The Ways of Protect Cemani Chicken from the Child to the Parent

The Ways of Protect Cemani Chicken from the Child to the Parent – Cemani chicken is included one of backyard chicken from Indonesia originally which has specific characteristic and the others do not have it. Long time, people say that in early Cemani chicken just in Indonesia. Now, Cemani chicken spread of in several countries which has interested of Cemani chicken and the colour is much black.

Several experts from the school institution or famous University research about this Cemani chicken. But the result of the research about Cemani chicken is not yet formal to be release until now that can answer the questions from the society about Cemani chicken. Until this time, many societies ask about the reason of the black colour in the whole of chicken, the influence of foods toward the chicken colour and proven that Cemani chicken blood is real black. It is not trick or unnatural.

 DOC Cemani Chicken
DOC Cemani Chicken

The theory or mystery about Cemani chicken, now we will talk about Cemani chicken livestock, so we don’t need detail information about Cemani chicken. We need more about knowledge of steps or ways to protect Cemani chicken from the child until parent so we can minimize the deathly of this chicken.

The protection when the child chicken cracks

When the age of child is 4 days, you must do tetelo vaccination or ND (Newcastle disease) which repeat on the age of 4 weeks and 4 month. Besides that, you can give vaccine with smallpox vaccine. For daily consuming the child of Cemani chicken can be increased appropriate with the age of chicken.

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The food of the child chicken is concentrate. It includes voer or pure BR that yet given combination nothing. For 4 weeks in begin, daily consuming about 400 grams/ tail. For the next of 4 weeks, giving is double fold until 838 gr/tail until the age of 8 weeks.

 Cemani Chicken Age 1 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 1 Month

Protection teenager until adult

After the age of child about 3 weeks, the child can be moved in the big stable. That stable is better front the east so the sun rise can come in the stable free so the stable is always dry. The wet stable will make the chicken is attacked the diseases. The big stable appropriates with the number and the age of chicken. The chicken more big is needed the large stable.

At the moment, you can give the adding of foods such as rice siftings or bran, or rice that yet stale. The adding of the woof means to decrease expending of woof. The woof can be mixed together. When Cemani chicken comes in the lay eggs time, it is needed the adding of variant vitamin so the food can be added with the food of egg layer. This case means to support productivities and quality of the eggs.

Adult Cemani Chicken
Adult Cemani Chicken

Stable for Adult Cemani

The adult Cemani can be located in the stable smaller than the free stable. The size of stable is smaller for about 5-6 tail with composition 1 male and 4-5 female.

We can use stable which just for 2 tails for 1 stable so after the male impregnate the female; the female can be replaced with the others and continually until the females are impregnated by male.

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