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Serama chicken is one of fancy chicken that has a short body, small, and the chest puff up. This chicken is the smallest in the world which called “The Smallest Bantam Chicken” or there is another name Malaysian Serama Bantam Chicken or the smallest kate chicken in the world. Serama chicken has the same form with kate chicken, the different of this chicken the body is small and the chest puff up. The size of serama chicken adult and the height about like a little finger of adult human. The weight of serama rooster just about 350gr, and serama hens about 300gr and the height about 15 cm.

Serama Chicken including chicken has small body, well-built with boisterous chest. Chicken originating from Malaysia has a fan that is not small in the country. Especially now many contests about serama chicken in big cities. It opens wide market for serama chicken lovers.It certainly becomes a promising business field.

Maintaining Serama chicken is slightly different and raising chicken kate. His little posture is a little difficult at the time will marry Serama cock. His short legs make it difficult to penetrate when marrying females. We must hold the body of Ayam Serama for easy mating. You can also make females marry with several males to increase fertility percentage.

Even though serama chicken has small body but Ayam Serama has a large libido. Since the age of 3 months Serama began to learn to mate. At the age of 5 months he is ready to be married. But the right age to reproduce about 6-7 months. In a day stud Ayam Serama can marry a female in several times. For  in a cage, you can put some females to serve one male Chicken Serama.

The productivity of Serama chicken eggs is quite high. In one period of Serama cock is able to lay many eggs. But unfortunately Serama can not afford to incubate all the eggs it produces. His petite posture made the warm-scalded eggs uneven even if all were incubated. Then the solution by entrusting it to another brood or inserted in an egg hatching machine

Sometimes there are serama who do not want to incubate  you should make a special place of laying box for each of the females, if there is a disturbing predator try to keep away, If female of serama chicken still do not want to lay eggs lay out from ram wire around the box laying. You can provide enough food and bracket for 2 days to get used to it. After 2 days waiting for his reaction. If you still do not want to incubate try again from the first process.

For chicken food serama is not so much different from other types of chicken. You can use of voer or BR. It’s just for Serama the use of voer to a minimum because it can lead to obesity. Brown rice, milled corn (carbohydrate source). Corn serves as a shell-shaped egg. For that it is important given when the hens enter the reproductive period. Every 1 or 2 days given 2 crickets in one serving. Sprouts or sprouts are also good for additional food during Serama’s fertile period. Do not forget to give Vitamin E every day.

Ayam Serama Dewasa Sepasang7
Adult of Serama Chicken

Serama chicken has a small body with special characteristic of upright chest, puff up and impressed brawny. A glance, this chicken is the same with kate chicken but when you see it nearly, you will look the different of its, from the size or the form of the chest.

The appearance of this chicken is quite interesting, a glimpse like kate chicken but when standing upright, the chest looks swelled, the wings are perpendicular, the head is upright even curved back to touch the tail which upwards and straight. So this chicken looks brawny.

Wee Yean Een or commonly called Mr is the first of serama chicken breeders. Wee who came from China, Kelantan Malaysia city. By conducting a long enough experiemnt with taking a long time to get Chicken Serama with a small posture and chest swell. Then, starting from 1973 Mr. Wee do experiment with crossing the Kapan Chicken with Silkie chicken.

When chicken has a weight about 750 grams with a flat chest stature, a perpendicular tail mated to a silkie that has a stocky body weighing 650 grams. But the result is not satisfactory because it produces long-legged silkie cock. In 1985 Mr. Wee crossed Kapan chicken to the Japanese Katai. However, the result of the crosses resulted in a long-legged Japanese Katai weighing about 650 grams/tail is considered heavy weight is still heavy. Until 1988 Mr. Wee crossed the result of the crossing with Japanese Ayam Katai. In 1990 Mr.wee got a liliput chicken weighing 500 grams. The figure was also changed, a small head with wings hanging down, looks sleek and lawi tail straight towering.

Serama Chicken for Sale
Serama Kontes

Ayam Serama is one of the ornamental chickens which is quite unique compared to other types of chicken. Small stature with beautiful fur, his chest looks swelled to make us entertained when we see this chicken. Serama Chicken includes a benign chicken until we can easily approach it. Compared to Kate’s chicken, Ayam Serama has a more petite posture and more boisterous breasts.

Ayam Serama is not a real chicken from Indonesia. Ayam Serama comes from Malaysia. Often many people will interest with Ayam Serama, Ayam Serama now increasingly spread throughout the archipelago. Especially with the rampant contests in big cities increasingly and also increase the passion of people to maintain Ayam Serama. People also breed in order to produce a superior Serama Chicken that you can include this superior serama chicken in the race.

Ayam Serama has several types;

  1. Serama chicken with Slim Type

This type of chicken is the first to be found that makes people know Serama chicken. This type of chicken has an upright posture and is known for its arrogant chicken.

2.Ayam serama with Apple / Bold type

Ayam Serama with this type known in the early decades of the 2000s precisely in 2003-2004. This type of serama has a slightly different posture compared to Serama type Slim. Serama Chicken Posture with type of Apple or Bold is strapping with a large chest and legs rather short similar to apples. So it is not surprising that the public more know this type of chicken as Serama apple.

3.Ayam Serama with Type of Ideal

Ayama Serama is the result of cross breeding type of Apple with Slim type. To get the ideal type is not easy because of the 100 intercrossed results only about 5-8 and you can categorize with Ideal. Chicken Serama of this type has a slender posture, large breasts bloated. You can use Ideal Chicken type  for chicken contests.

This is about several Grades of Serama chicken contest :

Adult First Class

Adults with feathers grow to the maximum and weigh less than 360 grams

Adult Class Madya

An adult chicken weighing between 360-450 grams

  • Adult Females
  • Mature without a tail
  • Young Man
  • Young Females
  • Male Juveniles
  • Adolescent Females
  • Puppies

Starting from 1-2.5 months to 5.5 months.

Serama chicken lovers often hold contests held in big cities. We found the demand of serama chicken is quite a lot from the area of ​​Surabaya, Makassar, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Depok, Medan and of course from Jakarta. The criteria are able to perform well in terms of body shape / posture, feathers, health and mental. Good posture when Serama is well-built, chest swept forward and head pulled back. Wing down almost touching the ground. Nice fur color is not dull. Especially when there is a color combination of wido type, white, red, black, starlings and others. For weight try not to exceed 500 grams, because it will affect the value of judging. Height is only an inch of an adult’s hand.

Ayam Serama seen from the stature does look small. This chicken is the type of chicken that has the smallest body posture in the world. But who would have thought behind the body of this mini chicken still looks dashing with his chest that swelled and usually waddle on the stage in a Chicken Serama contest.

Now Ayam Serama fans are increasing especially in Indonesia. Not only for the hobbyist of ornamental chickens but also the general public who also interested to keep this chicken. Certainly becomes an opportunity for the breeder Ayam Serama in Indonesia.

Serama Kontes
Serama contest

This is the beginning of serama hicken, the public give this name, serama chicken from the name of figure of Sri Rama in the epic Ramayana and the public know about on the ornamental chicken contest in Batu Pahat in the on 1990s. It was horrendous contest of the ornamental chicken world. And finally the public call this chicken with Serama Chicken for behaving like a gallant king with a swollen chest. The serama chicken looks elegance while walking around.

So, if you need information about serama breeders, we also provide serama hatching eggs for sale. And if you need also about information about serama chicken care or how long do serama chickens live, you can enter your comment in the leave a reply box below.

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