Popular Chicken From Indonesia : Know The Indonesian Food Menu From Chicken That Is So Popular Not Only In Indonesia But Also Overseas!

Hello chicken lovers! Welcome back to our website, the place where you will get a lot of information about animal husbandry. Come closer to see what we are going to share to you in this article. So, are you ready to explore popular chicken from Indonesia below Here we go!

Indonesian Cuisine Facts

If you are looking for the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, you can find it in Indonesia. We know exactly how delicious food Indonesian have which is full of intense flavor created by the hands of thousands of people from different islands of the total 18,000 in the world’s largest archipelago.

popular chicken from indonesia
Indonesian Cuisines

Indonesia consists  thousands of islands with more than 300 ethnic groups. From this fact, many regional cuisines or food menus do exist. Based on a research, Indonesia has more than 5000 traditional cuisines. Because of cultural and foreign influences, there are so many regional cuisines created.

How about Indonesian cuisine history? Well, if we see from the historical story, it absolutely has a long story even though not all of them are well-documented. This country has been greatly involved in trade with other countries for years. Location and the natural resources are two basic reasons. India, Europe, China, and the Middle East influenced Indonesia’s original techniques and food ingredients.

Indonesian Food Culture

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Gado-Gado (Mix-Mix), Sate (Satay), and Soto take part in the contribution to the Indonesian cuisines. People can find such dishes everywhere in this country. Furthermore, there are also some popular dishes from Indonesia which now are common across globally, especially in Southeast Asia.

Satay, Rendang, and Sambal are the most favored ones. Another popular cuisine with soy-based dishes like tahu (tofu) and tempeh (tempeh) are also popular. It shows that the existence of Indonesia cuisines from years ago has already brought a lot of people, tourists or foreigners from different countries. Besides enjoying the interesting places there, they also have one purpose: discover the best experience of Indonesian food culture.

Indonesian always serve their menus with complex flavor, obtained from certain ingredients and ‘bumbu’ spices mixture. We know well that this country is rich with herbs and spices. This is what makes every cuisine has rich flavors. People often describe it savory, hot, spicy, sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. If there is a word that beyond the word ‘delicious’, it must be for Indonesian cuisines!

Popular Chicken From Indonesian 

In this article, we are going to share popular chicken from Indonesia. For just a moment, you will probably think that we will mention and explain the types of chicken from Indonesia which is popular. Well, it is actually not about chicken types in general. It is all about popular chicken from Indonesia which has been transformed into special Indonesian cuisines.

We already know that Indonesian cuisines always have something ‘boom’ that people cannot forget. Let’s say it has so incredible magnetism for their consumers. Not only consumers from native people, but also people from abroad. Those who visit Indonesia must spend their time to enjoy Indonesian foods. This is where the ‘boom’ happens! The fresh herbs and the originality of spices in Indonesia cuisines truly have an overwhelming contribution factor that causes the cuisines of Indonesia have flavorful taste and very exciting to eat.

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So, do you agree with us? We think you absolutely do. The best culinary destinations in the world are suitable words to call this country. Here is the top popular chicken from Indonesia in several menus you can easily find in this country. When you are here, you should eat them and taste the fresh and the originality of the herbs and spices.

Before getting started, we just to make it clear that what we are going to share with you is not an exhaustive or complete list of food in Indonesia. Since we know that there are thousands of cuisines there. So, here is only some list of popular chicken from Indonesia that people love so much.

1. Satay

popular chicken from indonesia
Chicken Satay

Indonesia usually has two common types of satay (Javanese people call it ‘sate’). There are chicken satay and goat satay. Now we just focus on the chicken satay only. This dish is cooked carefully over the coals.

People usually serve satay with rice or rice cakes and together with delicious sauces. The texture this dishes which is tender and the sweet flavor with flavorful peanut sauce makes it so delicious.

As we mentioned above, Indonesian food recipes always relate to the herbs and spices that give a strong contribution. One main reason why Indonesian chicken satay is so popular and good is skewer. People grill the skewers of meat on a totally hot charcoal fire. Finally, the meat will cook quickly, smoky, and juicy but have a tender texture.

