Ayam Cemani Chicken – The All Black Chicken

All Black Chicken: Ayam Cemani Chicken Which is Totally Black In A Whole Body Except Its Blood And Its

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Cemani – All Black Chicken

Are there any black chickens? Of course, the name of ayam cemani, the all black chicken type, is popular in our ear. This chicken has black color almost in a whole body except its blood and tongue. The blood of cemani chicken is dark red color like another chicken in general and the tongue of cemani chicken is gray and sometimes white. Why is the chicken black? Actually, at the first time this chicken has white fur, but at that time there was one breeder who crossed with the type of black chicken turned cemani chicken became dominant black, and until now this chicken known as Cemani Chicken.

What about the cemani meat? The black chicken meat of cemani is not totally black. The meat of this chicken looks clearly, the meat is black and the part is gray. And it makes everyone afraid to eat. Even so, when you cook this chicken, the meat of taste is similar with the meat of chicken village.

Do ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs? Let’s see what about this black chicken eggs. Cemani chicken eggs are similar with free-range chicken as usual. The color of ayam cemani egg is cream-colored and sometimes brown. Cemani chicken lay eggs when it is 8 month with weigh about 2,5 kg. And one time laying, it can produce 8-15 eggs with period normally 3-4 time in year. And the production of the eggs will be increased if the hatching process use hatching machine, and let ayam cemani lay maximal. However, for the beginner, the hatching eggs with the hatcher (mother of chicken) can be optional.

all black chicken

all black chicken
The eggs of Cemani – All Black Chicken


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