The Most Expensive Chicken In The World For Breeding

Did you know what is the most expensive chicken in the world? There are many kinds of chicken in the world. Recently, many people would like to breed chicken. Because chicken is easy to the maintenance. Also, the chicken is a friendly pet for a human. And The unique chicken is popular among the ornamental chicken lovers. Let’s take a look what is The most expensive chicken in the world that will make you fall in love.

1. Ayam Cemani or Cemani Chicken – The Lamborghini Poultry   

ayam cemani chicken

Why Ayam Cemani became the most expensive chicken in the world? Cemani chicken is a rare poultry from Indonesia. This chicken has a unique appearance and different from other poultry. It has a black color on the whole body even the organ inside. People sometimes call this chicken sometimes Lamborghini Poultry. This chicken becomes the most expensive chicken in the world for breeding that cost you more than $2500 for each.  Then, the pair of this poultry can reach $5000. This is a fantastic price for a poultry.

For your information, not all the part of Ayam cemani or cemani chicken are black. There is some part that is not black such as the tongue. The tongue has grey color, then the blood is also red dark. Then, the eggs of Ayam cemani is like a general chicken which is white, like an ivory with the pink tint. Sometimes people like to compare this chicken with mystic and the blackness.

But you must know that the black Ayam cemani becomes one of most expensive chicken to eat. It makes us so pity to eat the meat of the most expensive chicken in the world. This chicken is hard to find in outside Indonesia.This has several types such as Ayam cemani general and Ayam cemani walik.

Actually, at glance Ayam cemani walik has the same feature like Ayam cemani in general such as the black comb, black organ, and solid black feather. But the differences between Ayam cemani and Ayam cemani walik is the shape of the feather. The shape of the feather Ayam cemani walik has a feather that is facing upwards. That’s why this chicken is so expensive and so fascinating. then would you like to breed this unique chicken?

2. The Most Superior Laying Eggs Orpington Chicken

Orpington chicken the most expensive chicken in the world

Orpington chicken

The characteristics of Orpington chicken is a soft feather chicken with a unique appearance. Besides, it has rich colors and soft contours that give an attractive look. Also, it is good for laying eggs, The hen can lay about 250 eggs /years but sometimes it can lay of 340 annually. The hen lays medium to large eggs with light brown colored. It is one of most expensive chicken eggs in the world.

The most interesting of this chicken is they are so lovely. The puffy feather makes this chicken look simply fabulous. The Orpington chicken has variety color such as black, white, and blue. This is one of top 10 most expensive chicken breeds. Beside it is a good layer egg. This chicken also has a good quality meat.

This is a popular poultry that is easy to take care and easy to raise in the backyard. This cute chicken can resistant in the cold winter. That’s why this chickens are popular and becomes the most expensive chicken in the world for breeding. This chicken is suitable for the children.  Because it has tame personality and kind with the children. This chicken is also very adorable to the owner.

This chicken is originally from Orpington, England. This is typical motherly chicken, generous, beautiful and brilliant chickens. Then would you like to raise this gentle chicken in your backyard? This is one of the fanciest chicken in the world and popular for breed recently.

3. Liege Fighter Chicken The Most Expensive Fighting Rooster

Liege fighter chicken

Liege fighter chicken

The Luikse Vechter is another name of the Liege fighter chicken. This chicken is from French and  called Combattant de Liège. Originally from Belgian at the city of Liège in Wallonia, in eastern central Belgium. This is one of the most expensive chickens in the world. This is one of a powerful chicken rooster. The appearance of this chicken is heavy, strong and large. This chicken rooster weighs about 5 up to 5,5-kilograms, then for the hen weighs about 4 kilograms. This is one of the giant among the games fowl breed.

Despite the frightening look, Liege fighter chicken is human-friendly. In the past, The civilian of the Liège region tried to create the Bruges game with the better fighter. Then they decided the crossbreed with Asian gamefowl. Then they got the result it was the liege fighter. Recently this chicken becomes The most expensive fighting rooster that has an ideal body. In general, the shape of Liège is rather long and thin and his legs are slightly longer than other types of a rooster. The thighs are very muscular and the marrow is very strong, thick and rather long. It is one of a powerful rooster that has a strong impression.

Liege fighter chicken has a variety of feather color pattern. Mostly, it has the birchen pattern such as yellow, black, white, black-red, silver, golden, blue-golden, blue birchen and blue-yellow birchen. That’s why this chicken has high prices. Because of the various color that is so stunning and beautiful. The price of this chicken in the range 100 USD for the rooster. That was a sumptuous price!

4. The Best Laying Hen Deathlayer

most expensive chicken eggs in the world

Deathlayer chicken

Deathlayer also was known as Westfälischer Totleger. This chicken is so unique and it has a beautiful feather. Also,  this chicken is good for laying eggs. This chicken is native to Germany, A literal translation of his German name, Totleger, means “the layer of death”. It means the hen will always lay eggs until the old days. It is one of a productive laying hen. 

Since 2009 this chicken is one of the rare breeds, It is only 301 roosters and 1353 hens were officially registered. There are two variations of the chicken such as Silver and Gold feather with the rose combs. Also, it has a luxuriant tail with black puppets eyes. The Deathlayer’s elegant look can beat the most beautiful chicken among the poultry. The rice for their beauty is around 99 USD but it is worthy to get.

Deathlayers are the gorgeous and stunning chicken in the world for breeding. The Roosters weigh around 2kg (5 pounds) and hens about 1.5kg (3 3/4 pounds). This is free-range chicken types so this chicken is easy to take care in the backyard. Besides the hen laying hen ability, this is a good choice for you who want to start breeding a chicken that can lay eggs every day until die. This is The Most Expensive Chicken In The World for breeding.