Native people never get bored to eat this dish due to its delicious taste. For foreigners, when you visit Indonesia, you should try this. You can find them easily in everywhere. Many restaurants in Indonesia provide it. If you want to feel ‘casual experience’ you can also find it in the street-side food stalls around.

2. Fried Chicken

popular chicken from indonesia
Fried Chicken

Speaking about popular chicken from Indonesia, there is one kind of dish that can have a delicious taste. Indonesians know well how to fry chicken as well as the American south.

Before cooking this chicken menu, you should marinate the piece of chickens in a number of spices such as turmeric, shallots, ginger, and garlic. After that, deep fried till the skin becomes perfectly crisp.

Actually, the broiler is often used for fried chicken but you can also find free-range chicken or village chicken there. Village chicken is very popular in Indonesia. The small size of this chicken makes the spices more seep into the flesh.

Fried chicken or ayam goreng sounds as simple as it pronounces. However, you can find the best amazing fried chicken in the world here. You will taste the crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside. According to some facts, it tastes better when you eat fried chicken with chili sauce or sambal.

3. Grilled Chicken

popular chicken from indonesia
Grilled Chicken

Fried chicken tastes salty and savory, it is different with bake chicken. Similar known as popular chicken from Indonesia, fried chicken and bake chicken have a truly different taste. This chicken has strong flavor, usually the combination of sweet and savory. Moreover, the texture is also quite tender.

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The best way to eat baked chicken, according to native people, is eat it with your clean hands. To make it more perfect, dip the piece of chicken flesh in a bit of chili sauce or any other dipping sauce.

For some consumers, besides chili sauces, they also add ‘lalapan’ to eat bake chicken. Lalapan is a kind of raw vegetables which is fresh usually consist of slices of cucumber, cabbage, long beans, lettuce, tomato or basil. You can see the picture above.

4. Roast Chicken

popular chicken from indonesia
Roast Chicken

As a popular chicken from Indonesia, roast chicken can be a simple lunch or dinner solution because people can make it easier. Some people possibly feel difficult to differentiate roasting and grilling.

Well, roasting and grilling way are closely related in cooking methods. Grilled chicken is done by grilling it in the place over a gas or charcoal flame. While cooking chicken in the oven with very high temperature up to 475 Fahrenheit is the way to roast the chicken.

With that high temperature, the chicken will be cooked well and taste delicious. We can try this kind of food mostly in a restaurant. It is rare to find in the food stalls of Indonesian street food because the owner of the food stall usually chooses to serve grilled chicken.

5. Gulai

popular chicken from indonesia
Gulai – Chicken Gulai

Another popular chicken from Indonesia is gulai. This cuisine looks like curry dishes. To serve this menu, people usually add cinnamon and other types of meat or fish but the most common is chicken gulai.

Gulai comes in variety of colors and flavors depending on the area in Indonesia. If you want to know the chicken gulai taste, just try it yourself. You will find how delicious this chicken covered with the most creamy coconut curries.

6. Opor Ayam

popular chicken from indonesia
Opor Ayam

Luxurious chicken stew from Java is a suitable name for this popular Indonesian food. People usually cook Opor ayam by simmering the flesh of chicken in the coconut milk with curry paste.

In Indonesia, opor ayam is also popular menu for lebaran or Eid ul-Fitr. The spices include cinnamon, palm sugar, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, shallot, pepper, and other fresh herb and spices. Native people usually eat it with ketupat (rice cake) and sambal (chili sauce).

7. Soto

popular chicken from indonesia
Chicken Soto

Soto is a kind of chicken soup which has a yellow and slightly spicy taste. People normally serve this dish with lontong or ketupat (rice cake). We know that soup is quite popular in Indonesia. We can find it straight off the street or in a restaurant.

Then, soto is a certainly one type of the most sought-after soups. There is commonly two kinds of soto in Indonesia, chicken soto and beef soto. Chicken soto is generally a turmeric-seasoned, chicken broth based soup that is so delicious.

Turmeric is the one that causes it yellow in color. Soto is one of popular Indonesian food that people usually serve in a bowl. Sometimes, people also add crispy fried shallots as the topping.

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