Ayam Serama

Serama Hens For Sale : Producing Good Quality Serama Chicken Eggs From Good Serama Hens

Serama chicken If you are a fancy chicken collector, you must know a type of chicken which is so popular with its tiny body, serama chicken. This chicken has been well-known in wide society since decades of 2000 as a special and favorite one. There are actually other types of chicken which are also popular …

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Ayam Serama Usia Dewasa

Malaysian Serama Bantam Chickens For Collection

Do you know what is the smallest breed of bantam chickens?  It is Malaysian Serama Bantam Chickens is the tiniest chicken in the world. This chicken is originally from the Kelantan Malaysia. This fancy chicken originally troughs the crossbreeding of Japanese and Malaysian bantams. This tiny chicken has an average of 500 grams. The tall of …

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