Recognizing the Opportunity of the Exotic Cemani Chicken Livestock

Recognizing the Opportunity of the Exotic Cemani Chicken Livestock

Cemani chicken is a kind of original Indonesian chicken. If we notice from the body posture, this chicken with black colour on the whole body looks like a local chicken. The difference is on its colour which is black. It comes from Kedu district, central Java. It is almost similar with Kedu chicken but the difference one is the colour of Kedu’s cockscomb is red, meanwhile Cemani’s is black.

In the Java island area, the population of Cemani chicken is more evicted by the population of local chicken or broilers. Cemani chicken livestock is still limited on several breeders who keep conserving on it to maintain its existence.

Cemani chicken is not only for pet also for house decoration. Around 1924, it appeared in fair in Surabaya and  in 1926 in Semarang. From that time, it became known by civil society.

Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

Recognizing the Opportunity of the Exotic Cemani Chicken Livestock

There is also another version of Cemani chicken. This chicken has existed since Majapahit kingdom era.  At tat time, Ki Ageng Makukuhan got a mandate to treat a son from Panembahan Hargo Pitutuh by using Cemani chicken meat. That is why until now, there are some people who believe in its savour which can treat somebody’s illness. In medical research, however, there is no scientific explanation about it. For this reason, we try to be more careful in order to avoid of being a shirker. Besides, in our website, we do not serve any purchase for treatment, ritual, or other necessity, but fancy chicken for breeding. In this era, this decision seems weird but if we rethink about the risk afterlife, Insya Allah we will understand it.

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Cemani chicken is a kind of chicken which produces eggs moderately for about 160 eggs/year. It can break out the eggs at the incubation period at around 21 days. It has been in black colour just after it crack opened. Cemani chicken begins to spawn at the age of 8 months which can produce 8 up to 15 eggs.

At the term of body endurance, Cemani chicken has good at this which means it cannot get sick so easily like local chicken. It is also different with Poland chicken which is more sensitive.

The woof for Cemani is also simple. We can give it Voer or BR, just like concentrate that can be bought in a poultry woof store near us. To keep maintaining the black colour of it, we have no ban of any woof type. However, to keep maintaining the generical descent,  we should mate it with Cemani only.

 Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

How to choose Cemani chicken’s stall for breeding?

Deciding stall for Cemani chicken is simple enough just like local chicken which is enthusiastic if we let it free. However, if we are going to make a stall, it can be in the form of battery or set it in a row. Another choice is to put it in a group stall that consist of 6 chickens with composition 1 rooster and 5 hens. In this case, it will be better if there is soil in order to accommodate their instinct to scratch it.

Can we consume Cemani chicken?

Just like commonly chicken, Cemani chicken can be consumed. However, it is true that the colour of its meat which is black or purple makes people unwilling to consume. We have already tried to cook it in various kinds such as Cemani chicken soto, Cemani chicken soup, even fried Cemani chicken.

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When is Cemani chicken ready to consume?

Cemani chicken can be consumed at the age of 5 months already. To obtain the maximum result, it can be consumed at the age of 8 months which is already in a production period. Nevertheless, just like local chicken, it has delicious taste. In order to reduce its total black colour, we can add other seasoning, for example cayenne pepper, sliced carrot, and lettuce that can be put in the base.

Adult Cemani Chicken
Adult Cemani Chicken

Those are all about history and little bit about the way of breeding Cemani chicken. Hopefully, it can increase your knowledge. Good luck!


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