The Best Ways Of Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs Successfully

Find The Best Ways Of Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs Successfully And The Characteristics of Ayam Cemani Eggs

Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs – Raising an ornamental chicken or another kind of chicken is one of the fun activities you can do at home. Many people have made this activity becomes their hobby. One of ornamental chicken that so popular among the chicken lovers is Ayam Cemani Chicken or people usually call it Cemani Chicken.

During raising cemani chicken, you will find a moment when your pet entering the period of laying eggs. At that time you can hatch the egg in manual ways or modern ways using a hatching machine.

Hatching eggs using manual or modern ways need some points that you should know. It can give effect to the process of your hatching eggs. Wanna know what factor that can cause your hatching cemani chicken eggs or other eggs process to go successfully? But before that, we will show you a glimpse of Cemani Chicken.

Cemani Chicken, A Beautiful Chicken Breed From Indonesia

As we know, Cemani Chicken or Ayam Cemani is popular with a black color which almost whole body. Except part of the tongue is white or grey and red blood. This chicken is indeed popular in public, especially for the ornamental chicken lovers as a collection.

The picture of adult Ayam Cemani Chicken, an extraordinary fowl native to Indonesia.
The picture of adult Ayam Cemani Chicken, an extraordinary fowl native to Indonesia.

Ayam Cemani is a type of ornamental chicken originating from Indonesia, more precisely in the area of Central Java Temanggung. This ornamental chicken has a unique characteristic that is all black color ranging from feathers, comb, head, beak, body, rectum to the feet are also black. It looks exotic and unique look of his body, so no wonder if this chicken has a lot of enthusiasts in Indonesia even to foreign countries. Because it is much-liked and its stock is scarce abroad, Ayam Cemani price becomes high. Even being one of the most expensive types of chicken in the world.

Cemani Chicken Egg

But, almost a whole body of this chicken is black, are ayam cemani eggs black? Let’s see about ayam cemani egg color. Is it black or the same like the chicken’s egg in general?

Many people think that the egg color of ayam cemani is also black like the color of its body. The eggs color of ayam cemani has same color with the live chicken eggs in general. Due to the background of ayam cemani is same as the live chicken and original from Indonesia.

Often mistaken for a black chicken eggs, the color of a cemani chicken egg is cream with a slight pink spot on the surface.
Often mistaken for a black chicken eggs, the color of a cemani chicken egg is cream with a slight pink spot on the surface.

Then what about ayam cemani egg yolk? Ayam cemani egg yolk is also the same with egg yolk of the chicken in general. It is yellow. Ayam cemani meat is even though not full black but the characteristic of the meat is shown clearly. Ayam cemani looks black and the part looks gray, so that’s why some people is afraid to eat.

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How About Cemani Chicken Meat Taste?

Do you wonder about cemani chicken or ayam cemani meat taste? Ayam cemani taste is delicious. You can take the benefit of ayam cemani in business opportunity such as you can process the meat become food or you can take benefit ayam cemani meat.

Hatching Cemani Chicken Egg or Another Ornamental Chicken Egg

After you know the little explanation about ayam cemani, let’s see about ayam cemani hatching eggs. Knowledge in the hatching process is very important. The action of buying a hatchery machine without learning the good hatching process can be impact failure in the process of hatching chicken eggs. In hatching chicken egg is very important to distinguish the eggs contained embryos are both alive, empty and dead. Distinguish the presence or absence of embryo done at the time of observation (candling). The observations vary by 2-3 times. In general, you can finish the observation about 2 times on the 4th day and 3rd days before hatching. On the fourth day, this is the phase which embryo in the egg has passed a critical period of early embryonic formation.

These Kind of Eggs:

  1. Live Egg, an egg whose embryo has grown and can grow well. A good egg will form an embryonic shoot that resembles a root.
  2. Empty Egg, is an infertile egg, this egg contains no embryo seeds. These eggs include into the grope of egg consumption of conditions kalaza (binder membrane between yellow and egg whites are still good).
  3. Dead Egg, it is an egg whose embryo has grown and but has not experienced growth that eventually dies. The eggs whose embryos have died are marked by the presence of blood spots in the form of lines or dots. The egg is as good as it is in the rejects and discarded.
Example of an embryo in a chicken egg, the development of the embryo you must always observe whether the embryo is alive or dead.
Example of an embryo in a chicken egg, the development of the embryo you must always observe whether the embryo is alive or dead.

