The Secrets of Black Chicken Meat : Discover Its Facts & Types

The Delicious Meat Which Is Very Difficult To Find

Have you ever seen the black chicken meat? It is a type of meat that is difficult to obtain.

This black meat is hard to find in the grocery store because of the rare population.

Black chicken price is more expensive than the other chicken. The expensive prices of these kind of chicken also makes it hard to find.

Besides the black chicken price that very expensive, the black chicken is rare. It can not be found everywhere and any where.

It might be sold on the Asian grocery or at a chicken farm but nothing is certain.

There are some breeders who breed poultry that has black meat. Also, they provide black chicken for sale

Is it a fact or myth that black chicken meat exists? Well, black chicken meat does exist.

The shape is almost similar to chicken meat in general, but this is black, even to the bone.

Many kinds of chicken have black chicken meat out there such as ayam cemani chicken, kadaknath chicken, and silkie chicken.

They have the same all-black pigmentation so their meat color is black.

Kinds of Rare Chickens In The World Who Has Black Meat 

There are many kind of chicken in the world who has black meat.

Not only who has black appearance, but there are chicken that has non-black appearance who has black meat. 

The black chicken or cemani chicken is the common one, it is include the type of ornamental chicken.

And there are also Silkie chicken who has black meat.

Those are usually use for collection because of the unique appearance. There are some black chicken are classified into the rare poultry in the world.

But most of them has the high prices especially for an adult chicken. Then what kind of chicken that has black meat? Find the answer down below!

1. Ayam Cemani / Cemani Chicken, Black Chicken Breeds From Indonesia

The most popular for the black meat is ayam cemani or cemani chicken.

People more familiar with ayam cemani chicken because of the the magnificent look. Ayam cemani is a native from Indonesia.

As you know that Ayam cemani has black color which is not limit on its feathers. It has solid black feathers, skin, beaks, claws, and meat.

The black color is on the whole body and even on the organ inside. 

Ayam cemani chicken is the one of rare chickens in the world who has black chickens meat.
Ayam cemani chicken is the one of rare chickens in the world who has black chickens meat.

Only the tongue and the eggs which is not black. Because the the tongue has a grey color and the eggs are the same like chicken in general.

The eggs has the creamy color with pink fleck on the eggs shell.

So, even the it has black color but it does not lay the black eggs.

Likewise the ayam cemani chicken eggs yolk that same like chicken in general.

The black color will appear when the embryo arise. So, this chicken is so stunning with the black feather color.

2. Silkie Chicken, They Has Fluffy Feather But The Meat Color Is Black

The other chicken who has black meat is silkie chicken. But the appearance of silkie chicken is different.

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It is not black, but they has various colors on their feather, such as white, brown, grey, and black. But why silkie’s chicken meat is black?.

The black color of silkie’s meat is from the fibromelanosis which causes skin pigmentation phenotypes in the chicken.

The name of silkie chicken is because it is a typically fluffy plumage.

Because the feather is soft like satin or silk. It is one of the cute and funny chicken.

As we said before, even it has black meat and black bone, but it the feather not only black.

Uniquely, this funny chicken has 5 toes and it is different from the chickens in general who have 4 fingers.

This chicken are special because of distinctive physical characteristics. Also it is quite popular for their calm and friendly temperament.

The color of silkie's chicken meat is black, even though they hasn't black appearance.
The color of silkie’s chicken meat is black, even though they hasn’t black appearance.

Where Do Silkie Chicken Come From?

Silkie chicken is a native from China. In China, silki

e chicken is precious chicken because of the black chicken meat benefit. They are believe that the black chicken meat use to cure the disease and restore stamina.  

Also it use as prevention of gray hair and it is one of the expensive chicken in china.

It known used as medicine since long time ago until now. They usually cook the black chicken meat as soup and  other Chinese recipes.

Nowadays many breeder in Europe breeding This unique chicken. The smooth feathers and the friendly behavior makes this chicken hunted by the collector.

This furry chicken are relatively smalls, the males weighing only 1.8 kg and females weighing 1.36 kg.

The most interesting is this unique chicken has several variety. The variety of  Silkie chicken  such as buff, blue, black, splash, partrige, gray, and of course white.

Also other unique type like Lavender, Cuckoo, “porcelain”, Birchen, Columbian. 

Brown silkie chicken, it is the one of various color of silkie chicken in the world. The feather is brown but the color of the meat is black.
Brown silkie chicken, it is the one of various color of silkie chicken in the world. The feather is brown but the color of the meat is black.

3. Kadaknath Chicken, a Precious Black Chicken From India

Another black chicken meat is Kadaknath. It is an Indian breed of black chicken local to the Madhya Pradesh area.

