The Regulation and Rules For Keeping Chickens in The Backyard

rules for keeping chickens
rules for keeping chickens

Are you interested in keeping chicken? But before we start keeping chickens in the backyard, you must pay attention to the regulation and rules for keeping chickens. In every region there is different regulation. For example the rules of the amount for keeping chicken. Also, in some city region are restricted to keep the chicken. Other rules are for example about how many chickens can I have in my backyard, or can you keep chickens residential and so on.  The point is you should keep your chicken facility in a condition that does not cause any noise or odor that causes disturbance to others.

Recently, keeping chicken becomes popular for the eggs or just as pets. But the rules always follow wherever your regions. Find out what you need to get started and how to keep your chickens safe and healthy. Of course without causing problems with neighbors chickens.

How Do You Know About The Rules For Keeping Chickens?

Usually, each country always write or announce the rules for keeping chicken or other livestock on the website of your city or region. In some of the city or region, there are no permit and license for keeping chicken or lives stock. Then you can keep the chicken as long as you follow the guidelines of the city. On the other hand, some region has strict rules and only allow certain variety of chicken. 

Besides the information on the website, you should contact the local council and read the information in your home. Because you live with the neighbor so you must consider with them. For example, when my neighbor has noisy chickens or neighbors chickens attracting rats that is so annoying to me. Then I will complain them and ask for a help to the local council. In some region, the council has an obligation to investigate legal disruption. It IS because local councils have an obligation if the neighbor dispute involves activities that damage health or disruption. This is known as’ ‘statutory nuisance’. Some of them are noisy including loud music and barking dogs, noisy chickens, dust, steam, odors or insects from business premises and so on.

But the most important is you should always try to solve the problem by talking to your neighbor or through mediation. Then, call the local council later if it is failed. In some regions in the UK, penalties for causing the statutory noise nuisance by laws are fined up to £5,000 based on Rules For Keeping Chickens. That’s why you must consider the problems with neighbors chickens. 

What Is The Law On Keeping Chickens In The Residential Area Based On The Regulation and Rules For Keeping Chickens? 

The rules Keeping Chickens In The Back Garden
Egg laying chickens

Recently, many people start keeping a chicken in the backyard. This is because they want to have fresh eggs or fresh meat. But in some country region, they have their own Regulation and Rules For Keeping Chickens. Some countries have no rules on keeping chicken. On the other hand, in some region such as in the UK, US, Australia, and some other countries have their own regulation on keeping the chicken in the backyard.  

Most of the regulation and rules for keeping chickens in the Backyard aim to provide an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle for all the city’s residents. So there will be restrictions on the number of poultry or prohibitions to maintain certain types of poultry. Such as in the city of Armadale Australia. Outside the rural areas, the property owners or residents can maintain up to 20 poultry except for the peafowls, geese, guinea fowls, turkeys or roosters. But most of the city is not allow you to keep the rooster in an urban area. The rooster only can be kept in the rural area.


Occasionally, The Regulation and Rules For Keeping Chicken another city is different. They have different amount of the poultry and kind of the poultry allowed by the local council. The resident of The Brisbane city council of Australia can maintain up to 20 poultry if they have a total area more than 800 square meters.  But if it is less than  800 square meters area, the residents only allow to have 6 poultry. The poultry shelter should be placed at least one meter from the separation fence.

Most of the city allows the resident to keep the chicken so far you follow the regulation and rules for keeping chickens. But they have the limitation for the amount of keeping the chicken. Also, the consideration when living next door to chickens, you should keep the coop always clean. The chicken feed must be in sealed containers. Then, clean the enclosure regularly to avoid smell, rat, and problems. Also, consider the effect of your activities on your neighbors. 

If you live in an urban environment, try communicate with neighbors about your plans. Also, you should know how to control the hygiene and pests in your chicken coop, so there is no reason for them to complain. Then, you should care and give them some of the eggs so they are not complaining about your chicken. 

What Is The Law On Keeping Chickens In The Back Garden?

Keeping chicken in the Back Garden? Are you thinking about keeping the chicken in the Back Garden? How about the regulation and rules for keeping chickens?  Usually, people keeo the chicken for the production of eggs for domestic consumption. If you are thinking about keeping the chicken in the backyard, then you must consider the restriction and the condition for keeping poultry. In some region, they have a standard for keeping the chicken in the backyard. let’s check this out!

Register Your Chicken

There is some restriction for keeping chicken that you must consider. Base on under the current UK laws, if you have more than 50 poultry on the back garden you must register your poultry. Then you must register your chicken on Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). It aims to give any information about the epidemics like Avian Influenza. This information will help reduce the impact of a disease outbreak. So your poultry is in watchlist of DEFRA.  

Selling The Eggs 

rules for keeping chickens uk
collecting chicken eggs

There are some requirement for this case. One of them is you have more than 50 Poultry and you will get lots of eggs in one period. You can try to use those eggs for sale or give it to your neighbor. You can also sell your surplus Eggs door to door or selling at your home market. Then, if you want to sell the eggs to the shop, or the restaurant with the labels, it needs to sign up to the Egg Marketing Inspectorate and also register as a food business with the local environment. It also needs to mark your eggs with a code identifying the method of production (ie, free-range, organic, barn or caged), the country of origin and the production establishment.

The Noise Nuisance

Sometimes, there will be some noise nuisance from the chicken. The noise can make your neighbors angry at you or makes them uncomfortable. So, what’s  better to do is you can do cooperation between neighbors in the basis for a relaxed home life. But the hen is enough quiet, but sometimes when they start to go broody they will make a loud sound. So you must have some a coop that can reduce the sound of the hen when they start laying the eggs. Also, you must place the coop far from your neighbor garden or house. 

The odor and flies

The chicken coop may smell bad and cause a lot of flies around the house. This will disturb your neighbor. That’s why must clean the coop frequently. Also, you may clean the area with a suitable disinfectant if necessary.  You can put layers inside the cage for easy cleaning. Then we must change or reply the straw for laying eggs frequently with the clean one. The odor may be good for fertilizing the soil. Also, it is great for plants in the garden. The use of Wood Chip and straw as absorbing dirt is also good because we can remove it easily.

The Food

chicken feed rules for keeping chickens
chicken feed rules for keeping chickens

Afterward, some region have regulation and rules for keeping chickens about foods that should not be given to chickens. There are some restrictions on feeding chickens based on the Government of United Kingdom. The restriction prohibits the ‘catering waste’ from being fed to chicken. The term ‘waste catering’ is very extensive and includes all waste food coming from domestic kitchens, as well as from commercial catering facilities and restaurants. This is illegal to give chicken waste food. So based on this rule, it is better to feed your chicken with vegetable cuts. 

Also, you must pay the attention when you are giving the chicken food. Try to monitor the amount of food that you are giving to the chicken. So there is no food that spillover and there is no rat.  The next is you must give then rice brans or pellet which is also good to give them a vitamin for health.

That’s all we can share to you.  The rules of raising chickens in different countries and parts of the world are different. Every country and city has its own rules. Since poultry is classified as livestock, many of these rules should be applied to the backyard laying hens. 

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