The Serama Chickens lifespan : How Long Do Serama Chickens Live?

The male serama chicken
The male serama chicken

Have You Ever Heard About Serama Chicken? How Long Do Serama Chickens Live? Serama chicken is originally from Malaysia. It is one of the tiniest chicken in the world.

Sometimes, this chicken is called Malaysian serama bantam. At glance, it looks a like short-legged bantam chicken or Kate but they are totally different in some aspect.

This chicken is more thinnest than short-legged bantam chicken. Besides, the difference one with Kate chicken is its chest which is more bloated.

The average weight of this chicken is less than 500 grams per head. For the smallest body, it is gonna be more expensive.

Serama Chicken competition
Serama Chicken competition

Serama Chicken is popular among the ornamental chicken lovers. Usually, this chicken is used as a contestant on the chicken competition. The unique body and the brave behavior of serama chicken make this chicken always wins the competition.

Also, it has beautiful colored feather and it is really easy to train. This chicken is love to be the point of attention.

Sometimes, serama chicken describes as “living work of art” by many serama chicken breeders and Bantam enthusiasts.

Serama chicken that wins the contest will have a price which is skyrocketing and more expensive. The price of serama chicken who wins the competition can be one million until ten million.

Then how to take care of serama chicken? Actually, serama chicken is very easy to handle.

But, for competition serama chicken care need more attention. Before joining the competition there is some important point.

Such as the treatment of this chicken so it can perform well and maximally. Also the appearance of this chicken  must be good.

The most notable is the appearance because it is the point of judgment.

The point judgment of the appearance has characteristics such as agile and aggressive.

Also, cleanness and the neatness of serama chicken quill is a must. Because it is one of the points that will be an obligatory estimation.

Let’s check this out!. The preparation of Serama Chicken before joining the competition :

  • Before joining the competition don’t mate and brought closer the Serama Chicken male to the female. because it can harm the feather of the female and male.
  • Keep clean the quill and serama chicken coop, the chicken woof and drink places must be cleaned regularly. Clean the Serama quill with bathing them once in 3 days to keep its quill stay clean.

    Serama chicken must be trained to walk on the carpet regularly.

    To prevent the serama chicken confusion when it is on the carpet for a contest. So it must be trained to get the achievement.

    Then Avoid using green carpet may the chicken thinks it is grass.

  • Keep the chicken health and give them the vitamin. Also, you can let them get sun in the morning, around 08.00 for 30 minutes until an hour. After that, don’t give it drink directly because it can cause snoring disease.
  • The assessment of serama competition, they should display a high and upright tail, wide as in the smooth feathered.

    The comb should be moderate in size as in smooth feathered. It is must have characteristics proud, confident and stride in motion.

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That’s all the bullet point you must consider when your serama chicken joins the competition.

Besides, The serma chicken is typical unique chicken and it is inexpensive to raise them.

It is really easy to maintain or take care. Because it is just like an ordinary chicken. It needs more attention when serama chicken as the contestant on the competition.

Serama chicken chicks
Serama chicken chicks

Nowadays, the Malaysian serama chickens for sale not just for competition.

But it is used as pet and companion, both indoors and outdoors. Because of the adorable appearance, many animal lovers are looking for this unique chicken.

Also, it is one of the thinnest ornamental chicken.

Serama chicken has come in size A, B, C. There is even a Micro Serama chicken. The wight of serama chicken can be divided into Mature Serama Males and Female.

For Mature Serama Males: Class A up to 350 grams (12.35 oz), Class B up to 500 grams (17.64 oz), Class C up to 600 grams (21.16 oz). Then for Mature Serama Females: Class A up to 325 grams (11.46 oz), Class B up to 425 grams (14.99 oz), Class C up to 525 grams (18.52 oz).

Serama does not judge by the weight but it is for classification of the competition.

The foremost Serama chicken must have a good type. Thus means serama chicken should have a puffed up chest, tall tail, very short back and a ‘V’ shaped profile and vertical lead wings downwards when it is alert the attention.

Beside thus classification of serama for competition. This native chicken from Malaysia come from the jungles where average temperatures around 90 -110 F.

If serama on the outside of your house it is necessary to make sure the shelter is warm. Also, keep them from the freezing and free from drafts and moisture.

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So it is a good idea for keeping serama chickens indoors and warm enough when the temperature drops. Because they cannot handle cold well and get stressed when temperatures drop below freezing.

The food is important to make sure the serama chicken is healthy. Then what to feed serama chickens? Is it like general chicken? Don’t worry. The food is cheap.

It is because serama chicken consumes only about one pound of feed per month. The food is also same as chicken in general.

Serama chicken can be feed with voer or BR, red rice, and grits (carbohydrate sources). The most important just give serama chicken voer as little as possible in order to avoid the obesity.

Then you can also give corn as the framer of the eggshell which is necessary to give when the hens are getting on the reproduction period or ready for fertilizing.

Besides, bean sprouts or sprouts are also good as food additives at Serama’s fertile period. Also, what need to be considered again is serama chicken must be given a Vitamin E every day.

a pair of an Adult serama chicken
a pair of an Adult serama chicken

Despite having a tiny size, the male of chicken serama has a high lush. Sometimes, it makes brutal behavior when mating.

It can impact on fall out on the feather of female serama chicken.

Even, it can lead to the death of the female chicken. The fertility of chicken Serama is influenced by physical health.

Then how many eggs do serama chickens lay? The productivity of the eggs is influenced by the weather. If the weather is cold, productivity is getting lower.  

In one period, the serama chicken does not produce a lot of eggs in a month. Usually, they only produce 5-7 eggs in a month. But it depends on the food.

The peak season of fertility and egg production occurs during the months of November, December, January, and February. 

The eggs color of this unique chicken can be variety range from the purest white to the deepest brown, with many shades in between.

Then the weight of serama chicken egg usually around 20g.

The eggs are about 1/3 the size of a large chicken egg.  It is like a bird’s eggs and it is so smalls.

However, breeding serama chicken also means considerate the fertilize. Then, for hatching Serama chicken eggs is uncertain.

Sometimes the fertilization is easy but sometimes it is hard and needs special treatment.

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The Serama chicken egg needs a high accuracy, tenacity, and patience to hatch using incubation machine.

The most important things to remember is the fertile egg is the temperature and humidity.

The temperature for the Incubation period of serama chicken eggs is 19 days at 99.5 degrees F.

Do you know how long do serama chickens live? Usually, the average lifespan of Serama chicken is 7 years. Sometimes, it can live for 10 years. It has a long lifespan and the more interesting is the behavior of this chicken.  

Serama chicken has unusual behavior. It has behaved like a puppy that is so friendly and loves to interact with humans and with other animals like a cat and dog.

Serama chicken is like to be a point of attention. Makes this chicken became part of the contest of ornamental chicken.

One month serama chicken chicks
One month serama chicken chicks

Serama chicken is a kind of fancy chicken which is unique enough to compare with other chicken types.

Its posture which is tiny with beautiful feather and the chest edema makes people are falling in love while looking at it.

This chicken is tame so that we can easily approach it. It is so different with Kate chicken, Serama chicken has tinnier posture and more edema chest. Even, they have the same appearance.

The business of Serama chicken needs full of patients for taking care.

Start from maintenance until marrying process. But the result is pretty good.  

There are many competition for serama chicken in big cities not only in Asia but also in Europe. As a result, it impacts on the increasing of the public interest to care for Serama’s chicken.

Besides, they begin starting breeding chickens serama that can produce a superior Serama for the contest.

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