Find Different Kinds Of Cute Black Baby Chickens With Pictures

Black Baby Chicken : Find Different Kinds Of Cute Black Baby Chicken Breed With Pictures

Black baby chickens – Some chicken breeders are more interested to keep black chicken in their backyard.

Then, most of them will probably choose to start with baby chicks.

In this article, you will find different kinds of black baby chickens that you can keep in the backyard.

Black Baby Chicken

As we know that there are many kind of black chicken breeds around the world.

If you are a black chicken lover who just start to keep chicken in your backyards, you can choose to bring home black baby chicken.

Choosing to start with baby chicks can be a good option because you will know exactly how to grow them, take care of them, and keep them.

Then, it will also give you experience to know how to tell chick breeds apart .

So, who doesn’t fall in love with black baby chicken? They are too cute to be ignored.

So, if you are someone who just start to keep black chicken in your backyard, you probably need this information.

You are about to discover the breeds of baby chickens with pictures so you will have a consideration which one will you choose.

Kinds Of Black Baby Chickens

If you are going to keep black baby chickens in your backyard, here are several kinds of cute baby chick pictures that you can use as the consideration before choosing the breeds.

1. Ancona Baby Chicken

Black Ancona baby chicken, beautiful chicken breed from Italy

2. Cemani Baby Chicken

Cemani baby chicken, popular black chicken breeds native to Indonesia.

3. Kadaknath Baby Chicken

Kadaknath baby chicken, their appearance similar to Ayam Cemani but Kadaknath is native to India.

4. Minorca Baby Chicken

This is Minorca baby chickens, they can lay 120 eggs annually.

5. Silkie Baby Chicken

Black silkie baby chicken, they have fluffy feather and also have a black meat.

6. Sumatra Baby Chicken

Sumatera Baby Chicken, one of black chicken breed from Sumatera, Indonesia.

7. Black Orpington Baby Chicken

This black chicken name is Black Orpington Baby Chicken, they are from British.

8. Black Jersey Giant Baby Chicken

Black Jersey Giant Baby Chicken, this is come from America and their size is large as their name.

9. Crested Black Polish Chicken

Crested black polish baby chicken, they have unique appearance because of crested hat on their head.

10. Black Australorp Baby Chicken

Black australorp baby chicken, a good layer chicken breed from Australia.

Taking Care Of Black Baby Chickens – Is It Difficult?

Well, many people think that caring for baby chicks is complicated. However, caring them is not complicated after all.

All you need to do to care for them is only your patience.

When you have it in yourself, you will not find any difficulty.

Caring for black baby chickens only need a caring chicken keeper with safe, warm housing, the proper food and clean water.

Nothing is complicated here, right?

This is why when you choose to start with baby chicks, it means you are also learning and experiencing from the beginning until finally you can keep, maybe raise them successfully.

Sound good, yeah?

So, here are some important basic things that you need to prepare for your black baby chickens:

1. Housing

You need to place the baby chicks in the box cage while they are still small.

When keeping baby chicks, a box (plastic or cardboard) is the best place because they cannot regulate their temperature until they are at least 6-8 weeks old.

So, you need to prepare a controlled environment.

2. Warmth

Chicks need the warmth from the lights because their feathers have not grown optimally.

Like what is mentioned above, baby chicks aren’t able to maintain their body temperature.

So, you need extra care which is to provide a heat lamp.

It will give them what they need until they are old enough to maintain their body temperature.

3. Feed

Since you are starting with baby chicks, so you need to purchase baby chick foods which contain higher protein content to help them grow.

You can choose chick starter feed either medicated or unmedicated.

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4. Water

The cause of baby chick loss is the chick not starting to eat or drink because they are too cold to move.

This is why you should pay attention to the warmth condition and never let your chicks run out of water.

And always remember that you should provide clean water every day.

5. Enrichment

Inside the cage can also be given a wooden perch for chickens that you raised.


As the enrichment attempt, you can provide roost, sand box, or mirror for them.

Well, living within the confines of a plastic tote or cardboard box can make them bored.

This is why you can help them  by implementing the enrichment so that it is not boring for them.

6. Safety

Baby chicks are weak so that they need safety more than the adult chicken. You should protect them from pets, children and predators.

You should also provide escape-proof and fire-safe to keep them safe.

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