Tiny and Unique Serama Chicken but Confident When Joinning A Contest

Tiny and Unique Serama Chicken but Confident When Joinning A Contest

Serama chicken is a kind of fancy chicken which is unique enough compared with other chicken types. Its posture which is tiny with beautiful quill, the chest edema makes us entertained while looking at it. This chicken is tame so that we can easily approach it. Compared with Kate chicken, Serama chicken has tinnier posture and more edema chest.

Serama chicken is not originally from Indonesia. It comes from Malaysia. Together with people’s interest on Serama chicken, nowaday it becomes overspread towards the entire archipelagos. Furthermore, the flare of any contest in big cities causes enhancement on people’s interest in taking care Serama chicken. They also breed it to produce superior Serama chickens to join contests.

Adult Serama Chicken Agus Harianto S.Pt & Hobi Ternak Team 3
Adult Serama Chicken

There are some types of Serama chicken:

  1. Slim type of Serama Chicken

    This type is the first one found that makes people recoginize Serama chicken for the first time. It has erect posture and is known as an arrogant chicken.

  2. Apple / Bold type of Serama Chicken

    This type was known in the beginning of decades in 2000, exactly in 2003-2004. This Serama type has little bit different posture compared with Slim type of Serama chicken. It has erect posture with big chest and shortish legs like an apple fruit. That is why this chicken is called Apple Serama.

  3. Ideal type of Serama Chicken

    This type of Serama chicken is a hybridization of Apple type and Slim type. It is not easy to get ideal type because from 100 results of the hybridizations, there are only about 5-8 chicken which can be categorized as Ideal Serama. It has slim posture and big bloated chest. This type is the one which is often joined in a cointest.

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Adult Serama Chicken
Adult Serama Chicken

 Serama chicken contest is divided into some grades :

  1. Adult of Main Class
  2. Medium of Main Class
  3. Adult Hen
  4. Adult without lawi (the most towering quill in rear body)
  5. Young Rooster
  6. Young Hen
  7. Adolescent Rooster
  8. Adolescen Hen
  9. Chicks
Adult Serama Chicken
Adult Serama Chicken

Start from aged 1 – 2,5 months up to 5,5 months.

Serama lovers often carry on a contest in big cities. We find much requests of Serama chicken in districts of Surabaya, Makassar, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Depok, Medan, and of course in Jakarta. They choose chicken with criteria having skill and good posture, quill, health, and mental. It can be said as good posture if it is erect, bloated chest in front of body and the head is pulled back. Besides, it wings almost touches the ground and the quill colour is not dull, especially has colour combinations of wido type, white, red, black, jalak, and so forth. At the term of weight are no more than 500 gram because it will give effect on score of judgement. The last, the height should be in the size of a span of adult’s hand.

 Serama Chicken Age 3 Month Agus Harianto S.Pt & Hobi Ternak Team
Serama Chicken Age 3 Month


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