The Importance Of Serama Chicken Care

Serama Chicken Care: Discover What Chicken Breeders Or Collectors Of Serama Chicken Should Do To Take Care Of This Chicken

Serama chicken care is a really important thing we need to notice either as a chicken breeder or chicken collector. Chicken breeders in Indonesia are so many that we cannot count it one by one. As we know that we can feel the result of the production of this poultry farming business in our daily life. For example, we often buy chicken meat or chicken eggs on the market. In a big poultry farming business, we can also see how those meat are produced into various food such as sausages, nuggets, noodles, etc.

Ayam Serama Usia Dewasa
A pair of serama chicken

If poultry farming business produces meat or eggs to be consumed by human beings, it is different with poultry farming business of fancy chickens. The existence of ornamental chicken breeders is not so many if we compare to the poultry farming business. The poultry farming business aims to provide livestock farming to fulfill people’s daily consumption, while fancy chicken breeders aim to fulfill the need of fancy chicken collectors.

So, are you fancy chicken collectors? Or fancy chicken breeders? Whether you are a fancy chicken collector or fancy chicken breeder, there is one type of chicken that you can choose to have. This is a type of chicken which is so popular. Do you know what it is? SERAMA. Yes, you are right! We already mentioned above and now we are going to talk about serama chicken care. So, don’t go anywhere. We will also discover what you should do to take care of serama chicken whether you are serama chicken breeders or serama chicken collectors.

Even though this article will mostly discover how to take care serama chicken, there will be more information about this chicken which is important to know. This article will help you to get the insight about serama chicken care, serama hens, serama roosters, serama eggs, and many others. So, let’s continue reading! But before we find the reason why breeding serama chicken can be beneficial, we had better know serama chicken itself first.

Serama Chicken

This chicken is one type of ornamental or fancy chicken originally from Malaysia. People also usually call it Malaysian Serama. This chicken is popular with its characteristics which is very small. This is the smallest breed of chicken in the world, with the weight less than 500 g. Serama chicken tall is only about 15-25 centimeters as the result of crossing Japanese bantams with Malaysian bantams. This chicken has unique characteristics that will attract you. They are very upright little chicken with a small neat comb. Their breast or chest is high and pushed upwards with the wings which are almost touching the ground. It gives you the impression that they are standing to attention and to show how impressive they are.

Ayam Serama Usia 1 Bulan
Serama chicks

In Indonesia, some people usually keep Serama chicken for their hobby as ornamental chicken in their home (house pets). Some of them mostly keep it to join a contest. This is why there are many people who admire this chicken. Besides, the serama chicken competition now is frequently conducted in some big cities. In other countries such as in America, Serama is excellent to be a house pet and claimed as one of the most popular pets there. This chicken is friendly, small but confident, and love to be with people. Then, you might be wondering how long do serama chickens live? Like the common type of chicken, this chicken can live for about 7 – 10 years. This range of years is quite enough for you to keep serama chicken as your pet. They can make great companions while you are gardening or enjoying the morning or evening porch.

Serama chicken nowadays is very famous in many countries around the world. According to a source, this chicken first arrived in the UK in 2004 and just after a remarkable growth in a popularity were standardized by the Poultry Club of Great Britain in November 2008. About the color, serama chicken comes in various colors. There is over 2000 type of different color that have been documented in Malaysia. The common color of this chicken is usually white, black with blue or green sheen, red, wheaten, chocolate, buff, mottled, spangled, ducking, blue, etc. There is actually no standard of serama. Any of it is acceptable. Furthermore, they are not included in the list of an animal protected so don’t worry if you want to breed this Malaysian serama chickens for sale.

Serama chicken care – Why is serama chicken care is important?

It has no doubt that there are several types of fancy chicken which is very popular to breed. One of them is serama chicken. Once you already decided to have this type of chicken, you should pay attention to its care, especially serama chicken care for the contest. You will probably exactly need more time and more power to care this special chicken. It aims to get good performance of your serama when competing to the others. Remember that the way of taking care your serama will determine serama chicken lifespan. Now, let’s discover some serama chicken care you do easily:

1. Serama chicken woof

Serama chicken is actually easy to take care. They eat common chicken feed. For chicks up to 16 weeks, we can give them starter or grower crumbles. Then, we can give pellet for life. We can give little grain twice a week because it doesn’t allow for us to give much protein. It will make your serama chicken fat and sluggish.

2. The environment for serama chicken

Besides the easy way of feeding serama chicken, there are many people who love or collect serama chicken because of its adaptability. They can easily adapt to new environment. Therefore, you will not need extra power or time with that. What we should pay attention is the cleanness of the stall. We should clean it regularly to avoid the illness. You can clean the stall start from the floor, ventilation, the woof and drink containers, etc. Disinfectant is evident as a cleaner. But don’t forget to keep your serama chicken out of the stall when it is cleaning up.

Dengan bahan dasar kayu dan di bentuk dengan sedemikian rupa, kandang ayam serama bisa terlihat cantik dan enak di pandang
You can use a coo

3. The separation of serama chicken types

If you have more than one type of chicken, you should separate Serama chicken with other types of chicken. We know that serama is so small. The separation aims to avoid serama trampled by others with the bigger one. Keeping serama indoors will be very good to do in this case, especially for serama chicks.

What is the difficulty of serama chicken care and how to overcome it?

One difficulty we often face is in the mating process. Due to its tiny body, serama chicken sometimes is difficult to mate. Serama has short leg and it makes difficult for male serama to penetrate the female serama. In this condition, we have to hold them to make the mating process succeed. If you want another easy way, you can do this tips: we can also help the mating process of serama chickens by keeping two serama chickens both male serama and female serama in a cage so that they can attract each other and they can mate without our help. There is an important note for you. You cannot carelessly mate your serama chicken, especially serama chicken for the contest. It is better to choose serama chickens which are ready for mating with good quality from its body, color, or their characters.

The other difficulty is in the process of brood. You might be wondering, how many eggs do serama chickens lay? On the average, serama chicken hens can lay about 5-8 eggs per period. However, due to the tiny body of serama chicken, it is difficult for them to cover all of their eggs. And it will result in the quality of the egg which leads to the fail. To overcome this problem, we can use an incubator to hatch the eggs. Here are several things you should notice for serama chicken care to get optimal growth of serama chicken:

1. If serama chicken eggs are incubated in the incubator, let them there for 2 days until the quill already dry just after they hatch. You don’t need to feed them because the food supply from their body is enough.

2. After 3 days, you can move them to the stall with the warmer tool. You can use 10 watt or 25 watt. Just adjust the power consumption of the light bulb depending on the stall temperature.

*For your information, it is also important to let serama chicks get out from the stall to get the sun when they reach 1,5 months or older than it. It aims to strength the bone and kill the bacterium in their quill. You can also reduce the warmer tool of the stall gradually. When you are sure the chicks are strong enough, you can release the warmer tool.

3. If serama chicks are with their mother, just ensure that the stall is safe from any nuisance or predators. In order to make your serama chicken produce more optimal eggs for one period, you had better keep serama chicken eggs incubated in an incubator or let their mother take care of their chicks.

See? You already know that serama chicken care is not really difficult. If you are going to breed serama chicken or collect serama chicken as ornamental chicken, we hope this article can help you. For further information, you can follow our fan page: hobi ternak or our Instagram: hobi_ternak.


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