Poultry Farming Business Attention! Find The Opportunity Of Laughing Rooster Breed

Laughing Rooster Breed can open a new opportunity for those who run a business in a poultry farming business, especially in Indonesia.

If you are native Indonesian, you might have heard about Ayam Ketawa. This is a type of poultry which still exists in Indonesia but is very rare.

Do you know why it is named so? It is because ayam ketawa has an ability to produce sounds like an adult human’s laugh.

The other popular name of this chicken is ‘Laughing Chicken’ or ‘Indonesian Laughing Rooster’.

What is Ayam Ketawa?

laughing rooster breed
Ayam Ketawa – Laughing Chicken

Ayam Ketawa is one of many popular and rare fancy chicken in the world that has unique voice. This chicken is originally from Sidrap Regency of South Sulawesi.

People there usually call it as Manu ‘Gaga’. They keep this chicken from generation to generation. A long time ago, this chicken is only kept and cultivated in the Bugis Palace (Keraton Bugis), especially Bugis nobility that shows a symbol of social status.

This is only a short history of Ayam Ketawa or Laughing chicken. Along with the development of the ages and in line with the Government policy, Ayam Ketawa has begun to spread widely.

People from all levels of society in South Sulawesi begin to cultivate this chicken.

Furthermore, even though it is slowly but surely has spread throughout the region of Indonesia, although in the limited quantities.

Laughing chicken breed, especially laughing rooster breed nowadays has spread to Central Java including the city of Semarang, Kudus, Blitar, and others.

The appearance or the posture of Laughing chicken is not different with other common types. The difference one is in the crowing sound.

Remember that Ayam Ketawa which can produce beautiful sound is only the rooster, while the hen cannot. When Laughing rooster crow appears, it will make you blown away.

It truly has special sound like a human laugh. It normally has two (sometimes three) types of sounds. First, it is with fast voice interval or ‘Garetek’. Second, with sl?_ow interval sound or ‘Gaga’.

And the third, is lilting voice or ‘Dodo’. Besides having an amazing voice, ayam ketawa also has an interesting feather color. The posture is also nice to attract the people.

Why Laughing Rooster Breed Can  Open New Opportunity For Poultry Farming Business?

Many people in Indonesia is interested in Ayam Ketawa. Some of them only keep it as a house pet for ornamental purpose. Some of them choose to grow it well to produce ayam ketawa with amazing sounds so they can join and win the contest.

The magnetism of its crow makes this chicken is popular among others. This is why the owner of ayam ketawa usually take part in a contest held by fancy lovers in there area to show their funny rooster crowing.

In the competition, there is no standard for the assessment. Each area has a different standard. For example area A has three standards: voice, plumage color, and the posture.

In area, B has two standards voice and body posture. The important matter is that, from different criteria to be assessed there is always voice assessment in the contest of Ayam Ketawa.

This is the basic, the compulsory, and the most important assessment in the contest. You can search for funny rooster videos from some sources to see how amazing laughing chicken when crowing.

With the excellence of the laughing chicken sound, combined with the beautiful color that shows its Indonesian characteristic makes Ayam ketawa can attract fancy chicken collectors.

The winner of the contest will probably reward his owner with a trophy or other prize. What is even more wonderful is, the winner can obtain million rupiahs if the level of the competition is quite high.

By considering this quite prospect, there are a lot of fancy chicken collectors who see this as a great business opportunity in the poultry farming. They begin to breed this laughing roosters for sale.

Imagine if you run a business of laughing rooster breed that can bring a lot of customers to you. Those who search for laughing rooster for contests will come to you.

This is what can happen to you when you are running this chicken poultry business seriously. You can sell not only the laughing rooster itself, but also the others such as ayam ketawa eggs, ayam ketawa chicks, ayam ketawa hens, and so forth.

