The Easy Ways of Serama Chicken Breeders To Produce Serama With A Good Quality

Serama chicken breeders is good opportunity for business. Serama chicken is a chicken with a tiny body, strapping with boisterous chest. The chicken is from Malaysia or it can be called Malaysian Serama Bantam has many fans in our country. And now, many contest that be held in big cities. So that’s why, the marketing of serama chicken open so large. And it will be a promising business.

For serama chicken care is little different than kate chicken care. The tiny body posture make difficult to marry serama chicken. The short foot make diffficult to penetration when marry serama hens. We should hld the body of serama body to make easy when marry. Or you can use another way, the serama hens marry with some serama roosters so the percentage of fertility will be increase.

Even though serama chicken has a small body but it has a large libido. Since the age of 3 months, serama began to learn to mate. At the age of 5 months, it is ready to be married. But the right age to reproduction about 6-7 months. In a day serama chicken can marry a female in several times. So, in a cage can be included some females to serve one male of serama chicken.   


The productivity of serama chicken eggs is quite high. In one periode of Serama chicken is able to lay many eggs. But, serama chicken can not afford to incubate all the eggs that it produces. Its small posture make the eggs which the warm is not equally even you incubate all the eggs. Then the solution is by entrusting it to another mother of serama chicken or inserted in an egg hatching machine.

Sometimes, there are serama chicken who do not want to incubate its eggs so it needs to be made a special box to lay its eggs for each females, and if there are disturbing predators, you should try to keep away from that predators. And if it still does not want to lay the eggs, put the cage from wire around the box laying. Provide enough food and bracket for 2 days  to get used to it. After 2 days waiting for his reaction. If it still does not want to incubate try again from the first process.

For food of serama chicken is not much different from other types of chicken. You can use voer or BR. But just for serama, the use of voer is a minimum because it can lead to obesity. Red rice, milled corn (carbohydrate source). The function of the corn is as a shell-shaped egg. The important is you give it when the hens enter the reproductive period. Every 1 or 2 days is given 2 crickets in one serving. Sprouts are also good for additional food during serama chicken gets fertile period. Don’t orget also vitamin E is given every day.

And to produce the superior serama, it is necessary to cross-breed between several serama types. There is even a cross with other types of chickens in order to have a good stature.

To produce Serama chicken with a good quality you should also attention its food. Chicken serama is a unique ornamental chicken, Some people claimed this chicken as the smallest chicken in the world is currently much-loved people. Feeding chicken serama does not cost much because the chicken is small with a weight of about 350 grams. Feeding should always considere the nutritional and protein content. For example, chicken serama fed poer, rice, bran, corn, which is mixed with boiled water so as not to get sick easily. In addition to the feed as mentioned above, it is better you give additional for chicken serama to be healthier and prevent boredom.

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One type of food that we recommend for serama chicken is a fruit or banana papaya. You can use papaya fruit as additional feed because this fruit plays a role to be able to digestion. So as to prevent papaya chicken from white lime disease. White chalk disease is a chicken disease characterized by white chicken dykes such as lime. Therefore, you can give papaya fruit can for serama chicken to smooth digestion.

serama Chicken who has a small posture, prone to constipation due to short intestines so very susceptible to food stacked disalurna digestion. One of the fruits to prevent it is papaya / banana. Papaya fruit and bananas is  rich in vitamin C which is very important to boost immunity in serama chicken. As for the way of giving papaya fruit or banana fruit is by cut into pieces as small as the dice, then place on the container feed. You can give Papaya fruit / bananas once a week.

In addition giving some fruits, to maintain the health of chicken serama, you can provide vitamin supplements for your chickens. You can buy vitamins at farm shops and generally vitamins for chicken serama together with vitamins for other types of chickens. The recommended vitamins are those containing vitamins A, B, and C. You can give vitamins simultaneously or separately. Another type of supplement that you can give is fish oil. The public believe that Fatty fish extract can glaze fur because it contains high vitamin E and can stimulate appetite. Fish oil in the form of capsules, you can give 2 times a week. The capsule will vaporize directly into the mouth of the serama.

Serama Kontes
Serama Kontes

Chicken Serama includes poultry that can produce many eggs. In one period of laying, Serama is able to produce 8-15 eggs. Well, we can imagine if Serama chicken incubate all the eggs can not certainly. Small body can not warm all the eggs. Solutions that you can find is by entrusting eggs on other breeders or with a hatchery machine. If not incarnate serama only about 30 days will lay eggs again. So the spawning period of Serama is high.

To maximize the eggs produced fertil there is a way that is by mating Serama females with some Serama male in one day. Usually stud Serama given about 2-3 hours to marry females. Then the stud removed from the cage tangkaran, you replace it with other males. And so on until yo can expect there are males who are able to fertilize the females.

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Indeed there are obstacles in marry Serama chickens. Small body is rather difficult for males to penetrate with females because the serama has short legs. Sometimes breeders help by holding the females for easy mating. For Male Serama including aggressive and has a strong libido. In a day the males can marry females as much as 6-8 times.

Serama Chicken Food is the same as Kampung chicken food such as voer or BR, katul or bran, can add good rice. To keep male fertility Serama, you should  give additional foods such as corn that has a high carbohydrate content, sprouts and crickets to maintain stamina. For crickets, you can give it once / every two days with 2 heads per meal. Do not forget to get vitamin E.

If Serama’s eggs are abundant, the other breeders can entrust them. Chicken instinctively has the ability to flip eggs to heat evenly. The ability of chicken to hatch is no doubt. That is a gift from God. If you want to hatch on a hatchery machine should be about 37.5-38 degrees Celsius temperature.

If you call Chicken Serama, you will imagine in your mind is a chicken whose posture is small and has a chest of edema. The average weight of chicken Serama is less than 500 grams per head. When compared with other chickens then Serama chicken looks the most petite. Ayam Serama has a stature that is more mini than chicken kate. Besides the more mini, the difference with chicken kate is more edgy chest. So no wonder if in the beginning of its appearance before the public, Serama chicken is able to grab the attention of ornamental chicken lovers.

After Serama boom chicken in 90s era, many emerging breeders who try to keep Chicken Serama to be a promising business. Moreover, the price of Serama chicken including fluctuating, so it can rise dramatically especially if you can trade Serama has won a contest held in big cities.

To maintain Serama chicken does not require complicated treatment. The difficult part of it lies in the formation of chicken serama from saplings to sires and you can include it in the contest. But if you maintain for decoration then it is not as difficult maintenance as the establishment of Serama chicken for the purpose of the contest. if you want more knowing about serama chicken you can visit our website all the time, and you can call us if you want consultation about serama chicken.

If you want to know more about serama chicken, all the things about serama chicken lifespan, how long do serama chicken live, etc. Or you want to get serama chicken with good quality, we can send in all regions in Indonesia and also abroad. You can call us or send message here.

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