The Way To Take Care of Serama Chicken For Contest

The Way To Take Care of Serama Chicken For Contest – A lot of people are interested in breeding Serama chicken because of its tiny body and funny gestures. Yeah, this chicken is originally from neighbour country, Malaysia which has dwarf and tiny posture and it is also claimed as the smallest chicken in the world. The weight of original rooster Serama is only 350 gram, while for the hen is about 300 gram. However, in the evolution through lengthy breeding without any regeneration, this adult Serama chicken has weight up to 500 gram.

Serama Age 3 Month
Serama Age 3 Month

Nowadays, Serama chicken contest is several times held royally in some big cities. For Serama chicken which wins the contest, its price can be millions even tens of millions. When you have superior Serama chicken, especially from quality side and want to join in a contest, the treatment of this chicken is very important so that it can performs well and maximally, especially in its appearance. Yes, appearance becomes a main point to win a chicken contest. Good appearance has characteristics such as agile and aggressive. Before joining the contest, one thing that should be remembered is about the cleanness and the neatness of Serama chicken’s quills because it will be an obligatory estimation.

Adult Serama Chicken
Adult Serama Chicken

Below are severals tips to care Serama chicken before having contest:

  • To maintain the quill not broken when joining the contest, try not to bundle with the hen (don’t mate them) because it can harm the quill.
  • Keep the stall and chicken clean. Clean the stall, woof and drink places, and the chicken itself regularly by bathing it once in 3 days to keep its quill stay clean.
  • Let your Serama chicken practice to walk in a carpet. If the chicken does not practice it regularly, it will be confuse when it is in the carpet for a contest. It is better to provide green carpet to anticipate Serama chicken’s instinct of pecking it while contest because the chicken thinks that it is grass.d
  • To keep the health, you can let them get sun in the morning, around 08.00 for 30 minutes until an hour. After that, don’t give it drink directly because it can cause snoring disease.
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Serama Age 5 Month
Serama Age 5 Month


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