Better to Choose Broodstocks or Chicks to Begin Cemani Chicken Cattle?

Better to Choose Broodstocks or Chicks to Begin Cemani Chicken Cattle?

Cemani Chicken which is originally from Indonesia has special characteristics. The most special is on its colour. The original Cemani chicken has black colour on its beak, quill, skin, rectum, and leg . It looks so luxurious compared with other fancy chicken. For those who like black color, taking care of this chicken can be a good choice. Moreover, it has easy and simple way to do it.

 Adult Cemani Chicken
Adult Cemani Chicken

To prepare the broodstocks, we can use composition of 3-5 Cemani hens and 1 Cemani rooster. It causes on the egg productivity because by having composition no more than 5, in our experience, it can produce high quality of eggs even though we can maximize it up to 8 Cemani hens and 1 rooster.

 Adult Cemani Chicken
Adult Cemani Chicken

Beginning Cemani chicken cattle, we can obtain the result more quickly if we choose Cemani chicken broodstocks because they are ready to produce eggs. However, it does not mean that we cannot choose Cemani chicks. Taking care of Cemani chicks will make us more well experienced to take care from chicks and pay attention to its growth until adult and ready to produce.

 Cemani Chicken Age 3 Month
3 month Cemani Chicken

Moreover, we need to consider the length of purchase process. If the distance between the seller and the buyer is far enough, we better buy Cemani chicken with aged more than 2 months because its survive ability toward long journey is much better than chicks with aged under it.

 Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month
Chicken Cemani Ages 5 Months

By maintaining the woof and the stall cleanliness and good stall isolation, this chicken will grow faster and healthier. The adult of Cemani hens can produce eggs up to 8 until 15 eggs every eggs season. Moreover, Cemani chicken hen can brood its eggs so perfectly.

 DOC Cemani Chicken
DOC Cemani Chicken
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