Why are chickens important to the world?

Chicken is a kind of animal that has an important role in human life. They have so many benefits and economic value. There are two basic advantages of chickens. The the most general is for human consumption. While another advantage is to keep as a house pet. Moreover, raising chickens for both purposes is also possible.

Speaking about consumption purpose, we know exactly that poultry farming of chickens is everywhere. Each country always has chicken stocks to supply human needs toward food. Their meat and eggs are two essential advantage that we can take. This is the main reasons why people raise chickens. For your information, if you want to find what kind of chicken is good and beneficial to raise, you can look at chicken breed charts. This will give you the insight to explore many kinds of chickens to breed.

Chickens which are specifically raised for meat in the poultry farming is chicken. And the commonly known chicken raise for meat is Broilers. They are a kind of chicken that can make great meat for a human. They can grow faster than the other chickens. Only in one period of five short weeks, they can weigh around 4-5 pounds. They can easily reach 10 pounds when they are 10 weeks old. They are absolutely ideal for a family size.

In a big city where vast empty land is difficult to find to build poultry farm, people can breed them in the backyard. However, not every country allows this. Before you are going to breed chickens, make sure that you already know your country regulation towards keeping or raising chickens. Please read rules for keeping chickens.

What is the most popular breed of chicken?

If you are planning to breed chickens, the followings are the most popular chickens in the world you can select. They are not only popular but also recommended for newbies. Remember that it is important to know well your environment first. The rural or urban location, the hot or cold climate, the size of your backyard or coop are several important things you should consider before choosing chicken breeds.

1. Plymouth Rock Chicken

the most popular chickens in the world

Plymouth Rock Chicken

This kind of chicken also includes the Barred Rock and the other varieties. This chicken is very popular in the US, Australia, and in the United Kingdom. They have black and white stripes on the plumage that can make them stand out in the flock. They are suitable for both meat and eggs (dual-purpose chicken).

Plymouth Rock Chicken is one of the most popular chickens in the world that has several varieties. Barred, Black Frizzle, Partridge, Blue, Columbian, Buff, Silver Penciled, Black, and also White are some of them. They have good attitude which is calm.

These chickens are also good layers since they can lay about 200 to 280 brown eggs (or pinkish-brown eggs) per year. If you have children who need a friendly and docile breed, and you live somewhere with cold winters, Plymouth rock chicken is a great choice for you. Basic, solid, backyard or small-farm land is also suitable for this chicken.

2. Australorp

the most popular chickens in the world

Australorp Chicken

This can be a great choice for you when you are starting to raise chickens. This is the most popular chickens in the world that has two advantages both eggs and meat. The locally breed Austraplorp are the most favorite in many Australian backyards.

They are so friendly and has a very good attitude. The plumage is usually brilliant black, white or blue. Sometimes, we can also find black feathers with a wonderful beetle-green sheen. Their comb is single. They also have strong black legs which are free of feathers.

The Australorp is such an excellent layer. They can lay about 200 to 280 brown eggs a year. Even, according to some breeders, the hen can lay more than 350 eggs in one year. That’s so fantastic!

Due to its hardiness and its active but relatively docile temperament, many poultry owners choose Australorp as the favorite one.

3. Orpington Chicken

the most popular chickens in the world

Orpington Chicken

The cute, fluffy, friendly, and beautiful things of this chicken have made this chicken rated as one of the most popular chickens in the world. They have a dual-purpose breed (eggs and meat). Orpington chicken can lay about 200 light brown eggs per year. Their plumage comes in many colors such as blue, black, white, lavender, buff.

Moreover, Orpington chicken is also well known as the Queen Mother. They are so hardy that they can endure England’s winters but still laying well. We can describe them as the ultimate mother hens. They are maternal by nature that loves nothing than crawling on the top of their nest which is full of their eggs. They do it to keep those tiny unborn babies still warm.

In other words, Orpington chicken is sweethearts. They are truly personable and tend to connect with their owners readily than the others. They go broody very often, and they can be a great mother for their baby chicks. If you have children, don’t be doubtful to keep this chicken. They are so docile and friendly.

Rare chicken in the world

If in the previous section we discuss the most popular chickens in the world, now we are going to discuss rare chicken. As we know that there are so many chickens in the world that is very rare. The following are some of them. They are also protected by an organization of poultry of their country.

1. Ameraucana

the most popular chickens in the world

Ameraucana Chicken

If you look for the most popular chickens in the world, you can choose this type of chicken. This chicken is an American breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the US in the 1970s. Ameraucana chickens are one of few chicken breeds that can lay blue eggs, pastel blue-green eggs exactly. They are very in colors and patterns such as black, blue, brown red, blue wheaten, wheaten and white, silver, buff.

Based on the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection, this type of chicken always have beards and face muffs. They also never have ear tufts.

If you ever hear about Araucana chicken, don’t be confused with them. Ameraucana is still closely related to Araucana but a little bit different. Araucana has similar color patterns and lay colorful eggs, too. However, they have ear tufts. Ameraucana is still quite rare compared to Araucana which is still common. They are still related each other, but not same.

2. Yokohama chicken

the most popular chickens in the world

Yokohama Chicken

This chicken is a German breed of ornamental chicken, with unusual coloring and very long tail feathers. The chicken is small and has long trailing saddle feathers. They have yellow beak, legs, and feet. This chicken is actually from Japanese.

According to a source, this chicken was first developed from two different Japanese Monument breeds. The name of ‘Yokohama’ is not a place in Japan. It is actually the port from where the breed was first exported to Europe. Nowadays, further breeding knows it as Yokohama.

From the appearance, this chicken has a game-like appearance. It is a regal, slim chicken breed which is small in size. It has similarity with German Phoenix chicken that has incredibly long tails that sweep the ground.

Today, people keep Yokohama chicken as an ornamental breed. Sometimes, they also use them for the exhibition. This chicken is globally endangered. And now they are listed as Critical on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority list.

3. White Faced Black Spanish

the most popular chickens in the world

White Faced Black Spanish

This is the other kinds of the most popular chickens in the world. It is a kind of ornamental chicken originally from the Mediterranean which is popular with its unique white face. What are distinguishing features from the other type of chickens are the white face and the large, low hanging white earlobes. It makes them perfect to keep as a house pet. It usually has lustrous greenish-black plumage.

The White Faced Black Spanish can be a challenge for hobby breeders. This is because they should maintain the chickens round white face that looks likened to a mask. Their white facial coloring usually needs one molt or approximately one year to reach full potential.

This chicken has quite prolific egg-laying abilities. It is a good option for you if you live in the urban area or if you are a hobby farmers who are looking to sell eggs on a small scale. This chicken is rare so that it is listening in the Critical category of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List.

4. Cemani

the most popular chickens in the world

cemani chicken

Indonesia also has rare chicken, even it can be said as the rarest in the world. It is Ayam Cemani. Due to its all-black color, this chicken is also called ‘The Lamborghini of Poultry’. They are very popular with their exotic black color. The name of ayam cemani is from ayam which means ‘chicken’. And cemani which means ‘all black’.

Besides known as one of the rarest chicken in the world, and the most expensive chicken in the world. Of course, they are also ranked as one of the most popular chickens in the world. Ayam cemani or cemani chicken is truly amazing! They eyes, beaks, tongues, fur, claws, and their internal organ are totally black.

Now you already know some of the most popular chickens in the world that you can choose to breed. You can choose whether to keep a pet house or to breed them in your backyard. Do you still wonder about the other information like the most expensive chicken?  If you have a question just feel free leave the comment in the leave a reply form below.


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