Cemani Chicken Become One of Business of Chicken Livestock

Cemani Chicken Become One of Business of Chicken Livestock

Cemani Chicken is easily for cultivation. If you want to have Cemani chicken livestock, it is needed the patience and diligence. The small of Cemani chicken is very susceptible with the deathly on lower temperature. For the anticipation of safeguarding of DOC Cemani chicken until 1 year old, you have to locate it in the box which give the glowing lamp.  The glowing lamp will help to take care of the room temperature is warm constantly. In the morning, the box of Cemani chicken for a child is located in the yard that touches the sun rise and it is located on the shade location relatively if the sun rise starts extreme.

 Cemani Chicken Age 1 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 1 Month

The food of young Cemani chicken is concentrate starter. You can give that food if the chicken is hungry. If the young Cemani chicken consume foods much more, it will make it grow faster but don’t too fat. After the age is 1 month, you can mix the foods or woofs with the others like rice siftings, rice aking, and combination with the food around us. Giving of this combination is economize for concentrate food because based on the breeder’s experience of Cemani chicken, the Cemani chicken growth which give the concentrate food or not, there is no significant different, and for economize side is not advantages.

 Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

With the adding of the Cemani chickens age, the body and number of fur will be added. Chicken should be moved in the more extensive stable. The warming with the glowing lamp appropriate with the necessary. If the temperature is not cold, the glowing lamp can be needed. The narrow stable will disturb the growth and make the stable become wet. The wet stable will be potential in coming diseases. The placement of stable is better separate from resident and it is touched enough sun rise especially in the morning. So, the cultivation pattern of Cemani chicken is better front the east.

Baca Juga!  Recognizing the Opportunity of the Exotic Cemani Chicken Livestock
 Cemani Chicken Age 3 Month
3 month Cemani Chicken

For safeguarding of adult Cemani chicken, the giving of woof has a rule already. You can give it two times in a day. The foods include egg layer concentrate, rolling corn, rice siftings, and the others. The stable of Cemani chicken is not a box again but limited stable (stable is free but still have limitation like flat), battery stable (chicken in the cage which have place for egg, so when the chicken lay eggs, the breeder can take the eggs in that place), or you can let them gad free. Giving of egg layer concentrate is showed with quality and the number of eggs which is resulted. The eggs which are resulted from Cemani chicken can be brooded naturally through mother of Cemani, mother of village chicken, or mother of duck. The modern ways, the eggs of Cemani chicken can be brooded with the cracking machine with the times 21 days. It is the same with the village chicken.

 Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Chicken Cemani Ages 5 Months


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