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Cemani Chicken Soup

The Delicious Taste Of Ayam Cemani Meat

Ayam Cemani Meat: Can Ayam Cemani Meat Be Cooked And Transformed Into Delicious Cuisine? And What Are The Benefits Of It?

If we talk about chicken, we cannot separate it with its health benefits. Chickens are the animals which are often consumed by humans as side dishes due to its high nutritional value.

It contains calories, protein, sodium, iron, total fat, saturated fat, and many other nutrients.

Besides its nutrition, the soft texture of its meat, and the smell which is very delicious when we cook it also become the reason why we usually consume it.

There are several type of chickens usually consumed by people such as free-range chicken (ayam kampung), laying hens (ayam petelur), broiler (ayam pedaging), etc.

They are often consumed as food and served in different ways. However, have you ever though to consume the black chicken meat of ayam cemani?

Before we discuss ayam cemani meat more, let’s talk about ayam cemani first.

It has no doubt that ayam cemani or cemani chicken is one of the most expensive ornamental chickens in the world.

Ayam Cemani is originally from Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia that ayam cemani chicken for sale can be found easily there.

Once you hear the words ‘ayam cemani’, the first thing on your mind will be ‘black’ or ‘exotic’.

This type of chicken which is very popular with its luxurious and exotic color.

There are many people who are looking for ayam cemani chicken due to some reasons.

In some areas in Indonesia, this chicken is usually called as ‘mytical ayam cemani’.

People usually use cemani chicken as a part of religious rituals because they believe in the mystical power of black chicken meat.

However, one thing that should be emphasized is that, even though everything we know about this chicken is black but the only part of ayam Cemani which is not dark is only its eggs.

The color of cemani chicken eggs is still similar with another type of chicken like free-range chicken (ayam kampung) which has light brown or cream-colored.

Moreover, here is also misunderstanding about the color of the eggs yolk. Many people think that because everything about Cemani is black, the color of egg is also black, even they think it also has ayam cemani egg yolk is also black.

Everything about this chicken is black, except for its tongue, blood, and egg.

The tongue is usually grey (black tongue also normally happens), the blood is dark red, while the egg is like the other commonly egg, cream-colored or light brown.

One reason why ayam cemani chicken price is quite expensive is due to its exotic and luxurious color of this chicken that people call it as one of the most expensive chicken in the world.

Now, let’s imagine, how could you eat a kind of food which has totally black appearance? From the appearance, it may be disgusting and terrible to look but it actually has amazing and delicious tastes, not much different with other chicken meat.

If you want to know ayam cemani taste, you should try it first. Have you ever tried it? If not, you can cook it by yourself.

Now let us show you what kind of cuisines can be made from ayam cemani meat. Here are some of them:

Cemani soup
Ayam Cemani
Black chicken soup
Ayam cemani kuah kaldu
Cemani Chicken Soup
meat ayam cemani
Cemani saus mentega e1513996273560
Cemani Chicken Grill

Pictures of Cemani Chicken Cuisines

What do you think after you see some kind of cemani chicken meat cuisines? Feel so excited to cook this chicken? It proofs that this black chicken meat can be cooked into delicious cuisines.

However, it doesn’t enough if we only talk about ayam cemani only. You might be wondering how about cemani chicken eggs? Can we cook it too?

The request of Cemani chicken eggs nowadays are actually increasing. Indonesians usually look for it either to breed or to consume. Some of them choose to breed the eggs, then hatch them for sale.

They think that it will be more beneficial rather than consume it. To consume cemani chicken meat, you will need to pay more because ayam cemani chicken price, as we mention above, is quite expensive.

Nevertheless, there are also many people prefer eating this chicken. They know exactly that cemani chicken has very good nutritional value which is very beneficial to their healths.

As we know that chicken eggs contain high protein which is good for body health as long is it is consumed within normal limits.

Not only its meat, the cemani chicken egg yolk is also good for health.

And this has already answered the question of ‘can cemani chicken eggs’ be cooked too? The answer is, absolutely YES! Both cemani chicken eggs and meat are safe to consume, even they are very good for health.

Talking about cemani chicken cuisines, what benefits can we obtain from consuming ayam cemani meat? According to some researchers, there are of course many benefits you can obtain by consuming cemani chicken. Let’s see some of them below:

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1. Black chicken meat is the source of antioxidant. It has more carnosine compared to the white chicken meat.

It will reduce the risks of certain health problems because its big role is to promote the body health such as protecting from inflammation, preventing the risks of diseases, etc.

It helps you staying healty, also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction.

If you know someone who is suffering from substance abuse check this article about https://firststepbh.com/blog/psychotherapy-works-addiction-treatment/.

2. It can protect eyesight. Fruits and vegetables are useful to protect the eyesight since they have high amount of vitamin A.

Consuming black chicken meat can also be good for your eyesight. The existence of antioxidant properties in this meat is beneficial to promote the body functions.

It can prevent the risks of macular degeneration.

3. It is the source of protein. We know exactly that protein is an essential nutrients that can promote the body health.

If we consume cemani chicken which has black meat, we will obtain much higher protein value compared to other types of other bird meat.

It can also help the the building process of body tissues and stabilize blood sugar levels.

4. It is low in cholesterol. Black chicken meat has lower cholesterol level compared to white chicken. If you want to start a healthy life without avoiding chicken meat, this chicken must be added into your menu list.

You will not need to worry of cholesterol if you consume this chicken.

5. It is the source of vitamin B and vitamin E. Cemani chicken contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. It also contains vitamin E which helps the blood circulation in the body.

As we know that vitamins has big role in promoting the body metabolism and body functions.

Grain foods and green vegetables are exactly good source of vitamin B complex, so is with this cemani meat.

6. It is the source of iron which is beneficial to prevent the risks of anemia and chronic fatigue.

The existence of iron can promote the production of hemoglobin in the body. Furthermore, it also has a role to promote the muscle formation.

7. Ayam cemani meat is the source of Phosphorus. This is one of the abundant minerals we find in the body.

You will feel the benefits of phosphorus which is so many. Some of them are to promote the strong bones and body metabolism as well.

8. It has the source of calcium. As we know that calcium is very important mineral that builds the strong bones.

And ayam cemani has the content of calcium. It helps enhance the bones structure and density to avoid osteoporosis.

To protect your bones from diseases, you can consume cemani chicken.

9. It is the source of Amino Acids. The other amazing ability of black chicken meat is it contains amino acids as the muscle supplement which promotes the muscle formation.

Moreover, it also has ability to regulate the blood vessel flexibility.

10. It promotes hearth health. The presence of iron and other kind of minerals in ayam cemani meat is helpful to promote the hearth health as they work together to prevent the blood clot, then will cut the risks of heart problems.

It is also beneficial to promote the blood circulation to reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke.

What mentioned above are some of the benefits of ayam cemani meat.

There are still many advantages you can obtain when consuming this meat.

Cemani chicken meat is beneficial to boosts your energy due to its high amount of protein, the existence of mineral sand amino acids.

It can also promote women health. For instance black chicken meat of Kadaknath.

It helps women with menstruation problem by promoteing the regular menstruation as well as promote the fertility.

Other benefits are black chicken meat can act as an aphrodisiac which functions to increase the blood, treats headaches and asthma.


Cemani chicken truly has amazing benefits for your health. If you are looking for ayam cemani chicken for sale, you are in the right place.

We also provide ayam cemani eggs for sale.

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