Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs  : Discover The Best Way To Hatch Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs When Raising Your Cemani Chicken

Ayam cemani hatching eggs – hatching cemani chicken eggs can be a dilema for some people, especially those who just start to raise them.

Don’t be confused. There are two ways that you can do to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs. Each way has positive and negative side, so think wisely and decide what you think is best.


Ayam Cemani

Black chicken
The Exotic Color Of Cemani Chicken


The Indonesian chicken breed which is well-known as ‘Ayam Cemani is one of chicken varieties that has special and unique characteristic.

Everyone knows exactly what makes ayam cemani chicken so popular. What is it? THE VERY BEAUTIFUL EXOTIC JET BLACK COLOR.

The jet black color of cemani is very unique and not all chicken has it. As a result, it makes cemani chicken rare.

The recent study shows that the number of this chicken is no more than 2500 chickens.

Due to this condition, the ayam cemani price becomes so high.

Ayam cemani used to be in Indonesia only. Now, this chicken has been spread widely, even to overseas.

There are many people who are interested to raise them as hobby or as business. So, if you are going to raise cemani chicken, you should know about ayam cemani hatching eggs.

By mastering this, you will have a useful experience when raising and handling cemani chicken from the eggs.


Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs

black chicken eggs
Do black chicken eggs really exist?


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Do ayam cemani chicken lay black eggs? Many people who begins to raise cemani chicken aks whether ayam cemani egg color is black or not.

Well, there must be a clarification for this case. The color of ayam cemani eggs are similar with other general chicken.

What color are Ayam Cemani chicken eggs? It is usually  cream colour, sometimes brown color.

So, if you are starting with ayam cemani hatching eggs, now you know for sure that there is no black egg of cemani.

Even though ayam cemani is already in black color when hatch, it doesn’t mean that black chicken eggs exist. The yolk, the white, and the shell are not black at all.


Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

Actually, cemani chicken is a poor egg layer. They start lay in the age of 8 months weighing about 2,5kg.

In a year, this chicken will have laying periode for 3-4 times. And in one periode, they can produce for about 8-15 eggs.

The production of ayam cemani hatching eggs can increase if using hatchery machine.

The use of hatchery machine will give opportunity to ayam cemani to lay more eggs. However, if you are a beginner, hatching the eggs with the hens can be a right choice.

In a summary, there are two ways to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs. First, you can just let the hens to brood their eggs and hatch them naturally.

Second, you can hatch ayam cemani eggs using the hatchery machine.


So, Which One Is Better Between Hatching The Cemani Chickens Naturally With The Hens Or With Hatchery Machine?

Both hatching ayam cemani hatching eggs using help of the hens or hatchery machine have positive and negative side.

1.Hatching ayam cemani hatching eggs with the help of the hens/their mothers

backyard chicken
Ayam cemani hen is brooding the eggs

If you are a beginner, it’s better for you to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs by yourself with the help of their hens.

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So, you can just let the hens keep brooding their eggs until hatch. The positive effect of this situation is you don’t need to do extra works, extra time, and extra cost.

You just need to take care of the hens so that it can brood without any obstacles. For example:

-provide the place for the hens to brood using straws

-keep the brooding place (place for laying eggs) save from the predators

-provide enough food and water when the hens need it


As we know that the brooding periode of chicken in average is about 21-28 days.

Of course this is not a short time. When you choose to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs with the hens, it means that the hens will only focus to brood the eggs.

It other words, in one month you will not have the hens layed any eggs because they are in the brooding period. So, it effects on the low eggs productivity.

Other information :

2.Hatching ayam cemani hatching eggs with the help of hatchery machine

Hatchery machine
Hatchery machine



The positive side of having cemani chicken eggs hatched using hatchery machine is the enhancement of the eggs productivity.

After cemani hens lay their eggs, you will move the eggs to the machine.

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So, the hens will not need to brood their eggs. Of course, it will give oppoortunity to be free so that they can mate with the rooster more often.

As a result, the ayam cemani hatching eggs productivity will increase.


Using hatchery machine to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs will need really extra work.

Start from moving the eggs carefully from the brooding place to the machine, untill the end process of hatching. Actually you will also need extra cost and extra time.

You have to spend money to have the hatchery machine. Then, you have to spend your time and effort to monitor the eggs.

Of course, you should also check the hatchery machine including the temperature, the humidity, the eggs position, etc.

Everything should be done well if you want to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs successfully.

This is why if you are a beginner, we recomend you not to use hatchery machine to hatch ayam cemani hatching eggs.

But if you already have been expert, using machine can be a good choice.

 If you have a question just feel free leave the comment in the leave a reply form below

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