Characteristic of the High Quality of Cemani Chicken

Characteristic of the High Quality of Cemani Chicken – Cemani chicken is Original backyard chicken from Indonesia. It is from Kedu village, subdistrict of Kedu, Regency of Temanggung, Centre Java. Because of it from Kedu, many people call it Kedu chicken. This chicken is developed as superior chicken. At the beginning, Cemani chicken is functioned for ritual and it is not focused as food or egg layer or backyard chicken. However at this time, Cemani chicken become one of backyard chicken because it is unique from the whole of the body is black.

 Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

For our past posting we ever talk about How to Know Characteristic of Original Cemani Chicken, now we will talk about Cemani chicken is qualified. The price of Cemani chicken is stable now, for the parent of Cemani chicken for pair about 1 million. It because of this chicken is unique and many people look for it.

And the Characteristics of Cemani chicken is qualified as follow:

  • The whole of fur is light black, start from the beak until the foot is black.
  • For the skin body is black, for the front skin, neck, and the whole.
  • Toenail and foot of Cemani chicken is dark black, for the Cemani chicken with high quality has the dark black anus.
  • There is not yet formal standard of physical appearance characteristic for its size. The weight of female about 2-3 kg, the weight of male about 3-4 kg, Cemani chicken can hold out until 8 year: it has hard fur, medium body, the fur of tail increase, and the big comb.
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 DOC Cemani Chicken
DOC Cemani Chicken

We often find in around us that many consumers want to have Cemani chicken with condition of black tongue and black blood. So far, our experiences as breeder of Cemani chicken ever yet meet the Cemani chicken like kind of that. Besides that the writer also get information that ever yet met Cemani chicken with black tongue and black blood because tongue of Cemani chicken is grey colour and the blood still red even thought it doesn’t look like the chicken unusual.

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