of you are two kinds of chicken meat, one is usual chicken meat and one another is black chicken meat. Which one will you prefer to consume?

Well, even though cemani chicken is best used as ornamental chicken or keep it as pets at home, not few people also want to consume the black meat of this chicken. Does it have different taste with common chicken meat? Though it is black, the cemani meat is more delicious taste than the others. It is more savory, the meat texture and its fiber is quite high.

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Moreover, the black chicken meat of cemani also high in nutrient. It has more advantages compared to others such as treat sprains, increase stamina, help children development, etc.

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Facts about ayam cemani chicken eggs

black chicken eggs
Do cemani chickens lay blak eggs?

Cemani chicken is popular with its exotic solid, jet-black color inside and outside. As a result, many people assume that this chicken also produce black-coloured eggs. The worse is, this rumor has also been spread in Indonesia. But, what is the real fact? Do ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs?

Cemani Chicken Eggs
Cemani Chicken Eggs

Well, the rumor of cemani chicken lays black eggs is totally WRONG! Even, there is nobody can prove that chicken black eggs do exist. The cemani hens are similar with general free-ranged chickens that lay cream-coloured eggs, sometimes brown with slight pink tint.

In the process of hatching, the egg yolk which is yellow will start to change in the black color when the embryo of cemani chicks appears. This phenomenon shows that the egg is in good quality so it will then grow as chicks and is able to hatch.

In short, even though Cemani chicken is black at all but it doesn’t mean they can produce black eggs. According to a source, the genetic condition called fibromelanosis that causes black color in chicken’s body cannot reach the egg shell. As a result, the color of egg will not change into black.


1.Is cemani chicken meat color is black? Yes, it’s true. It is caused by the genetic condition called fibromelanosis.

2.Is cemani chicken eggs color is black? Totally wrong! The cemani hens lay eggs with similar color of other chickens. The eggs color is usually cream, sometimes brown.

3.Is cemani chicken price is so expensive? Absolutely right. There are some reasons that causes the high price. The most influential are its beauty value, its scarcity, and its function to human health.

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