The Type Of Ayam Ketawa Sound

laughing rooster breed
Laughing rooster

There are 3 types of laughing rooster that we can find in general. Thanks to laughing rooster breed that has already created some unique sound.

Some of them are like the sound of kuntilanak (Indonesian lady ghost with horrible but shrill voice). Some of them can produce long sounds. Recently, there is three classification of laughing chicken sound. They are:

1. Gretek or Garete. This is a type of ayam ketawa that can produce laughing sound with a quick laugh when they are crowing. The interval of the tone is tight with the vocal of “Rrrrrrrrrrr” and the laugh is long.

2. Gaga. It is a laughing chicken type whose voice interval is slow and sometimes disconnected as it almost stops but still continues. This chicken usually has an interval tone with the vocal of “kha…khakhakha” and generally, the voice is short or medium.

3. Dodo. The crow of this laughing chicken type can be heartbreaking the listeners. It can cause the listeners’ feeling like heartbroken due to its voice.

From the classification of those laughing rooster crow,  can be divided again into one type of sound namely ‘crystal’.

Moreover, there are some people who divide again the type of chicken that has the harmony of its sound among front sound, middle sound, or tip sound.

Common people probably do not understand well about this classification. But those who have already experienced in the laughing chicken breed must know well about this.

A quality chicken is those that have a very magnificent and beautiful intonation of the front, middle, and the tip. So, the rhythm should be entirely beautiful to hear. This ‘crystal’ sound can become a plus.

To become a winner, besides its amazing sounds the chicken mentality should also be good.

Why? Because there are many chickens which has a good quality of sound but when showing in a competition, they do not perform well because of losing mentally.

This is why before you decide to perform your rooster, you had better keep everything well in advance. You should not only pay attention to the voice production only but also the health, the mental, the appearance, everything.

In this case, laughing rooster breed should also provide ayam ketawa for sale which qualifies.

For those of you who like to keep or breed chicken, ayam ketawa or laughing chicken can be very suitable for you. This chicken is easy to keep. They are also easy to treat and have strong endurance. They are quite resistant to various types of weather.

So, How to Take Care of Ayam Ketawa or Laughing Chicken?

laughing rooster breed
laughing rooster breed

Taking care of ayam ketawa is actually not much different with general type of chicken like free-range chicken.

For day-old chicken (DOC) of ayam ketawa, you can give food that is soft and easy to digest such as voer, bran, groat, etc. You need also to give vitamin mixed in their food or drink and give vaccine regularly.

When ayam ketawa age is already 4 months, you can feed them with voer combined with brown rice. Don’t forget to provide supplements to them.

When they are already adult and start to crows, it is enough to feed them with cheap rice. To avoid the saturation, you can give them voer occasionally.

Besides giving healthy foods, you should take care of the environment and the coop. It should be cleaned regularly and spray the disinfectant diligently.

This will avoid your chicken from virus, bacteria, or illness. Chicken is like a human. They need refreshing, otherwise, they can get depressed. Don’t keep them in the coop all day long.

We can let them out to get the morning sun for about one time in two days. We can also bath them to nourish their feathers. Affection and attention are two things you should give to your chicken so that they will be closer to you.


As a conclusion, there is some reason why laughing rooster breed can open a new opportunity for your poultry farming business. First, there are many people who are looking for this chicken due to its sound uniqueness.

Some of them want to keep them as house pet only but some want to join a competition. This will open your opportunity to develop your farming business by breeding ayam ketawa.

Second, this chicken is easy to take care. The food is easily found so no worry how to keep this chicken. Besides, they can easily adapt to new environment.

Then, they also have a good immune system. As long as you keep the environment clean, keep the food hygienic, and treat them well, they will be fine.

So, what’s on your mind now? Are you interested, or maybe more interested to run a poultry farming business of laughing rooster breed.

If you are seriously running this business, the opportunity for success will possibly come to you. For more information, you can follow our fanpages: hobi ternak or our instagram: hobi_ternak.

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