Recognizing the Differences Between Kate Chicken and Serama Chicken

Recognizing the Differences Between Kate Chicken and Serama Chicken

Kate chicken and Serama chicken are kinds of fancy chicken which is mostly preserved in Indonesia. At the beginning, Kate chicken is first known by many people so that its population is so high. And then, there is also Serama chicken which has similar body and quill tale with Kate chicken but different in the chest and body size. Thus, for more detail, the followings are the differences between Kate chicken and Serama chicken:

Kate Chicken :

  • The body size is commonly bigger
  • The chest is erect (not bunchy)
  • Has various colour, one of them is white
  • The weight of rooster is more than 500gr
  • Commonly has small, tiny and short legs but there are found some with long legs.
  • The characteristic of Kate chicken’s back is long, not really strapping, and seems like a dwarf
  • Kind of endemic species (from various area) in which every area has different types of Kate chicken
 Kate Chicken
Kate Chicken

Serama Chicken :

  • The body size is tinier, for an original adult Serama is only in the size of an adult’s fist.
  • Comes from Malaysia
  • Bloated chest
  • The head almost touches the quill tail while inflating chest
  • The colour is mostly black or red
  • The weight is about 350 gr – 500gr
  • Small legs, short, but not midget
  • The characteristic of good Serama is having beautiful quill tail, erect chest, and wings that is straight down
  • Tame, spoiled, and can recognize the owner
  • Has interesting sign, like walking backward, energetic and looks so cute when walking with bloated chest
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Adult Serama Chicken
Adult Serama Chicken

At this time, there is held contest of Serama chicken in particular cities. This is because it has brave characteristic which is inflating its chest when walking. Allright, these all are the significant differences between Kate chicken and Serama chicken to help you in avoiding mistakes when purchasing. It will be much better if you ask your friend to accompany you while purchasing in the market because both of them look very similar.


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