Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter : Keep Your Chicken Warm

taking care of chickens during the winter
Taking care of chickens during the winter


Are you a newbie in raising the chicken?  and Do not know how to Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter? this article may help you.  Here are the tips to Keep Your Chicken Warm.

Because chicken is one of the fowl that can resist the cold weather.  But it can be hard for the smallest chicken.

They still need warmth to survive and grow. Then winter maybe can be challenging for the chicken owner.

Then How do you keep chickens warm in the winter?, What do you do with chickens in the winter? Are my chickens too cold? How cold can it be for chickens to tolerate? it is the question frequently asked.  

So let’s check it out what you must prepare for your chicken.

Choose the breed

There are many types of chicken in the world. But not all the chicken can survive in the winter. So choose types chicken that resistance to the cold weather. There is some hardy cold chicken.

Such as Orpington, Easter Eggers, The Australorp, Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock, Silkie, Ameraucana, and Wyandotte etc.

Most of the chicken has a puffy feather. So they are can stay warm with its feather.  

Also, They are included in Backyard chicken that can be kept in all climates across the country.

Can chickens stay outside in the winter? Even In the winter let your chicken go outside during the day. Let them find the sunny and sheltered place outside.

It is important to give them fresh air on the outside.So they are not stressed during the winter.  

Chicken is an easy fowl that easy Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter. So if you are living in the frozen area in the winter.

Then I would like to suggest you choose Orpingtons, Australorps and Silkie Bantams. They are most resistant to the cold in the winter.

In fact, most of the chicken is fine in cold temperatures.  But the better you understand how chicken keeps warm.

Here some the types chicken-suited for the coldest weather.

list of fancy chicken breeds
Partridge silkie chicken
Orpington chicken the most expensive chicken in the world
Orpington chicken



the most popular chickens in the world
Plymouth Rock Chicken 
taking care of chickens during the winter




Feeding Chickens In Winter

taking care of chickens during the winter
Chickens snow feeding


What kind of food it is ? is need extra food? here is the answer. Feeding chickens in winter are part of the Taking Care Of Chickens.

It needs extra attention because they need extra food to keep their body stay warm. Also, it must be considered that they need extra protein.

It used to keep their strength during the cold season.

Of course, keep the food in the safety area so the mice and the rat can eat the chicken food.

Importantly the stock of food is safe and they are not run out of feed. During the cold season, they need extra food than another weather.  

You can feed your chicken 1,5 times over than the summer or the spring. Reinforce, the carbohydrate is important for the hen during the winter.

Then Feed hen with the Oatmeal it is a good source of carbohydrates. Serve it in the warm and In the cold morning.

Besides, Chicken also needs some extra protein so the chicken can lay eggs during the winter.

Then chicken can be feed with the extra leafy green vegetables.

Then feed them with Kale, collard, chard, and spinach provide a lot of essential nutrients for chickens.

It is the best food to keep your chicken warm.

This is the crucial part of Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter.

How to keep chickens warm in winter without electricity?

taking care of chickens during the winter
Coop in the snow


Cold weather chickens maybe can be confusing for the beginner. Then  How cold can chickens survive?  and what temperature is to cold for chickens? For this answer, Chicken can survive the freeze condition.

They can live at Below freezing because they have their instinct to survive.

And some of them are just fine at the temperature below zero in the winter.  That’s why Chicken is one of amazing poultry has tolerance for the cold.

Then how to keep chickens warm at night? even they are fine they still need a heater.

But the heating machine is expensive and need extra money. So there Is any solution to keep chicken warm without a heating machine? and It is important for chicken?.

For this answer of Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter. There are many solutions to keep your chicken warm during the winter.  

The key point is the way winter chicken coop design. As we mention above, Chicken can survive in the freeze condition. So they can live without the electricity and their body keeps warm. That’s why chicken coop is important when the winter comes.

Next how to design coop in the winter? for designing coop let’s take a look.

In fact, chicken has innate abilities that help them fight the cold during weather.

Then, the coop design for winter is needed.

During the winter the coop must be cover with plywood. Besides, A warm deep litter system is useful for warmer your fowl.

Cover with litter means you put a lot of staw on the floor of the coop. The deep of the straw around 2-3 inch.

It small trick that will help your lovely chicken stay warm naturally.

Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter  With Quality Roosts

chicken as a stress reliever
Quality Roosts


Chicken love to perches then you should provide quality roots for them. it is one of the best ways to make your chicken not stressed. 

Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter is easy and you shouldn’t worry too much about them.

Just give them the place perches and they would love it. But make sure you prepare the perfect root for all your chicken.

How to create the best root for your chicken? it is so simple. Most of the people are using 2×4 square for roosts as the flat side.

It allows the chickens to completely cover their feet completely while sitting on it.

The surfaces perch It should be big enough so the chickens can cover their feet comfortably.

The benefit is the chicken keep warm by getting them up off the floor. And the big surfaces perch allowed them to gather and warm their body.

Keep your coop full of your lovely chicken. This is the best way to create the warm environment inside the coop when cold winter nights.

Then the chickens perch in winter, they will take out their feathers and cover their feet with their feather to keep them warm.

So they need quality roots to keep warm their body.  

Must be noticed make sure they are able to cover their toes while roosting.

Then must check all your lovely chicken all have a place to roots. Make sure the roots big enough for all your chicken.

This is the best way Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter.

The Suggestion and Option

taking care of chickens during the winter
Chicken winter


Furthermore, If You live in the extreme weather like in Canada, New England, northern Europe, Russia, and other northern countries.

Where in winter would be coldest and reach below -10 degrees.

Then the snow covers the ground and drifts to depths. Some types of chicken may be felt uncomfortable or more prone to respiratory problems. If you think your chicken much suffer in the cold.

So They need an extra warm and you must add a heat.

Because in the extreme winter your coop, not warm enough. Then install the professional heat in the coop can be one option.

Or you can install the Flat Panel Heater. Both of them will help your chciekn stay warm and active.  

Then you can Choose the heat based on your budget and the most suitable for your coop. Both of them are safer than the heat lamp.

Next, check your coop and make sure it is well ventilated. It is necessary to ensure the coop have an adequate ventilation system.

Henceforth, you must breed the chicken that suited to the cold weather. Because some c would not lay eggs during the winter.

So you must keep them warm enough and not stressed. Hopefully, this article will help you to maintain chicken in the winter.

So they can live happily and healthy throughout the winter months.

Also, they can lay the more fresh egg even in the cold weather. Raise them with love and feed them properly. It will make you happy in the cold days.

Lastly, Keep chicken in the backyard has many advantages for your life. Chicken is one of fowl that resistance to the cold days.

In the cold season, Chicken fluff up their feathers, creating an air pocket between the feathers and skin.

This holds the warm air radiating from the chicken’s body and keeps them comfortable even on the coldest nights.


This article tells about Taking Care Of Chickens During The Winter.

Hopefully, your chicken stays healthy during the cold season.

May this article answered the question “How do you keep chickens warm in the winter? and other question about Chickens in the winter.

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