The Way To Make Serama Chicken Brood Naturally

The Way To Make Serama Chicken Brood Naturally

Serama chicken is a fancy chicken which is going public and so many people look for it. This chicken with the shape that seems like Kate chicken has cute characteristics so that many people start to breeding it nowadays. It often inflates its chest like a king, intrepid, and not afraid of its enemy. This chicken is claimed as the tiniest chicken in the world because its standard weight is only about 300 – 400 gram. So tiny for a size of adult chicken, isn’t it? That is why the incubation of Serama chicken becomes a commonly thing to perpetuate its breeding.

A Couple Of Serama Chicken
A Couple Of Serama Chicken

However, to hatch Serama chicken eggs is neither easy not difficult. Why is it so? Because even a fancy chicken breeder who has much experiences often fails to hatch because of some factors. Therefore, it really needs an accuracy, tenacity, and patience to hatch Serama chicken by using incubation machine. The most important thing to be noticed in incubating from machine is fertile eggs, temperature and humidity. If we do not notice only one of them, there will be possibly failed. To measure the humidity level, we use hygro meter. Think also about the condition so that it is not too dry, so it needs full attention in using this machine for incubation.

 Serama Chicken Age 3 Month Agus Harianto S.Pt & Hobi Ternak Team
Serama Chicken Age 3 Month

Then, for those who are busy, incubating Serama chickens naturally will be more easily to do because they will take care of their eggs or chicks. This can be done if Serama chicken mothers are willing to brood their eggs. There also mother of Serama chickens which are not willing to brood their eggs due to some factors. Naturally, all of chicken types which spawns will attempt to brood their eggs until crack opened but there are some crucial cases in Serama chicken because it is a sensitive chicken. Therefore, we need to build a special place for it:

  1. Make a square shaped-box with size length of 40 X Weight of 40 X height of 40 in Serama chicken stall which is going to spawn.
  2. After that, provide straws, or if there is no straws, you can provide dry old cloth, or dry grass as a place to brood the eggs of Serama chicken so that the temperature will be stable.
  3. Put the female Serama chickens in a box and close it with strimin wire for 2 days and don’t move anywhere, give them enough woof and drink.
  4. If Serama chicken hen in this box after 2 days still spawns in other places, just try again step 3.
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Adult Serama Chicken
Adult Serama Chicken


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