The Ayam cemani chicken is the local chicken from Indonesia and has been exist since the Majapahit era. The word of “Cemani” in Sanskrit mean “black” and “Ayam” in Indonesian mean “chicken”.  There is stories tells Ayam cemani originate from Kedu, Temanggung central java. Because This chicken lot found in kedu so this chicken called kedu’s chicken and in west java called hideug’s chicken. But it is still need more research to know the exact. 

There are two species of ayam cemani, Ayam cemani chicken and Ayam cemani walik. Both of them are similar, they has black from feather, meat, bone and internal organs are black. But Ayam cemani walik has different feather. it has an upside-down feather and the feather looks upward like a reverse. So, This kind of chicken are popular around the ornamental chicken collector. 

Ayam cemani is one of the most expensive chicken in the world. Because of the expensive price it named Lamborghini poultry.  Then How much is a Ayam Cemani chicken? This chicken are famous around the world. Cemani chicken for sale in UK, USA even in India. The price of Ayam cemani originally from Indonesia which run you around $2,500 for an oldest chicken. Ayam cemani chicken in Indonesia always connect with myth or something that related to beliefs of the past. Ranging from fur, meat, even ayam cemani chicken bone also black.In some region in Java, Ayam cemani chicken usually use as an offering at certain events and combined with cone rice and other side dish.

Besides, Sometimes people are curious about Ayam Cemani chicken Taste? Is Ayam Cemani chicken Taste delicious? is ayam cemani has a health benefitsWhat does a black chicken taste like? Actually Ayam Cemani chicken Taste delicious like other chicken in general. Because, Ayam cemani are totally in black color and related to Myst. The expensive price it would make people feel pity to consume. But this chicken are worthy for consume because of its the benefit.  

ayam cemani chicken soup

Then what is benefit of ayam cemani meat ? How does it taste ?. That many the question that people always ask for. There are lot of people does not know the benefit of ayam cemani chicken meat. Because this chicken are rarest population and so it is difficult to find ayam cemani chicken. But actually ayam cemani meat benefits such as it can be create into a variety of menus. There are many ayam cemani chicken recipe the most simple is fried chicken, or make some soup from black chicken.  Even the price are expensive but many people looking for ayam cemani for breeding or for consume.

Because Ayam Cemani chicken is more tasty than the usual chicken. The texture of the meat has a high fiber that good for human body and definitely delicious. The unique of ayam cemani chicken is the blood are dark red.  The cemani chicken eggs look a like as the usual chicken but it has pink tint on the eggshell. The Ayam cemani egg yolk  is yellow  look same like the normal chicken. So Ayam cemai chicken did not lay the black eggs. The eggs getting dark when the embryo arise  and it is not effect on the eggshell. Because the eggshell has the calcium carbonate of the eggshell does not contain the  fibromelanosis. That’s why ayam cemani has the ivory or cream color on the eggshell. So the conclusion is  black chicken are not lay black eggs. 

Manfaat Memelihara Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani meat

What kind of black meat chicken?.  There are a few black meat chickens in the world,  This chicken has balck color because of fibromelanosis, a genetic condition that causes hyper pigmentation, these chicken have black feathers, skin, beaks, claws, and meat. Then Silkies, this kind of chicken that has several different colors of feather, there are black, white, gold, and gray, but all have black faces and skin, and their beaks, legs, and meat are dark gray or grayish-blue.

The another one is Kadaknath chicken originally from Madhya Pradesh, India. It is traditionally black and all Kadaknath chickens have black meat and even black bones! And many more. Though the flesh of this breed is black, it is considered not only a delicacy of distinctive taste, but also of medicinal value. The black chicken are good for health since the ancient era in china. There are lot people consume black chicken  for medicine purpose since more over 1000 years. 

