Black Chicken For Sale: The Easy Business With Original Cemani Chicken Which The Characteristic of Its Almost In The Whole Body is Black

Black Chicken For Sale  Livestock can not only be used as a hobby but also as a business.

From a hobby can be an entrepreneurial opportunity. Fancy chicken breeds for sale or fancy chicken for sale, rooster for sale, live roosters for sale, and fighting roosters for sale can also be a good business for you.

Let’s discuss about one of the livestock hobbies that can be a business. This is cemani chicken livestock.

Although only breeding, we also have to know more knowledge of breeding in advance to produce livestock with a good quality and healthy.

Different types of poultry, different treatment also. In general it is the same, but there is little difference that must be consider.

This discussion is about the original cemani chicken which cemani chicken has black color in the whole body.

Ayam cemani or cemani chicken is originally from Temanggung regency of Central Java.  it has unique black color on all of its body.

The exception is on it is blood and it is tongue.  The Cemani chicken’s blood is dark red color.

While the cemani chicken’s tongue is gray or sometimes white. While cemani chicken’s eggs is white bone or reddish, the black color will appear after the embryo start to grow.

The prices of chicken itself is currently relatively stable, currently the price of cemani chicken broodstock for a pair ranged from one million.

It because the chicken is unique and more and more demand. And here, let’s see some characteristics of a good quality of chicken:

  • All the fur is jet black, ranging from the beak to the black legs.

  • For the skin of his body is black, good for the skin on the face, neck and overall.

  • Cemani nails and legs of cemani has black color, the rectu is also dark black for quality of cemani chicken.

  • The physical characteristics of its appreance there is no official standard for its size.

  • Female or you can call “baboon” in Indonesian, the weight about 2-3 kg, 3-4 kg of males, cemani chicken can last up to8 years, hairy, medium size body, tail feathers rose, and large size cock.

  • We often meet in the field many consumers who want to have cemani chicken with black tongue color and black color.

    But so far our experience as an ornamental chicken farmers have never encountered it.

    In addition the authors also get information which has not encountered cemani black and blck-blooded chicken because the tongue of cemani chicken is gray, and the blood remains red even though not as red as a chicken adult usually.

How to know characteristics of a good cemani chicken to be used as a breeder?

Adult cemani chicken reaches a height of about 60 cm, chest circumference 34 cm and wingspan about 25 cm.

While adult females reach a height of about 50 cm, chest circumference 27 cm and 21 cm wingspan.

You can use Cemani chicken with characteristics above as a good breeder in order to lower the good nature to the offspring later.

Parent must also must be healthy, and also have a good appetite and from good offspring as well.

Cemani chicken that will be used as parent placed in a special cage with male composition of 1 to 4-5 females.

Feeding food in the form of voer or BR can be added raw material bran or corn milled.

There are those who believe it is necessary to be fed in the form of black sticky rice to produce a really black color. But it can not be verified.

The black color  of  cemani chicken is always synonymous with myths. No wonder, because the history of cemani chicken is very strong with mystical things.

Nevertheless, the demand for cemani chicken for breeding or just for the collection quite a lot.

black chicken price black chicken recipe ayam cemani chicken black chicken benefits black chicken eggs black chicken for sale solid black (chicken plumage) h'mong chicken                            Daging Ayam Cemani

Cemani chicken quite easy in cultivation. In raising semani chicken in need patience and persistence.

Small cemani chickens are particularly vulnerable to death especially at low temperatures.

To anticipate the maintenance of DOC cemani chicken until the age of one month placed on the cage box lamps are given incandescent.

Incandescent lights will help keep the room temperature warm.

In the morning box cemani chicks placed on the place in the sun and placed in a relatively shady place when the sun began to blister.

The mystery of cemani chicken  it is difficult to remove from society especially the Javanese.

Then what is the benefit of cemani chicken? Actually cemani chicken eatable and it feels no less with ordinary chicken meat.

But maybe because of it is rare and very expensive make the owner feels affection when consumed.

Plus the color is black, making most people are afraid when they will cook it and even consume it.

Beside, there are some benefit of ayam cemani meat for health. So recently many people start breeding ayam cemani.

Here’s some Tips to start breeding Ayam cemani. First is organize  the capital and knowledge and prepare the cage.

Then How to make the cemani chicken’s cage? The Cages appropriate to the age of cemani chicken. If it is still a DOC or seed, the enclosure is a box or box with a lamp as a warmer.

Chicks are very susceptible to low temperatures. After the age of about 3 months, the cage change be large which contain many chicks.

However, when the chicken will be mated, the cemani chicken is move into a smaller cage, which can only contain about 6 adults of cemani chickens with 1 male and 5 females.

How to marry cemani chicken it is quite easily. Wedding cemani can be naturally or with artificial insemination.

The Food of Cemani Chicken and cemani tillers or DOC are concentrate. The food can also create from pure voer or BR,.

When cemani chicken is 3 weeks old, feed can be mix with additional feed such as milled corn, bran and other feed mixture.  

It is due to reduce the cost of meal expenses.

So, it is about explanation about cemani chicken. Are you looking for ayam cemani chicken for sale?


These are the breeding of Cemani chicken

  1. How to Breed Cemani Chicken from Chicks until to be Mother

Ayam Cemani is one of Indonesia’s original ornamental chickens that have unique and different characteristics than other ornamental chickens.

Ayam cemani chicken initially only exist in Indonesia.

Now  days this Ayam cemani chicken cultivated in several countries such as in United Kingdom, United state and other.  

It so lovely because Its black color of its body even the organ.

There are some researchers from colleges who conduct research about Ayam cemani chicken. but the results are not yet certain.

Many people ask about the cause of black color on the whole body of this chicken. But it not answered yet.

Then How to Start breeding Cemani Chicken? All that we need is the knowledge and the procedure.

To keep the cemani chicken from sapling to breeding so that can be minimum the occurrence of death.

  1. Breeding the new chicks when they hatch

When the 4-day-old chicks, do tetelo or ND (Newcastle disease) vaccination are done on a continuous basis at 4 weeks and 4 months.

In addition  the vaccination it can be use the smallpox vaccine.

The daily consumption of cemani chicken will be increase more than before, According to age of chicken.

Food for the chicks is the form of concentrate. which is form of voer or pure BR that original and it is not mixed anything.

For the first 4 weeks daily consumption of about 400 grams / head. In the next 4 weeks and it will  increase up to 838 grams / head until the age of 8 weeks.

  1. Breeding of adolescence and adulthood

The 3 weeks old chicks can be move in to a larger cage. The cage utilization to the east it help The  sunlight enter into the chicken coop and make it always dry.

The wet cage will makes the chickens suffer from disease. The size of the cage adapted to the number of chickens and age of chicken.

The bigger chicken need the larger  the cage.

You can give Ayam cemani with additional food such as bran,and rice Any time. The additional food used to reduce the expenditure of fodder.

At the time when chicken Cemani entering the egg-laying period, it is need additional variety of vitamins. In addition to support the productivity and quality of eggs.

  1. Cage for adult cemani

The Adult of Ayam Cemani Chickens can be move in to the  smaller cages than to the large cage.

The smaller cage only contains about 5-6 tail with the composition of 1 male with 4-5 females.

The use a cage with 2 tails per cage are expected the males to fertilize the females then the females can be replaced with  the other.  

At the end all the females have been fertilized stud.

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