Ayam Cemani Meat Benefits That You Possibly Have Never Imagine Before : Feel The Sensation Of Eating One Of The Most Expensive Black Meat Chicken In The World That Is Also Really Good For Your Health

ayam cemani meat

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Talking about chicken, we all know for sure how healthy it is as long as we consume it in the right portion. There is one type of chicken that gives very good effect to our health. What is it? Ayam cemani meat.

Ayam cemani meat benefits has been known by society since in the past. This is a kind of chicken that is so unique that makes it as one of the most expensive chicken in the world. Ayam cemani chicken, or people usually call it cemani chicken is a fowl species which is originally from Kedu Village, Kedu district, Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

In its native, many people believe in the mystical power of cemani chicken. As a result, they think that ayam cemani meat also has magic power for their health. Thus, we really need to be critical to know the truth of the information. Indeed, the meat of ayam cemani is really healthy. However, it is not because of the its mystical power, but because it is a real fact.

In addition to the meat, ayam cemani eggs benefits are quite popular recently. And people still also relate everything about ayam cemani with the myth or something that relates to ancient people’s belief. Even worse, they believe that black chicken eggs of ayam cemani do exist and will bring fortune to their owners.

The myth of ayam cemani possibly is caused by the its solid black color from the head to toe, even to their bones and internal organs. This case will absolutely make the mystery of ayam cemani’s mystical power that people believe getting stronger day by day.

What is the real benefits of ayam cemani meat?

ayam cemani chicken meat

ayam cemani chicken meat

Apart from the myth of cemani chicken’s mystical power, this chicken is really so beneficial. In addition to be kept as house pets, there are also several people who run a business of ayam cemani chicken meat for sale.

Usually, ornamental chicken lovers keep cemani chicken for pets at home. Due to its beautiful and exotic color, it is so pity to consume this chicken. Besides, considering the fantastic fact of ayam cemani price, it is really not easy to get this chicken. So, if you have cemani chicken at your home, will you just keep it as your pet or consume it? This is your choice.

For chicken lovers, keeping ayam cemani only has one purpose which is to enjoy their beauty. However, there is one thing you should know about ayam cemani meat taste. It actually has delicious taste, even according to some people who ever try this chicken say that the taste is more delicious than free-ranged chicken.

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Why people want to consume ayam cemani meat?

In addition to the delicious taste of cemani chicken meat, it is also beneficial for humans health. And this is not about the mystical power of ayam cemani. The following are some benefits of ayam cemani meat:

1.Treating sprain



People belive that the most popular benefit of ayam cemani meat is treating sprain. The oil which comes out from the boiled chicken serves to treat sprain. However, this has never been medically proven. It is because people prove it themselves and it works.

2.Increase stamina

increase stamina

increase stamina

Ayam cemani meat contains fat and protein which can increase stamina. When you are going to eat the black chicken meat of cemani, you might feel scared. However, don’t underestimate its taste. The meat has a savory taste like chicken meat in general. Besides, it also has a soft, tender texture, and smells very good.

3.Good for children growth

child's growth

child’s growth

The nutrient content in cemani chicken meat also plays a role in the child’s growth process. The content of phosphorus makes the bones stronger. However, it is not only for children. It is also good for adults to keep their bone health so that it is not easily porous.

4.Prevent arthritis

Prevent arthritis

Prevent arthritis

We all know that arthritis is a very painful health disorder in the joints. Even, it can cause paralysis. Consuming cemani chicken meat will reduce this illness. The content of selenium and also minerals can prevent and reduce symptom or arthritis.

5.Maintain the cholesterol balance

Maintain the cholesterol

Maintain the cholesterol

All chicken does have fat. But the content of niacin in cemani chicken meat can reduce cholesterol levels in the body. However, you are not allowed to fry or roast it. You can boil or steam it so that the fat doesn’t increase due to the cooking oil..

6.Relieve stress

Relieve stress

Relieve stress

The content of B5 substances can help people’s nervous system calm. Therefore, consuming ayam cemani can help relieve stress due to thinking too much.

7.Increase body metabolism

increase metabolism

increase metabolism

Ayam cemani meat contains vitamin B6 or vitamin B complex which is beneficial for the health which is to increase the body metabolism. It there is no problem with the metabolism, it can help maintain the joint health, blood vessel health, and other parts of the body.

Those are some of the benefits of cemani chicken meat that is good for humans health. Even though there are many benefits of this meat, we must not forget the Most Powerful One, The Almighty One. As good as living creature, if He doesn’t give a help, it is nothing.

We cannot believe something based on ‘myth’ which cannot be proven. All we should believe is that everything happens because of Allah ta’ala, the Almighty One. If we get healthy from consuming ayam cemani meat, it is because of Him.

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