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Serama Chickens

Do you know what is the smallest breed of bantam chickens?  It is Malaysian Serama Bantam Chickens is the tiniest chicken in the world. This chicken is originally from the Kelantan Malaysia. This fancy chicken originally troughs the crossbreeding of Japanese and Malaysian bantams. This tiny chicken has an average of 500 grams. The tall of this chicken around 15-25 centimeter for an adult. The uniqueness of this chicken is in the small body with puffing up the chest and the head on the back. Also, it has the vertical tail feathers held upright and tight up to the body. The most interesting is it has vertical wings which fell down almost touched the ground. Then the face that impressive.

In the original country, this chicken is known as  Ayam serama. It comes from the world of Ayam in Malaysia it means Chicken. Then the name of serama is because it is the smallest chicken in the worlds. Another story tells about when Thai king who gave some small chickens to a Malay sultan. It is because of the world Rama as the title of kings in Thailand. It is just a piece of the story behind the of The serama chicken that unique. And it makes this Malaysian Serama Bantam Chickens For Collection since the past. Then in the last decade many serama bantams for sale as the collection for the ornamental chicken lovers.

2 month serama Chicken chicks
2 month serama Chicken chicks

What is the world’s largest chicken breed? So far there are many kinds of the chicken breed in the worlds.  But for the world’s largest chicken breed is bantam chicken. Then What is a miniature chicken called? For this answer also bantam chicken. Bantam chicken is also called miniature chicken because it is the smallest poultry in the world. Because of its body size is half of the standard chicken in general.

There are many kinds of Bantam chicken in the world. One of them is serama chicken in this classification. Usually Bantam chicken has beautiful feather with varied and exotic colors. It has unique feather patterns than other chickens. It makes this chicken use for show and competition by the human. Besides, the smallest size of the body it is perfect for smaller backyards. But most of the bantam speciest that has lots variety is serama.

Serama recognized variety has been existed since a long time ago. Nowadays Malaysian serama bantam chickens is a popular pet in several countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and the US. Even this Malaysian serama bantam chicken is so popular in European countries such as Britain and France. There are many Malaysian serama bantams for sale and breeder in the world. That’s why there are many of  Serama competitions. But in fact, it is a beauty contest.

Serama chicken perfect as a poultry collection or a pet companion. Because of the smallest size, it is easy to take care. Then how to serama chicken care?  It is very simple, it is like other chicken in general. It does not need big cage, just let them free in the backyard.  But if in the winter or when the weather getting cool, then place them in the warm place. Because this chicken cannot stand in the cold. So you must keep them in the warm place.

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Thenn for the food, it is really easy. You can give them food like other chicken. Just give them voer or BR, red rice, and grits (carbohydrate sources). The most important just give serama chicken voer as little as possible in order to avoid the obesity. Another good food is corn, bean sprouts or sprouts. You can give them twice a day. Because the amount of food is small than the general chicken. It is more cheapest than food for general chicken.

malaysian serama bantam chickens
Serama Kontes

How long do serama chickens live?  Usually, this chicken can have the lifespan around 7-10 years. A rooster of serama chicken have a big lush so when mating it can cause the feather of serama hens fallen out. Sometimes, it can cause the death of the hen. Besides, it is possible that the tail feathers are pulled out. That’s why the rooster only can mate after it has retired from competition. So keep your serama hen from the harm of the rooster.

Then what is the best time for mating the Malaysian serama bantam chickens ? Based on the serama lovers and the oriental chicken lovers, serama is ready for mating when it was 6 month.  But the right timing is when serama chicken at the age around 8-12 month. The characteristic of serama hen that ready for mating is when the back is touch, it will be squatting. Sometimes it needs an assist from the human. Usually, serama hen will lay around 8  eggs in one period. The serama eggs depend on the weather. When the weather is getting cold the production of serama hen eggs will be decreased. Serama is type chicken that can’t adjust to the cold weather.

When the serama chicken kept in the cold area make sure give them high carbohydrates. Because serama chicken needs more carbohydrate to keep warm their body. When the winter comes must prepare an extra food that has a high of carbohydrate. The food for serama that has a high carbohydrate like a corn.

Are you interested in breeding Serama chicken? Then how to start breeding Malaysian serama bantam chickens? Here some step for taking care of serama chicken. It is the unique poultry so there are needs of serama that must be notified to get the high quality of it. Let’s check this out!

  • The first things you must prepare the chicken coop. If you start from hatching eggs then you must prepare the incubator or hatching machine and let the eggs inside until the eggshell is cracking. Then let them inside for two days until their feather dry. At that time this chicken does not need to be feed. It is because it has their own food from its body. And it is enough at least for two days.
  • Then after 3 days move them into the coop. Inside the coop put the lamp with the size of 10-watt  or 25-watt. Based on the temperature. Keep them at the warm temperature to avoid the death.
  • If the eggs hatch by its hen, please make sure it is far away from the predators. It aims to optimize the production of eggs. The eggs can hatch using the hatching machine or leave it to another hen. So the serama chicken can spawn again in the short time.
  • Let the serama chicks of age one-month or more free. Place them on outside of the coop in order to bask under the sun. It is good for their bones but also it can remove the bacteria on its feather. If the chicks are more than 1,5 month you can remove the warmer.
  • The most important is the cleanest and neatness of the coop. The coop must be cleaned frequently to remove the bacteria and make it more healthy for serama chicken. Clean the coop  thoroughly start from the floor, ventilation, place for food and drink. While the coop was cleaned the chicken must be placed outside of the coop. The purpose is to keep the chicken clean and not exposed the dirt.
  • The best shape for serama chicken coop is square or round. Then make the coop has lots of windows for light and ventilation. Also, make an entry door provides easy access and cleaning. Inside of the coop must be placed a nesting box.  The coop must be comfortable and can help serama chicken stay warm in winter.
  • For Serama chicks must be separate from other types of chicken in order to make it save. Because the smallest body of serama chicks can causes them trampled by the big chicken. It needs another larger coop for isolation so the serama hen can stay inside with the chicks.
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That’s all the point that you must know before you start breeding serama chicken. This chicken is so lovely so many people are trying to breed this chicken. This chicken is easy to take care and it can be pet companion. It has a small body so it does not need a big coop like other chicken in general. However, this chicken is one of the popular poultry in the world and lot of people are falling in love with its feather. This fancy chicken has the high price when it won the beauty contest for poultry.

Besides, this chicken also can be placed in the backyard when it is mature. Just let them free run away around the backyard. Besides the vicious behavior of the rooster but this chicken is more friendly and smart than chicken in general. So, this chicken can be used to beautify your backyard with their little body and the beautiful feather.  For further information, you contact us on the website, facebook, and Instagram. It is our pleasure if we can help you. We are provide many articles about poultry chicken. So just contact us anytime and Happy breeding.

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