What do you know about laughing chicken?

Recently, the Laughing chicken eggs for sale is in demand. The name of the unique chicken is Laughing chicken or Ayam ketawa. This is one of fancy chicken native from Indonesia. It comes from the area of Sidenreng Rappang in South Sulawesi.

This Fancy chicken is so popular among the ornamental lovers. Because of its cockcrow which sounds so entertain and similar to human laughing, this chicken is named laughing chicken or Ayam ketawa.

This chicken is often joining the contest because of its sounds.

Recently, this laughing chicken is so popular and it has a high price. Also, there are many people who feel interested in breeding this unique native chicken from Indonesia. Unfortunately, Laughing chicken eggs for sale or Ayam ketawa chickens for sale outside of Indonesia is very rare.

Actually, it is so easy to take care and it is easy to adjust in the new place. Usually, this chicken treats like a free range chicken.

But in some aspect, it needs more an attention. We can give the food that similarly with general chicken.  

Then, how to start breeding laughing chicken?

First of all, breeding Indonesian laughing rooster or Laughing chicken is quite easy. The most important is prepare the chicken coop. As well prepare the high quality of laughing chicken eggs or you can use the small chicks.

Then you can choose,  you can breed from the eggs or start from the chicks. If you are starting from hatching eggs then you can use hatching machine or leave it to another hen.

But you must take the consideration because the hatching machine is expensive and it is usually used for the big breeder. Also, it is used only for the breed in large quantities.

So, if you are hatching in small quantity prefer to use another hen to spawn your eggs.

The use of hatching machine to aims for speed up the hen to lays eggs again. Because it takes a long time for the hen to brood the eggs until Ayam ketawa hatching eggs.

The time for brood is usually 21 days. It is same as the general chicken. Then for raising The laughing chicks, it takes time around 30 days. So, it will take time around 51 days for the Laughing chicken hen lo lays the eggs back.

The average of Laughing chicken hen lays eggs around 11-13 in one period. It is like the general chicken.

But the uniqueness of the Laughing chicken eggs is the first eggs until the fourth eggs are not perfect. There is no embryo inside eggs the first until the fourth eggs.

It is happening because the fertilization is not perfect. The embryo will appear after the fourth eggs and so on.

Then the hen must be feed with high nutrition food in order to make the hen always fertilize and ready for lays egg. 

Here are some tips for hatching the laughing chicken eggs for sale

hatching machine for laughing chicken eggs for sale
hatching machine for laughing chicken eggs for sale

Here are how to hatching eggs use the hatching machine.

  1. The first step is cleaning the hatching machine use the disinfectant. 
  2. Secondly, checking the hatching machine. Make sure it is work or not by turning on a few hours. Then, set the temperature on the 37-40 degree Celcius.
  3. Thirdly, prepare the eggs also you can use the disinfectant to clean the eggs.
  4. Fourth, insert the eggs into the incubator and make sure the position of the blunt eggs on the top.
  5. Fifth, for laughing chicken eggs, Set the temperature on the 37 degrees Celsius. After the fifth days, its position must be reversed. But it depends on the hatching machine some of the hatching machines need several times to reserved the eggs. 
  6. Sixth, the next step is cooling the eggs. The cooling process in the hatching machine when the egg is taken and then Candling the eggs to make sure the embryo is growing. 
  7. Seventh,  the last three days don’t take the eggs just let them stay in the hatching machine or incubator.  Then wait for laughing chicken, it needs 21 days until the eggs are hatching.

Then, after the eggs are hatching and became the chicks, don’t move them from the incubator or hatching machine. Let them inside until their feather is dry in the incubator or hatching machine.

After that move them into the small box in the bottom cover with straw. The chicks can’t wait any longer in the hatching machine. 

Because it makes the chicks dehydration and it makes died. After moving into the box keep the chicks at warm temperature. 

The population of Ayam ketawa for sale is still rare outside Indonesia.

Because in some countries it has its own regulation to not import the laughing chicken from Indonesia.

So, maybe you can start with the laughing chicken eggs.

Henceforth,  how about hatching eggs with another hen. This is the easy way, cheaper and it does not need set the temperature. For hatching eggs,  you can use the hen of free-range chicken, or muscovy duck (cairina moschata).

They are the best poultry use for hatching laughing chicken eggs.  Let’s checks some tips for hatching laughing chicken eggs with another hen.  

  1. Note the time when the chicken starts go brood.Usually, the free-range chicken starts brood when they lay the eggs more than 9 eggs.

    The free range chicken lays 8-15 eggs in one period.  The hen starts brood when it does not go out and the hen sits on a nest of eggs.

    If the hen still walks around at noon or night its means the hen does not start its the first day for broody. 

  2. Prepare the laughing chicken eggs and Take the free-range chicken eggs from the hen. The changing eggs is when the hen sits on a nest at the night.

    In order to make sure the hen not stress. Actually, It does not matter whether you change it at noon nor at night. The result is still same good. 

  3. The solution of the hen who has been sit on a nest of eggs more than 5 days. If the hen has been sitting on the nest until the eggs shell broke then you can take the left eggs that been broke and change with the laughing chicken eggs.

    Must notice the number of the eggs that reply must be same after and before.

  4. Separate the eggs that been hatching. Then the earlier eggs that been hatching should be move from the hen. Clean the eggs shell then move into the warm box with the lamps on it.

  5.  Notice the hen who still sit on a nest of eggs shouldn’t know the changing and the movement of the eggs and the chicks. So keep the hen does not hear the sound of their chicks. This experiment has been done and it works.

Using another hen for hatching eggs is easier and it is than using an incubator. Also, it is more natural than using the hatching machine.

For maximizing the hen must sit on a nest of eggs to hatch the eggs. Then you must give the hen space that makes them comfortable. So the hen will be comfortable and do not feel depressed when it has a comfortable nest. 

laughing chicken eggs for sale
couple of laughing chicken

Then, how to take care the laughing chicks?

For taking care the laughing chicken is same as the general chicken. You must consider the food and how to train the chicken to produce a good sound.

The food that gives the chicks is same as the general chickens. The food for the first age of the chicks can give voer, groats, bran, corn milled and so on.

Sometimes it must be given vitamin mixes with the food or drinks. It is so important to make the chicken stay healthy and it can impact on the growth of the chicks. Then the chicks must be a vacation to keep the health.

At the age 4 month laughing chicks can be bathing at least two times a week and then dry it under the sun. Bathing the laughing chicken is good for the feather.

So,  Chicken feathers will be cleaner and free of lice, and it is healthier.

Then, when the laughing chicken starts cockcrow then you must train them on perch. Try to listen you chicken the sound of cockcrow from the chicken that has a beautiful cockcrow. at this time give them natural foods such as brown rice, seed, foxtail millet, and grain.

There are many Ayam cemani hatching eggs for sale in Indonesia. But it is rare outside Indonesia maybe it can be your opportunity for laughing rooster breed in your own country. 

Because this chicken has its own uniqueness. Also, laughing chicken eggs for sale maybe became popular and it becomes a high opportunity for business in your country. 

However, laughing chicken eggs for sale is a good choice for start breeding laughing chicken in your country. Besides, this chicken can be used to entertain because this chicken has unique cockcrow which is different with another rooster.

Hopefully you enjoy our article. For more information you can leave a reply below.

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