In the 2nd observation done on 3 days before hatching, the dead eggs are subsequently removed so will not make a bad smell on the hatching machine. As easy tips to see or binocular eggs can use dark room and dark colored paper roll. For easy, you can also use the flashlight on your mobile phone.

Factors That Must be Considered In Hatching Eggs

Indeed there are several factors that can determine whether ornamental chicken eggs hatched or hatched failed, among others:

1. Hatching Time

In hatching eggs, time does determine whether or not a hatch succeeds. Time for hatching is enough to affect such as weather or season. Eggs that are hatched during the rainy season tend to require a warmer place to hatch. Conversely, in the summer season, eggs tend to require a room whic is not so warm so  the eggs are not too hot so the percentage of success in hatching is bigger.

2. Temperature

To hatch eggs use a hatching machice, temperature decided indeed success or not about hatching. Usually the embriyo will develope rapidly for temperature of egg constant about 90?F (32, 22?C) and will stop developing if temperature on 80?F (26.66?C). You need to pay attention when the hatching eggs use hatching machine, temperature in the room of hatching a little on top of egg temperature. Temperature which apply for hatching eggs, you should make it different with optimum temperature so, the egg will get a good result. Start from the first day until eighteenth days, the temperature that you need is about 99-100 ° F (35-41,11 ° C). On the nineteenth days until hatching, temperature decrease about 2-3?F (0,55- 1,11?C). The general temperature that you must apply in hatching egg about 101-105?F (38.33 – 40.55? C) or the average is about 100,4?F with goal to get egg temperature as you want.

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You can use a thermometer to check the temperature inside the incubator whether it is suitable or not.
You can use a thermometer to check the temperature inside the incubator whether it is suitable or not.

3. Humidity

In addition to the time and temperature of moisture hatching is also necessary to note, humidity should be in accordance with the development and growth of embryos. Common temperature humidity is about 60-70%. In addition to affecting the development and growth of embryo, moisture also affects the process of calcium metabolism (Ca). When the relative humidity (water vapor) is too high it causes calcium displacement of the bony spine in embryo development. So that the rate of embryo growth can be slowed by the state of the air humidity either too high or too low. Maximum embryonic growth will occur at approximately 60% moisture. Until the eighteenth day the required relative humidity is 60% and the next day is 70%. You can adjust humidity with giving water into the hatching machine and put into a flat container.

4. Ventilation

In normal embryonic development, oxygen enters and releases carbon dioxide through the pores of the eggshell. In the hatching machine should be enough available oxygen. If in the eggshell there is dirt will inhibit the gas of oxygen and carbon dioxide, so carbon dioxide levels will increase 0.5%, while the oxygen level will decrease by about 0.5%. Increased carbon dioxide is too high to cause the hatchability of the egg will be reduced. An increase of 1% will cause the death of the embryo to increase. A larger increase of 5% of embryos will die before hatching. Indeed in the hatch period each poultry is different. The larger the poultry posture the greater the eggs produced and the longer hatching period. Usually for hatching chicken eggs takes approximately 21 days.

Beside manual method, now hatching chicken eggs can use an incubator or hatching machine.
Beside manual method, now hatching chicken eggs can use an incubator or hatching machine.

5. Hatching Machine

Factors that are not less important in influencing the success or failure of a hatch is the quality of the machine itself. With the intent of whether all components in the hatchery can still function properly or not. Because it can also affect success in a hatchery.

We always say to our customer who wants to order ornamental chicken, if the eggs that we send are not our assurance. We or you can also predict the eggs are males or females. So also when the delivery, egg-like risk of shocks that make the eggs become cracked and broken is already beyond our reach. But did not rule out also the eggs that we send can hatch perfect. We’ve had enough of our successful customers to hatch a variety of ornamental chicken eggs ordered from our premises.

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