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Black Chicken Eggs – Real Or Fake? : Discover Whether Black Chicken Eggs Are Myth Or Fact



Do black chicken eggs really exist?

black chicken eggs
Do Black Chicken Eggs Really Exist?

Well, this is what you are going to find in this article. It sounds unique, unbelievable, and weird enough to think if this is a fact. Just imagine seeing black chicken eggs in front of you with black chicken egg yolk – black at all. If it is real, you may need more than once time to think whether you can eat it or not. Some of you perhaps feel disgusting, but some of you probably think this is really challenging. But remember, this is only ‘if’.

Have you ever heard about Cemani Chicken? If you are a really chicken lover, you must know this: what breed of chickens are black? Well, before we talk about black chicken eggs, we had better have an insight about this first. At this point, you have no idea whether black chicken eggs do exist or not. But you will know that black chicken breeds do exist!


Cemani Chicken

the most popular chickens in the world
Cemani Chicken

One of those black breeds is Cemani chicken. This is one kind of the rarest chicken in the world which is native to Indonesia. So, of course Indonesian people must know the exoticism of this chicken. What is most popular from this chicken is in the color. As a result, this chicken is also very popular in other countries. Even, this black chicken price can reach very high price. The chicken in livestock can cost you from $50 to thousands of dollar for a pair. But the king of the expensive chicken would have to be this Indonesian breed which will run you $2,500 for one chicken only!

As you can read previously that the most popular thing from this chicken is in color. What is the different with others chicken since we know that in the world, black chicken for sale is not only Cemani Chicken. There are more chicken which has black color. However, the color of this chicken is much different which is really solid-black!

So, what breed of chicken is solid black? Of course the answer is: Cemani chicken! Their color is so exotic. Not only their feathers, but all of their body is solid-black – inside and outside, from head to toe. They also has black chicken meat, bones, and even internal organs. Really fantastic, right? Due to its unbelievable fact of this all black chicken, Cemani chicken is also called as ‘The Lamborghini of Poultry’.


Do Ayam Cemani Chickens Lay Black Eggs?

Back to the main topic about black chicken eggs. Well, you already know the real fact of Cemani Chicken which has solid black color inside and outside. Due to this fact, there are many people believe that Cemani can black chicken eggs. When people are looking for chickens that lay black eggs for sale, most of them will choose Cemani.

However, do they really lay black eggs? Well, even though Cemani Chicken is black at all but it doesn’t mean they can produce black eggs. The black color of this chicken is the result of unique genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This condition causes genetic mutations so that the chicken contain extra melanin.

Cemani Chicken Eggs
Cemani Chicken Eggs

Nevertheless, Cemani chicken cannot lay black chicken eggs. Why? According to a source, the genetic condition that causes black color in chicken’s body cannot reach the egg shell. It protects the eggs from any condition outside. This is if you really hope Cemani can lay black chicken eggs, you will get nothing.

If it is not black, then what is the color of Cemani chicken eggs? Similar with other chicken types, this chicken also lays cream colored eggs. Really has no different color with others. What makes it different happens when they egg yolk which is yellow in the beginning, then it turns slowly into black color (but not totally black). It happens when the embryo starts to appear which means the egg is in good quality so it will begin to form the chick.

So, black chicken eggs is just myth? Yes. If you ever hear the story about chicken that can lay black eggs will bring fortune to the owners, it is just a myth. This belief is still believed mostly by Indonesian people. It is because of the history of Cemani chicken in the past that tells about its mystical power.

Other information :

What Breed Of Chicken Lays a Black Egg?

Then, what egg it is if you ever see pictures of black eggs in the internet? Needless to say, it is truly fake. So far, there is no proof of the black chicken eggs existence. So, if you ask question: what breed of chicken lays a black egg?

The answer is clear: there is no chickens that lay black eggs. Then, are you still looking for black chicken eggs for sale? Unfortunately, you will never find it anywhere.

If we talk about chicken, it’s obvious that black chicken eggs are only myths. However, if we talk about breed of bird that lays black egg, it can be possible. Do you want to know?

Alright, just for additional information about black eggs (not chicken eggs), there is one type of bird that can lay black eggs. Actually, it is not really solid black as you imagine. It’s very dark in green. Please check the picture below:

emu, dromaius novaehollandiae, egg, australia
Emu’s egg

What kind of egg is it?

It is Emu’s egg. Emu is the second-largest living bird in the world after their relative, ostrich. Emu is found in Australia, while ostrich is native to Africa. Both of them are part of the ratite family, a group of birds that cannot fly.

Emu and the eggs
Emu and the Eggs

As you can see in the picture above, the color of Emu egg is like black while actually it is really really dark in green. The size is also bigger than any others since Emu itself is the second largest-bird in the world.

That’s only few information about black eggs. However, if you are looking for information about black chicken eggs, don’t expect anything because there is no chicken can lay black eggs.

Remember that black chicken breeds do exist, but not for black chicken eggs.


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