Serama Hens For Sale : Producing Good Quality Serama Chicken Eggs From Good Serama Hens

Serama chicken

If you are a fancy chicken collector, you must know a type of chicken which is so popular with its tiny body, serama chicken. This chicken has been well-known in wide society since decades of 2000 as a special and favorite one.

There are actually other types of chicken which are also popular with a tiny body. They are Kate chicken, Batik Itali, or Batik Kanada. Each of them has their own unique characteristics and appearances. Nevertheless, serama chicken still holds the world record for being the smallest chicken in the world.

Although serama chicken is so tiny, don’t ever underestimate them. There are many people fall in love with this chicken. It is not only because of its uniqueness but also its ability and performance at the stage. This is why serama chicken breeders or collectors usually take part in a contest of serama chicken to let their serama perform and show their ability.

In some areas, serama chicken is also called Malaysian serama. Do you know why? Yes, that’s true. This is because the chicken is originally from Malaysia. This chicken is so popular with their small body. The tinnier the body is, the higher price it will be. The tinny body of this chicken will help them to perform in the catwalk contest. This will lead them to get more sale value. The activeness, the appearance, the style, and the braveness are some specifications that will be assessed in a competition. So, no wonder if a lot of people are looking for this Malaysian serama bantam for sale with those characteristics.

A lot of people nowadays are is interested to breed or to collect serama chicken due to its unique characteristics, especially for its body and funny gestures. This dwarf chicken is known as the smallest chicken in the world. The weight of serama roosters is only about 350 gram while the serama hens are about 300 gram. Nevertheless, it does not rule out the possibility to find more than that size of serama chicken out there.

Serama hens

serama hens
5 months of serama

To produce good quality of serama eggs you will need serama hens with good quality. What we mean by ‘good quality’ here is the hen should be in the healthy condition. To get healthy serama hens, you will need to take care of them. This type of chicken actually likes several things. They like warmth, nice things to eat, and human attention.

Some serama hens are better layers, but some may not. So don’t be upset if you find your serama hens lay an egg every month. This is why when you decide to keep this chicken, you should also be ready to pay attention to serama chicken care. You should care about the availability of food and drink, the cleanness of the stall, etc.

Just imagine when you provide comfort environment also controlled food and drink, your serama hens will feel comfortable when they are going to lay. It will affect the quality of the eggs, actually. But again, there is also ‘luck factor’ that can determine the egg production.

Serama hens can be the key to the egg production. But don’t forget about serama rooster. Without a rooster, the hens will not be able to produce eggs. This is why you should pay attention in the mating process between them.

Because of its small body, the mating process of serama can be difficult. In this case, we need to hold serama chicken body to help them. Though the body is small, this chicken actually has a big libido. Since 3 months, they have started learning to mate. When they are already 5 months or more, they are ready to mate. However, the exact time for reproducing is actually about 6-7 months.

Serama chicken eggs

The productivity of serama eggs in one period is not really high. Serama hens usually lay eggs for about 5-8 eggs in one period. However, not all serama hens are willing to brood their eggs. What makes they difficult to do it is because of their tiny body. This is why we should notice this in the beginning so that we can do precaution. There are two options for you for serama chicken care.

First, you can use incubator or hatchery machine. This machine is actually designed to help chicken breeders to hatch the eggs. Using this machine needs some techniques that not everyone knows. For those who used to be using this machine will have no difficulty. In the contrary, some people think that it is rather difficult to use hatchery machine because it needs full attention to use it. They will need to need to set the temperature, measure the humidity level, and something like that. It needs an accuracy, tenacity, and patience. This is why we offer you the second option.

You can do this second option if you have more than one type of chicken hens. If serama hens do not want to brood their eggs, you can move the eggs to other hens that still brood their eggs. This will keep serama chicken eggs in warm condition. This action is usually done by chicken collectors who also have other types of chicken hens. For example, you have free-range chicken hens that brood eggs. At the same time, your serama hens just lay some eggs but they do not want to brood them. In this case, you can put their eggs into the nest of free-range chicken hens. Just make the eggs in one nest.

serama hens
serama chicks

Even though we often face a case where serama hens do not want to brood their eggs, we can also do something with this. You can also do these ways:

1. Make a square shaped-box (you can make 40 x 40) in a stall for serama chicken which is going to lay.

2. Then, provide straws in that box. If you have no straws, you can use dry old cloth. You can also use dry grass as a place for serama hens to brood the eggs. It will keep the temperature stable.

3. Put the serama hens in a box. Then, cover it with strimin wire for 2 days. Don’t move them anywhere. Don’t forget to give the hens enough food and drink to keep them healthy.

4. After 2 days, if serama hens still do not want to brood the eggs, or they move to other places to lay, you can try step 3 again.

How to produce good quality of serama chickens?

If someone has serama chickens with good quality, they will probably take part in a chicken competition. This is why many people compete with each other to have or produce good quality of serama chickens. Therefore, their serama chicken can join the chicken contest and win the competition.

The question is, how to produce this good quality of serama chickens? Well, it is actually not easy but also not difficult. To produce superior serama chickens, you need to cross among serama types. Some people think that crossing different type of chicken with serama can produce a nice physical appearance.

Serama chicken is popular with the very upright little bird. It is also known for the breast which is high and pushed upwards with the wings almost touching the ground. This can be categorized as good quality of serama chickens. This unique appearance makes this chicken described as brave warriors in Malaysia. The characteristics of a short body, well muscled, breast carried high, full and also forward makes this chicken can join the contests.

The price of serama chicken that wins the contest can be so high. It can be millions even tens of millions. The most consideration for serama contest is in the performance and appearance. In some areas, there may be different specification to win the contest. For example, in a certain area, the juries assess the chicken with criteria that have the skill, good posture, beautiful quill, healthy, and the aggressiveness. While in another area, the criteria can be different. What is commonly assessed are the body appearance and its characteristics.

There is always a relation among serama hens, serama eggs, and serama chickens. To produce serama chickens with good quality you will need serama eggs with good quality too. And how to get good quality eggs? Serama hens become one key. But there is one thing we should emphasize. There are actually several factors to produce good quality of serama. And this is only one of them. Sometimes, the luck factor also plays a role there.

serama hens
a couple of serama chickens

If you are going to collect serama chickens or breed serama chickens, always consider several factors that can affect the quality. Always choose serama roosters and serama hens with the healthy condition. Choose those with good appearance, including the size, the body posture, the characteristics, everything. Just make sure that you select the best one. Because if you chose either serama rooster or serama hens that is unhealthy, it will affect the egg production. Don’t forget to prepare everything you need to keep them such as the stall, food, drink, nest, cage, and so forth. Further information about serama hens for sale you can follow our fan pages: hobi ternak or our instagram: hobi_ternak.


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