The Kadaknath is mostly found in eastern Madhya Pradesh especially around Jhabua and Dhar. At a glance this black chicken are similarly Ayam cemani.

The differences appear in body fat and comb. Most Ayam cemani are having pointed comb and body looks lean than Kadaknath.

Kadaknath chicken breed because it is famous for its meat quality, texture and taste. Also, Kadaknath chicken price is quite high because of the rare existace and it’s difficult to find.

The other black chicken is Kadaknath chicken who come from India. Kadaknath chicken also have black meat which rich of nutrients.
The other black chicken is Kadaknath chicken who come from India. Kadaknath chicken also have black meat which rich of nutrients.

The Nutrients Content of Kadaknath Black Meat

The demand of the this chicken in India are high because of the medical value.

Kadaknath chicken meat and the eggs are sold for high price in the market.

The benefit of  this chicken is contains amino acids and vitamin. This meat helps to increasing the blood cell and hemoglobin.

Beside, The kadaknath chicken eggs are used to treat headache this meat also good for women health.

Also it is good for an old people and high blood pressure victims, since the cholesterol content is lower Rich in amino acids and higher than that of other kinds of birds.

Even it has black meat this chicken does not lay black eggs. The eggs has light brown color like laying hens and weight around  30 to 40 g.

This chicken  eggs are sold for around Rs 40 up to 50 apiece or around  $ 0,69 -$ 79.

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black chicken meat
Black chicken meat

Then for the meat kadaknath is High nutrition , it has higher protein content than other general chicken. The black meat is contain lots of vitamin which is good for human body.

It is contain of Vitamins B1,B2,B6,B12, C and E. The meat also contains of niacin, protein , fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acid. 

This chicken meat are lot consume by the local people because believed to infuse vigor.  

This chicken also are easily for breeding because its adaptability to the local environment and  disease resistance.

The varieties of Kadaknath are jet-black, pencilled and golden. It is the only one black meat chicken from India, so it so precious for India’s.

4. Swedish Black Chicken / Svarthöna, a Unique Chickens From Swedia 

Have you heard about Swedish black chicken or Svarthöna? It is an Swedish breed domestic chicken originally from from Mozambique.

At glance this chiken are similar with ayam cemani chiken.

The Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen) is a Fibromelanistic breed meaning their bones, meat, eyes, comb, legs, and feathers are solid black.

It is most rare poultry breeds in the United States. There are only few breeder of Svarthöna in the entire United States.

Even it is extremely hard to find in Europe to this day. So the price are expensive to purchase.  

The price are going as high as $5000.00 per pair in the beginning. Also The Swedish Black Hen are one of the most intelligent breeds of poultry.

The Swedish Black Hen is the black chicken name of the picture above. They also have black appearance and black meat inside.
The Swedish Black Hen is the black chicken name of the picture above. They also have black appearance and black meat inside.

Another name of this Swedish balck is “Bohuslän – Dals Svarthöna” because it is from those two counties in Sweden.

The Swedish Black Hens are relatively small and sleek the hen weigh 1.5 kg.

Then for the roster can weigh up to 2 kg. The eggs are small (38-48 g) with a large yolk. The Swedish Black Hen is an utterly captivating bird with bewitching good looks.

This is also good form consume by human. And the black meat can be create into several menus.

Black Chicken Meat Recipe

There many delicious black chicken recipe. It very easy to make your own recipes with this black chicken meat.

Such as you can grill, fry or make some soup depend on you.

The meat has the same taste and texture like common chicken. Besides, black chicken meat has many benefits for human health. The black chicken benefits for medicine.

Chinese people usually use it as medicine since the seventh or eight century. The black chicken meat are trusted for boost of energy after giving birth for woman.

It also good for blood pressure, lungs and stomach. There are many benefit you can obtain from the black chicken meat.

The delicious taste of black chicken meat makes people love it.

Black chicken meat soup, is one of the popular recipes to process the delicious black meat.
Black chicken meat soup, is one of the popular recipes to process the delicious black meat.

How About The Color of Black Chicken Eggs?

Then, how does the color of black chicken eggs? Do you think the Black chicken produces the black eggs? The fact is, the black chicken has same color as the the normal chicken.

The black color on black chicken eggs will appear when it becomes an embryo. Thus, it means black chicken doesn’t produce the black eggs. Most of them  has an ivory or cream color. 

Black chicken eggs price also higher than the other eggs. And it’s quite difficult to find black chicken eggs for sale because the existence is rare. Breeders usually only breed it to maintain its sustainability.

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