Furthermore, Ayam cemani  is good for health and human Body.  Ayam cemani has many health benefits such as Boost the immune system. Ayam Cemani chicken meat contains many minerals so it can fight various seeds of disease in the body. Thus, you will be protected from various diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Also This black chicken is essential for Child Growth,because it contains phosphorus that makes the children bones more strongest and it help grows normally. Not only for children, but for productive age is also good for bone health. Ayam cemani health benefits for Preventing Arthritis. because the content of selenium and minerals in chicken flesh can prevent and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Further more,  Ayam cemani meat is source of the protein. The black chicken has the higher amount of protein compared to other varieties of other poultry  meat. Antioxidant it is beneficial to promote the body functions. This balck meat contains of vitamin B and Vitamin E  it is good for eyesight. The black chicken can be the great option for you because it is Low cholesterol. It is also good for bones because it is contains high calcium. Are you still wondering,  Is black chicken good for you?. You must try this unique black chicken meat. 

Ayam cemani had been brought into Europe from Indonesia in 18th century by sailors of the Dutch East India Company. Since then ayam cemni chicken  ayam cemani are popular in Europe. Then in January 2007 The Poultry Club of Britain accepted the proposed standard for showing purposes they are now under the Rare Poultry Society. so this chicken are limited and hard to find in Europe. 

The first breeder of Ayam cemani in US  is the Greenfire Farm. They are provider of ayam cemani in the US since long time ago until now. Ayam cemani chicken is rare and hard to find in the U.S.  Because of the Department  agriculture of U.S bans the direct imports of Ayam cemani chicken from Indonesia. It is impact on the Ayam cemani price that expensive.  Even the meat of ayam cemani are difficult to find in the market. The meat only found at the farm and in special store. so it makes the ayam cemani has the high prices. 

Ayam Cemani Walik

Ayam Cemani Walik

Would you like to breeding Ayam cemani chicken ? How to start breeding ayam cemani chicken ?. Breeding Ayam cemani chicken is good opportunity. Because it quite easy and simple. The most important preparing the cage. Then it is start from the fertile eggs or ayam cemani chicks. The eggs of ayam cemani is more cheaper than  an adult. The adult of ayam cemani chicken is use for consume or for collection. Then the chicks are more cheaper and can be develop. The maintenance of ayam cemani chicks are same as the general chicken. For newly hatched move in to the  warmer boxes. Then if the cemani chicken chicks is more than 3 weeks put in the large cage.

For the cage should be adjusted to the age of the chicken. Then  for Cemani chicken that ready to be bred, it can be moved into a special cage for mated.There are two option for mating Ayam cemani chicken. It can be natural or artificial (insemination). Then Ayam cemani chicken can be move into another the cage. It consist of 6 chickens with the Composition 5 females and 1 male chicken or one female and one male. When the female is already fertilized then the female can be  remove  from the cage and replaced with another female. Then for the male still in the cage to continue fertile another female. 

How to make hatching eggs cage ?.  Actually make cage is quite simple depend on the needs and amount of chicken cemani laying eggs. The cage for ayam cemani fertile is the postal cage. A simple cage is  from wood filled with sawdust or straw.  Usually Ayam cemani chicken can lay eggs 12 to 16 depend on the habit. Then the chicken eggs can be hatched for 21 days of incubation. The production of eggs can be optimize use an egg machine. It help the chicken to spawn intensively. 

Manfaat Telur Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani Super couple

There is some advise that Ayam cemani food is black rice. Because the black rice is use to keep the black elements on the cemani chicken. But it is not provable or a myth. Truthfully, Ayam cemani Food is rice same like the free range chicken or chicken in general.  Except for the chicks, the food must be milled  while for the big one directly given.

Beside, Ayam Cemani chicken eggs is one of the most popular and many people are looking for this eggs. The benefit  of eggs is almost the same as the chicken meat. The demand for the meat and eggs  is always increase.  But due to the limited of the supply makes it rare. If you are interest for breeding ayam cemani it is a good opportunity. Lets’s start breeding ayam cemani chicken and get the enormous profits.  

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