Ayam Cemani Chicken : All Interesting Information About Cemani Chicken That You Must Know

From so many varieties of chicken in the world, ayam cemani chicken is one of the most interesting and unusual breeds. Why is it so? This chicken is so special and unique that this topic is never ending. Even, the information we are going to share to you in this site will never be enough to discover all about ayam cemani chicken. All right, let’s discover cemani chicken from the basic first!

What Is Ayam Cemani Chicken?

Ayam Cemani Chicken
Ayam Cemani Chicken

What are you thinking when you firstly hear the word ‘all black chickens’? That’s a suitable term to mention ayam cemani chicken. As we mention in the previous section that cemani chicken is one of the most unsual and interesting breeds. The most popular thing about this chicken is in the color which is all black in the whole body – inside and outside!

Can you imagine the appearance of this chicken after finding that fact? This is real. Ayam cemani chicken is very well-known for its pitch-black color that covers them from head to toe. And this is one reason that make this chicken is claimed as one of the rarest chicken in the world. This rare coloration is caused by a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This phenomenon causes hyperpigmentation in the chickens. As a result, you can see the appearance of ayam cemani chicken which is totally black.

 In fact, the skin and also feathers are not the only parts of ayam cemani chicken which are black. Their meat, bones, even the internal organs are completely black throughout as well. Even though this all black chickens are black inside and outside, but there are also two parts of ayam cemani chicken that are not really black.

Do You Know What Part Of Ayam Cemani Which Is Not Black?

Ayam Cemani Chicken
Ayam Cemani Chicken

Well, it is cemani chicken blood and its tongue. The blood is not really dark. It is usually dark red color (more dark than other chickens blood) while the tongue of is usually gray, but sometimes you can also find in white color. See, due to its uniqueness, ayam cemani chicken price can reach really really high.

Then, you might have a question “Do Ayam cemani chickens lay black eggs?” For your information, there is no black eggs existed in the world. The internal organ of ayam cemani chicken is indeed black but it doesn’t mean it influences the eggs color. The color is similar with other chickens’ which is cream.

More specifically, cemani chicken eggs are similar with free-range chicken in general. The color is cream-colored, sometimes brown. The egg yolk can be in black color when the embryo of cemani chicks appears. Then, it shows that the egg is in good quality so it will be able to hatch.

Is There a Chicken That Lays Black Eggs?

Cemani Chicken Eggs
Cemani Chicken Eggs

Many people believe that ayam cemani chicken also produce black-coloured eggs. But the very real fact is – as you can see in the previous section, that cemani chicken cannot lay black eggs. It is true that cemani has black color inside and outside, but it doesn’t mean they can also lay black eggs.

This is only people’s assumption which is wrong. Some of them even believe that those who can find the black egg, it will bring fortune to the owner. This is totally not true. So far, there is no one can prove it. The fact, black chicken eggs actually don’t exist. So, is there a chicken that can lay black eggs? The answer is a BIG NO – no chickens that lay black eggs.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop chicken lovers – maybe you, to not fall in love with ayam cemani chicken. There are even not only Indonesian people who fall in love with this chicken. Foreign people from different country even are interested with this special chicken. Thus, they are usually looking for information about ayam cemani for sale in Indonesia.

Wait. Why is it in Indonesia? Do other countries not provide ayam cemani chicken? Well, you had better see the next information about this chicken below.

The History Of Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken
Ayam Cemani Chicken

Based on a reliable source, cemani chicken was started to be known since the age of Majapahit kingdom. This chicken is originally from Kedu village, Kedu subdistrict, Temanggung districk, Central Java. The first owner of black chicken is Ki Ageng Mangkuhan who liked to collect all black chickens type. At that time, the color of this chicken is not really pitch-black while the beak is still white.

One day, Ki Ageng Mangkuhan was meditating. Then, he got a guide to cure his son who was ill using his black chicken. Finally, all the illness disappeared. Then, this cemani chicken was mated with other cemani chicken to keep its originality. From this mate, the very pitch-black color of ayam cemani chicken was born. This is why this chicken was named ‘ayam cemani’, taken from Sanskrit which means pitch-black or jet black.

Then, the story of Ki Ageng Mangkuhan and his son made cemani chicken considered by some people to be a ‘sacred’ animal. Their belief in mystical power of cemani chicken is one reason why this chicken has high price. So, if you ask what is the most expensive chicken in the world, ayam cemani chicken is one of them!

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What Is The Rarest Chicken Breed?

In 1998, cemani chicken was imported to Europe by a Dutch breeder. Since then, this chicken have become highly sought after among rare breed enthusiast in Europe and North America. Due to this reason, the numbers of ayam cemani chicken are getting decrease. People choose ayam cemani chicken for sale, sometimes they kill it only to be used for mystical purpose, and something else. So, no wonder why the price is so expensive. The limited breeding which is only in Indonesia and Europe also becomes the reason of its high price.

In brief, the expensive price of cemani chicken is caused by not only its uniqueness but also its limited stock. There are many people who are looking for this black chicken for certain purpose. As one of the most rarest chicken in the world makes people find difficulty to breed ayam cemani, especially outside Indonesia.

In Indonesia, it is not difficult to find ayam cemani chicken breed because it is native from this country. But how about in other countries? Well, not every country has enough stock of cemani chicken. Currently, this breed of chickens are kept in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and may have also been brought to Europe.

See… from so many countries in the world, there is only some of them that breed ayam cemani chicken. No wonder why this chicken is quite rare in the world now. Also, no wonder why many people choose to get ayam cemani for sale in its native, Indonesia.

So, How Much Are Ayam Cemani Chickens?

How do you usually spend your money for a chicken? Generally, it is not really expensive for one ordinary chicken. But not with this one, cemani. This is one of the most popular chicken in the world.

Recently, this eye-catching black chickens price could reach up to US $2.500 or equals with Rp33.000.000,00. This is a really fantastic price, isn’t it?

As mentioned above, the high price of cemani chicken is influenced by some factors such as the high demand of this chicken, the scarcity, and the breeding difficulty.

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