Black Chicken Breeds : The Most Beautiful And Extraordinary Black Chicken Breeds That You Can Easily Keep

Black Chicken Breeds : The Most Beautiful And Extraordinary Black Chicken Breeds That You Can Easily Keep

Black is always different. For some people, black means glamour, exotic, luxurious, and mystic. Have you ever hear about black chicken breeds? What do you think, then? Sounds strange?

Well, chicken breeding business now cannot be underestimated. Just imagine how many chickens are needed to fulfill people’s needs? Their meat, eggs, furs, even their manure are useful. Not only their economical value that people can take advantage, but also its beauty which people usually are interested in.

There are many ornamental chicken lovers are looking for unique, extraordinary, and of course beautiful chickens to be kept. From the cheapest until the most expensive one. If you live in an area where livestock is grown, you can see chickens with various types, white and black chickens breeds for example. However, for some people black chicken breeds is the most interesting one.

There are actually some extraordinary ‘Goth’ chicken out there. From this article, you will find few breeds of chicken which are black, or mostly black, and some even have totally black inside and outside. The majority of these chicken can be found easily but some of them are also categorized as the rarest chicken in the world.

So, let’s discover the attractive black chicken breeds you can easily keep at home.

1.Cemani Chicken

Cemani Chicken
Cemani Chicken

Originally from Indonesia, this chicken is really popular with the exotic and luxurious color. Besides, cemani chicken is the rarest and most sought-after chicken breed on the planet. Due to its scarcity, ayam cemani for sale in the world is also limited. More information, there is also one type of cemani called ‘Cemani Walik’. you can see the picture below.

Cemani Walik
Cemani Walik Chicken

Both cemani chicken and cemani walik, they have same characteristics such as black feathers, black skin, black comb, black eyes, black wattles, black flesh, black bones, even black organs. So if you ask ,’what kind of chicken has black meat?’, now you already know the answer! It makes this breed one of the most beautiful and extraordinary chickens on the planet that is called ‘The Lamborghini of Poultry’.

2.Silkie Chicken

Black Silkie Chicken
Black Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken is so popular for those who want to raise chickens as pets. Do you know why? Because they are really soft and fluffy. Their fur is smoother thank others but it is not waterproof the way other chickens’ are. Their furs also don’t hold together so that they cannot fly. Besides, silkie comes in several different colors of feathers. There are black, white, gold, and gray. However, all have black faces and skin, and their beaks, legs, and also meat are dark gray or grayish-blue.

A silkie is suitable for kids. They are cuddly, fluffy and tolerant, love sitting in your lap and even will enjoy hug. They are also very friendly, calm and docile. Thus, if you have children, this chicken is really suitable. If you live in an apartment, you can try to keep it as pets since they are pretty quite too. However, if you live in an area that is inclined to be muddy and wet, you must be aware because of their feathering. You should also keep them clean and dry.



Ancona chicken is one of the most striking chicken breeds. This breed originated in the town of Ancona, Italy, even though the fact it is now more famous in England and also America. The most popular characteristic of this chicken is the stunning orange-red eyes that peak out from behind their signature midnight black feathers. Its distinction is the black color with bright white V shaped speckles.

Anconas are active, playful, and talkative chicken. They don’t like to be cooped up, but if you have the space for this hardy chicken to roam, you will absolutely fall in love!

4.Black Australorp Chickens

Black Australorp Chickens
Black Australorp Chickens

This chicken is a favourite in Australian backyards. There are some good reasons why they are so popular here such as lots of delicious eggs, a beautiful, and well-temperament. Black Australorp chickens are quite large birds weighing in at around 3-4 kg, and have beautiful soft feathers. Besides, their feathers contain a few subtle hints of vibrant colors such as purple and green when shining in the sun. That is a really beautifull sight, isn’t that?

If you choose to keep this chicken as pets, you are not wrong. They are super easy to care for and low maintenance in general. Also, they will often get attached to their owners and enjoy some cuddle time. They are also good with kids being gentle and calm birds.



The Minorca chicken is native to Mediterranean Island of Minorca and was popularized in Spain. People also usually call it as Red Faced Black Chicken or Red Faced Black Spanish. If we compare this chicken to others, this chicken has relatively large wattles, combs and also earlobes. And the comb, face and wattles are bright red in color. Moreover, their earlobes are very large, oval (sometimes almond-shaped) and are of white color. And this is also the special thing from this chicken.

Minorca chicken has a wonderful temperament and thrives on human contact. They are kind of excellent foragers and prefer to free range. They are also perfect breed for farmyard and will do well in confined condition. One thing you should remember when trying to keep this chicken, you had better take them with boundaries because they can be flighty.


Well, the information of chicken breeds with pictures above may already give you some views of black chicken breeds. There are actually still more black chicken that has uncovered yet such as Kadaknath Black Chicken, Sumatra, Chicken, etc. Please open here to see the article about other type of black chicken breeds.

If you are interested to keep these black chicken, are you going to keep it as your pets or maybe consume it? As we all know that even though they are ornamental chicken, it doesn’t mean we cannot consume them. Just imagine consuming that black chicken meat. Does black chicken taste different? According to some sources who already try their black meat, there is not significant difference with other ordinary chickens. The meat doesn’t really taste different. It’s just chicken.

 Talking about black chicken, is there a chicken that lays black eggs? Many people are curious with this discussion, especially when it is about cemani chicken. Since people already know how black and special this chicken, then they think it also produce black eggs. But important to know that the black eggs really don’t exist. Even though it is all black chicken but it lays eggs which are not different with others. So, the answer is a big NO!

Well, now we have the same opinion: black is is always different. If it is about black chicken breeds, then you will say black is perfect, exotic, mystic, luxurious. Black is awesome!

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