Ayam Cemani Chicken Meat : Don’t Judge The Book From The Cover! Find The Special Thing About Ayam Cemani Black Meat

Ayam cemani chicken meat – It is truly black, dark, and maybe frightening for some people. But don’t judge the book from the cover. You will never know the good thing of this black meat before you try yourself. So, let’s discover what the special thing of ayam cemani chicken meat.

What Are Ayam Cemani Chickens?

Well, chicken is a kind of animal that is normally consumed by people as side dishes. And we usually consume normal chicken meat in white color, right? However, have you ever know black chicken meat?

Sejarah Ayam Cemani
Cemani Chicken

Alright, there is one type of chicken which really has black color in its body both outside and inside. Do you know what chicken it is? Ayam cemani is an Indonesian chicken which is popular with the exotic color – solid black. It really has beautiful jet black color which will attract everyone for the first time they see it. For some people, the black color of this chicken can be so frightening. But don’t judge the book from the cover!

Instead of frightening, ayam cemani chicken is really stunning and interesting. From the appearance it seems really scary but it is actually not. Similar with general chicken, ayam cemani chicken is quite friendly, gentle, and docile to humans. People consider it as flighty, but people who raise them say it is not so. They are easy to handle and low maintenance fowl.

Moreover, ayam cemani chicken is very highly valued in Indonesia and so popular in other countries that ayam cemani price is so high. Besides, people also call them as one of the rarest chicken in the world. So, no wonder is this chicken is claimed as the most expensive fowl in the world.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Meat

Do you know what causes the black color of this chicken? The black color of cemani chicken is a rare phenomenon which is caused by a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This phenomenon causes hyperpigmentation in the chickens. As a result, you can see the appearance of ayam cemani chicken which is totally jet-black.  Due to the exotic color, ayam cemani is known as one of the most popular chicken breeds.

Cemani chicken meat
Cemani chicken meat

In fact, the skin and also feathers are not the only parts of ayam cemani chicken which are black. Ayam cemani chicken meat is also completely black. In addition, their skin, bones, and internal organs are also black. Well, what do you think about it? Is it disgusting for you? Or maybe you are interested in ayam cemani chicken for sale to prove what is true about this chicken.

Talking about ayam cemani chicken meat, the black color of this meat has special things. So, this is why you cannot judge something which you have never known before. It is better for you to know more about ayam cemani chicken meat. If needed, you possibly need to search ayam cemani meat for sale, then prove it whether right or wrong it has special thing by consuming it. Wait! Are you serious? Eating black chicken meat? How does it feel? Let’s see…

How Does Ayam Cemani Taste?

Consuming general chicken is normal. Then, how does it feel to eat ayam cemani chicken meat which is black? Don’t feel disgusting first. It’s true that the uncommon color of this chicken will make us doubt to consume it, but once you try the black chicken recipe, you will be addicted (maybe most of you)!

There are actually more than one species of chicken which has black color such as Silkie or Kadaknath. Does they have the same taste with ayam cemani chicken? Well, ayam cemani chicken meat taste is as delicious as the general chicken. So does with silkie or kadaknath. They also have soft texture, similar with normal chicken meat. The only different is only in the color.

For more information, the different recipe of black chicken will effect the different taste of the chicken. So, if you want to have delicious taste of ayam cemani chicken meat, you should pay attention to the way you cook it. More information, you can open here : cooking black chicken.

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So, What Is Special From Ayam Cemani Chicken Meat?

Firstly, the special thing of ayam cemani chicken meat is in the taste. As you already read previously that though this chicken has black meat, it still has similar delicious taste with the regular chicken. Now let’s see the appearance of ayam cemani chicken meat when it has already transformed into really delicious menus:

Korean cemani black soup
Korean cemani black soup
Delicious cemani soup
Delicious cemani soup
Cemani chicken soup
Cemani chicken soup
Cemani soup
Cemani soup
Black chicken menu of cemani
Black chicken menu of cemani

Secondly, the special thing is ayam cemani meat benefits. In addition to the delicious taste, ayam cemani chicken meat also has abundant benefits for humans.  The fact is, ayam cemani black meat is full of antioxidants that helps it gain its superfood status. This antioxidants fight free radicals in our body and will keep us healthy from illnesses such as the common cold.

Moreover, the antioxidant in the black chicken meat which people call carnosine is also high in the muscle and human brain. The carnosine levels in the black chicken meat are twice more than the amount in regular chickens. This is why try ayam cemani chicken meat first then you can judge whether it is good or not for you.

But the real fact is that black chicken benefits are abundants. Consuming ayam cemani chicken meat is not only delicious but also good for your health.

Hopefully you enjoy our article. For more information you can leave a reply below

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