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Ayam Cemani Chicken – The All Black Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken – The All Black Chicken

All Black Chicken: Ayam Cemani Chicken Which is Totally Black In A Whole Body Except Its Blood And Its Eggs

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Cemani – All Black Chicken

Are there any black chickens? Of course, the name of ayam cemani, the all black chicken type, is popular in our ear.

This chicken has black color almost in a whole body except its blood and tongue.

The blood of cemani chicken is dark red color like another chicken in general and the tongue of cemani chicken is gray and sometimes white.

Why is the chicken black? Actually, at the first time this chicken has white fur, but at that time there was one breeder who crossed with the type of black chicken turned cemani chicken became dominant black, and until now this chicken known as Cemani Chicken.

Even though the color is jet black but cemani chicken has an expensive price. For people love with this black chicken maybe it can be a choice of hobby to be maintained.

This is not about mystical or spiritual powers of this black cemani chicken but because the price of this black cemani chicken is very high until millions of rupiah.

Even though in some places cemani chicken always associated with things that smell mystical.

Compared with livestock chicken breeding, chicken cemani turned out to provide its own advantages for farmers breeders in the district of Temanggung, Central Java.

So many breeders pursue this Ayam Cemani cattle business. If you pass the road from Temanggung – Wonosobo, you can find many cemani chickens on the side of the road for sale.

Prices of cemani chicken standard ranged from 150 thousand to 500 thousand for the size of adults. For this price is sometimes varied on every breeder or cemani chicken trader.

Can not deny there are still many people seek cemani chicken for treatment or other purposes that are not for ornamental chickens.

In this our website we do not serve for the purchase of chicken cemani for these purposes.

Temanggung regency especially Kedu and its surroundings have long been famous for the Kedu and Cemani Chicken.

Many breeders of Cemani both individuals and groups cultivate this type of chicken.

In addition there are indeed pursue this cemani chicken business as a staple job, but more business chicken cemani as a side business.

No wonder if many traders from other areas looking for seeds and adult cemani chicken to this area.

Business opportunities cultivation chicken cemani actually quite open to anyone who want to diligently with it. The market demand for cemani chicken is quite open and the maintenance pattern is also relatively easy.

Maintenance of cemani chicken same with maintenance of regular chicken. Cemani chicken can use a limited cage or left free to roam outside.

Cemani chicken interested buyers from eggs, DOC and chicks of cemani chicken. For broodstocks and adult cemani breed certainly more in the market absorption.

Potential market this cemani chicken opens opportunities for breeders to choose the model farm.

What about the cemani meat? The black chicken meat of cemani is not totally black.

The meat of this chicken looks clearly, the meat is black and the part is gray.

And it makes everyone afraid to eat. Even so, when you cook this chicken, the meat of taste is similar with the meat of chicken village.

Do ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs? Let’s see what about this black chicken eggs. Cemani chicken eggs are similar with free-range chicken as usual.

The color of ayam cemani egg is cream-colored and sometimes brown. Cemani chicken lay eggs when it is 8 month with weigh about 2,5 kg.

And one time laying, it can produce 8-15 eggs with period normally 3-4 time in year.

And the production of the eggs will be increased if the hatching process use hatching machine, and let ayam cemani lay maximal.

However, for the beginner, the hatching eggs with the hatcher (mother of chicken) can be optional.

all black chicken

Maybe there are some people who want to know how to livestock cemani chickebn.

Are the same with chicken like usual or different? As we know cemani chicken has appearance which enough extream, it is black in whole body. Will it influence food that they eat or no? Let we see.

As we explained before, cemani chicken is from Temanggung, central Java. This chicken has black color in whole body.

But the black color is not like the black of cemani chicken business. Many people ask this chicken.

And for the price of this chicken is stability. Black color start from fur, skin, toenail, meat, bone, tongue, and blood.

All cemani chicken don’t have characteristic like explanation above but for knowing the original of cemani chicken, it has special characteristic that are black blood and tongue.

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How to know the characteristic cemani chicken with good quality and be a mother?

An adult of cemani chicken until 60 cm of high, chest circumference 34 cm and wingspan about 25 cm.

While an adult females reach a high about 50 cm, chest circumference about 27 cm and 21 cm wingspan. Cemani chicken with characteristic above, it can be a good mother and create a good generation next time.

A mother should be healthy, has good appetite and from a good generation.

Cemani chicken will become a mother, put it in special cage with compotition: 1 male and 4-5 females.

The food of a mother is voer or BR. You can add the materials for food like bran or milled corn.

How productivity of cemani chicken egg?

A female of cemani chicken in the field, it is not in the cage, it will produce the eggs about 56-77 grain/year. And a cemani chicken in the cage can reach 215 grain/year.

There is different on it because chicken in the cage just hatching, it doesn’t brood and take care their children.

To increase the productivity, a female of cemani chicken can hatch and put the eggs to another chicken.

After a female hatching about 8-15 grain, a female will brood eggs of its. At the time, you can put a female in special cage for hatching which nothing disturb. After 21 days, the eggs will crack.

A child have cracked will be taken care with its mother or put it in the warm cage.

The food of chicken is voer or BR, and don’t mix with water. After child grow, you can add food with bran. And you can add it with water, so chicken can eat easily.

What about cemani chicken cage?

The cage of cemani chicken based on the age of chicken. If still DOC cage can be like box and there is a lamp in it.

After a chicken grow, you can move it in the big cage. After 3 months, the cage can be like a large filed.

A cage which large field can accommodate many chicken. If it will be mated, you can move an adult cemani into smaller cages that fit about 6 adult chickens.

all black chicken

The eggs of Cemani – All Black Chicken

Egg of cemani chicken is the same like another chicken. the color of crack is white and the yolk and white are also the same.

You can also consume cemani chicken egg like meat of its. The egg or meat is safety to consume. You can also make business like open restaurant with special menu cemani chicken meat.


So from hobby you can develop become a good business and it is a good opportunity for you.

Even though the meat of cemani chicken is black, but many people interest with this chicken because this chicken has special characteristic.

You can take care cemani chicken as an ornamental at your home, you can also make it as business. Cemani chicken with black in whole body of its, you can take many benefit from it.

If you want to look for cemani chicken or egg of cemani chicken you can visit our website. and you can call us all the time on the number below.

If you need information about ornamental chicken, you can read our article here especially cemani chicken.

Not only that, you can also ask about information of chicken via email, message, whats up, etc. We will respond your question with pleasure.

You can ask about the price, how to produce a good chicken until become a mother, then ask about how to hatching egg of cemani chicken and create a good egg and you can use it in your business.

Cemani chicken is not only as a hobby but also become a good business.

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