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The Indonesian’s All-Black Chicken That Is Totally Pitch-Black From Head To Toe, Even The Meat, Bones, And Internal Organs

What Kind Of Chicken Is All Black?

all black chicken

Cemani Chicken

If we are talking about all black chicken variety, what is on your mind? There are actually some varieties of chicken that has black color. But the only one that is more popular among others in only one. What is the name of the All Black Chicken?


Yeah, that’s true!

Gothic, exotic, luxurious, jet black, mystic are the words which are very close to this all black chicken called cemani. You might have already heard a name of this chicken. Ayam cemani black chicken or cemani chicken is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. People sometimes call them ‘the Lamborghini of Chickens’ due to its appearance.

The word ‘ayam’ in Indonesia translates as ‘chicken’, while ‘cemani’ is Javanese which means ‘completely black’. Why is it named so? Because this is really all black chicken with black plumage (sometimes with a greenish shine), black skin, toe nails, beak, meat, bones, even the internal organs are black!

The only thing which is not black only its blood – it is actually in a very dark shade. And one more thing, its eggs. You might ever hear the rumor of Ayam cemani eggs which is black. But the fact is, it is absolutely not!

Do Ayam Cemani Chickens Lay Black Eggs?

As you read above that it is just a rumor that all black chicken can lay black eggs. Even, there is nobody can prove that chicken black eggs do exist. The cemani hens are similar with general free-ranged chickens that lay cream-coloured eggs, sometimes brown with slight pink tint.

Cemani Chicken Eggs

Cemani Chicken Eggs

Moreover, the egg yolk and the eggwhite have the same color with others. They yolk is yellow, and the eggwhite is still white. Then, if all black chicken eggs really don’t exist, why the chicken can be hatched in black color? Well, in the process of hatching, the egg yolk which is yellow will start to change in the black color when the embryo of cemani chicks appears. This phenomenon shows that the egg is in good quality so it will be able to hatch. As a result, ayam cemani black chicken meat will appear when the eggs finally hatch.

Ayam Cemani Chickens For Sale

This all black chicken is usually small to medium sized with totally black inside and outside. Its appearance attracts many people to keep it. If they are ornamental chicken lovers, they will just keep it at home. However, breeding chickens not only can be used as hobby but also as a business.

So, instead of just keeping ayam cemani at home, why don’t you try to have ayam cemani for sale? It has no doubt that recently, the demand of this all black chicken is quite high. Of course, if you can manage it, it can be a potential business for you.

Cemani Chicken

Cemani Chicken is ready to sell

In Indonesia, the people mostly breed cemani chicken to fulfill people’s need whether to be kept as ornamental chicken, to be sold, even to be consumed. This is why breeding this all black chicken can open a new opportunity for those who can run this business.

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In its native, ayam cemani chicken is known for their mystical healing powers due to their black hyper-pigmentation. What makes Indonesian people think so is the history of this chicken. Different with Indonesians, people in other country consider the beauty of this all black chicken is the reason why they want to keep it. Cemani chicken can actually be consumed. Then, you will find a ‘weird’ sensation once you bite ayam cemani black chicken meat. However, people, especially foreigners will think twice to do it since this chicken is so expensive in their country.

There are many reasons why this all black chicken has fantastic price!  The most relevant reason is because of the beauty, the exotic, the gothic, the amazing appearance of this chicken. It makes everyone hypnotized. Another reason is the breeds of black chickens are quite rare. According to the data of BackyardChickenCoops, the number of cemani chicken in the world is only 3500.

Can you imagine this? There is few numbers of this all black chicken in the world. Besides, it is cultivated mostly in Indonesia and Europe. but So now, it does make sense why cemani chicken really has expensive price.

Cemani pitch-black color from head to toe, even the meat, bones, and internal organs

Have you ever seen black cat? Of course, you have. Well, there are many cats in the world that has black color in their body. But, is there any cat that has totally black color in his eyes, nail, or tongue? You know the answer clearly.

Then, how about finding chicken with totally black inside and outside? This is the real stunning phenomenon! Not only its fur which has black color but also its eyes, nail, meat, bones, even the internal organ. This is all black chicken! From head to toe, feathers, skin, comb, wattles, flesh, bones, everything is black.

There is only few part of this chicken that doesn’t in black color. First, the color cemani chicken tongue which is usually very dark gray. Second, its blood. Many people say that cemani also has black blood. But the research shows that it is actually not black. It is very dark in red. The last is the egg. There are also many people who believe that ayam cemani eggs are also black. But, there is no proof of it. The egg color of this all black chicken is still similar with others which is cream sometimes brown in color.

So, what causes cemani chicken has black color inside and outside?

According to a research, the black color of ayam cemani black chicken is the result of unique genetic condition called fibromelanosis. This condition causes cell mutations.

Cemani Chicken

Cemani Chicken

Leif Adersson, a Swedish scientist, found that the mutated gene is the ‘Endothelian-3 (EDN-3) gene’. This is a gene that makes epidemic cell layers throughout the body of the chicken produce black pigments.

Then, based on a source, all black chicken cemani that are mature, the number of EDN-3 genes can increase more than 10 times compared to the ordinary one. This is why you can find semani chicken which really really has pitch-black color in all of its body. It shows that they are already mature.

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