5. The Colorful Breed  Olandsk Dwarf Chickens

the most expensive chicken in the world

Olandsk Dwarf

This chicken is included in the class of bantam chicken. It has a small body with a colorful feather. This chicken is originally from the Olands an island off the southeast coast of mainland Sweden. This is a free-range chicken so it is perfect for those want to keep the chicken in the small backyard. This chicken is so friendly, cute and hardy.

In the past, This ornamental chicken is known as the “British Garden Hens” once brought to the island of Olands. Now This chicken became the elegant, energetic and unique little type. This is a true draft that exists in the world. The price for this stunning chicken start from  $ 23 USD until $ 99 USD. This is one of the most fantastic prices for the bantam chicken. Furthermore, This chicken became top 10 most expensive chicken breeds.

6. Black Spanish Turkey

the most expensive chicken in the world

Black Spanish Turkey

This is an ornamental chicken who has the high price. Usually, this chicken is for collection because it has beautiful black color. Balck Spanish is The Most Expensive Chicken In The World. There are not many people breeding this chicken. That’s why the price for this poultry is highly priced.  Also, Black Spanish Turkey is a heritage breed and it is one of the oldest turkey breeds recorded.

Black Spanish Turkey is originated from Europe. It is a direct descendant of a Mexican turkey brought home with an explorer in the 1500s. Recently, Black Spanish is the breed for collection and hobbyist. They are love to roam and are very sweet friendly animals. It has a beautiful feather which is a very lustrous, metallic black with a green sheen on the top and a dull black under color. It is such as beautiful chicken for breeding. Then would you like to breed  Black Spanish the most expensive chicken in the world?

7. Swedish Black Hen

the most expensive chicken in the world

Swedish black hen

Have you ever heard about Swedish black hen? This is one of fancy chicken that has similarity with cemani chicken. The Svart Hona is another name of this rarest poultry. They have the same fibromelanistic trait with black ayam cemani that causes it has a black body and organ. Swedish black hen also has the sparkling feather with green and purple. The population of this chicken is more rarest poultry than Ayam cemani.

That’s why this chicken has a high price as Ayam cemani. The price for this chicken is around 99 USD until 300 USD. Swedish black hen is so shimmering with the completely black: black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs, black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles, black meat. This chicken is easy to raise and it is just like free-range chicken.

8. Kadaknath The Most Expensive Chicken In India


Kadaknath chicken

The Kadaknath is fancy chicken comes from Madhya Pradesh, India. This chicken is known as “kali masi” which means the poultry with black meat. They have the same characteristic with cemani chicken. This is completely black poultry that has a unique characteristic. They are popular poultry in India that have lots of advantages for medical value, especially the meat that contains amino acids and vitamin that good for human body.  Also, it is low fat. That’s why The price for this chicken is high.

This is the most expensive chicken in India. Then would you like to breed the most expensive chicken in the world ? This chicken is easy for maintenance and has tasty black meat.

9. The Most Expensive Chicken Serama Chicken

serama chicken care

Serama Chickens

The serama chicken becomes one of most expensive chicken in the world. This chicken is originally from Malaysia. The uniqueness of this chicken is the tiniest body that strutting and have a strong confident. At glance, this chicken is similar to a rooster. Serama chickens for sale is not just for competition, but also as pet and companion

The weigh of this chicken are Miscellaneous depends on the class. The classification of serama chicken is based on the weight. There are 3 classes of serama chicken there are A,B, and C even a Micro Serama chicken. The weight of serama chicken can be divided into Mature Serama Males and Female.

For Mature Serama Males: Class A up to 350 grams (12.35 oz), Class B up to 500 grams (17.64 oz), Class C up to 600 grams (21.16 oz).

Then for Mature Serama Females: Class A up to 325 grams (11.46 oz), Class B up to 425 grams (14.99 oz), Class C up to 525 grams (18.52 oz).

That’s why this is one of the smallest chicken in the world. The price of serama chicken that wins the contest can be so high. It can reach a millions even tens of millions. This is a remarkable price for a poultry.

10. Bresse Chicken The Most Expensive Chicken in France

most expensive chicken in france

The Bresse Chicken

This is a domestic chicken from France. People legally breed Bresse chicken in the province of Bresse, in the regions of Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne, and Franche-Comté, in eastern France. Bresse chicken the most expensive chicken in France. Why this chicken has a high price? It happens because this chicken only breeds in eastern France and only 5%  of the population that exported.

The Bresse chicken is traditionally cultivated and it has strict controls to breed. One of the rules is for each breeder must have a minimum of 0.5 ha of pasture in the area of production, and allow a minimum of 10 m2 per bird. Then, for Each bird must pass an examination by the Center de Sélection de la Volaille de Bresse.

The price for this chicken is commanding a cool €40 per kilogram ($48) in the butcher shops of Paris. Bresse chicken is The most expensive chicken in the world. But the price can be increased for some reason. The meat of this chicken can be floating up to €100 for a 3kg capon. For your information,  this is one of the most delicious meats in France as well as the Frances president also love this chicken.  Then would you like to try this Poulet de Bresse? Then you must travel across eastern France to know the taste of the most expensive chicken dish.

The fancy chicken that has a high prize. Many people would like to breed the most expensive chicken in the world. People keep the fancy chicken usually for collection and hobbyist. Let’s start breed this fancy chicken in the backyard.

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