Ayam Cemani For Sale UK : The Rare Black Chicken From Indonesia

Ayam Cemani for Sale UK : The Rare Black Chicken from Indonesia with A Mysterious Charm

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Black Chicken of Cemani Chickens

Ayam Cemani For Sale Uk – The word  of Ayam in Indonesian language means chicken. Then cemani comes from the ancient Java language which means all-black. Means it has black color from its feathers to its bones. The ayam cemani chicken has black color covered in his body and organs. This breed are completely black : plumage, legs, toe nails, beak and tongue.

Why ayam cemani has black color ? The black color get from natural generic trait known as ‘fibromelanosis’. It is a genetic mutation that causes extra melanin to seep into the chicken’s skin and bones. This ayam cemani is originally from Indonesia on the java island. This unique chicken has been find out since the Majapahit era. At that time only the the king and the nobility that can have this unique chicken. This is a local chicken from the Kedu region. The Javanese believe ayam cemani chicken has mystical power. There are many people looking for ayam cemani chicken. They use ayam cemani chicken for religious ritual and they believe that the dark color of it can keep away the darkness. Also they use the dark red blood of ayam cemani chicken for offerings a blessing. Some peopole believe that ayam cemani is mystical symbol  because of the darkness.

For those who do not know yet about the kind of ayam cemani. In the wold this rare chicken from Indonesia has two species of Ayam cemani chicken. There are Ayam cemani chicken general and ayam cemani chicken walik. Both of the chicken has the characteristics. Both of them has  same dark color on the plumage, legs, toe nails, beak,tongue even the bone and Internal organs. But the differences appear on the feather. The ayam cemani walik has the unique feather which is rare. It feather  is facing upward. And the price of this ayam cemani walik chicken  is  more expensive than cemani in general. because ayam cemani walik chicken is rarest than other poultry. There are not many people  know about this type of chicken. this is unique chicken that expensive and it has its own beautiful.

ayam cemani
exotic and luxurious color of cemani chicken

The Ayam cemani chicken are rare in many countries outside Indonesia. Many people are looking for Ayam Cemani For Sale Uk. Because this rare black chicken from Indonesia because the unique of its color. Then how much ayam cemani chicken price? The ayam cemani cockerel with Beautiful black plumage quality it cost £25 for each. its quite expensive. But  there are many people who falling in love with this black chicken Because it has its own the uniqueness.

Not surprisingly, if this  Ayam Cemani For Sale Uk referred as the Lamborghini of poultry. Even it price so expensive but it worth with the impressive black color of the whole body of ayam cemani. As you know Ayam cemani chicken are totally black. But some of you doesn’t know if ayam cemani egg has the same color as usual chicken eggs. Ayam cemani egg color are the light brown or creamy sometimes like an ivory color with a slight pink tint on the eggshell. Truthfully It does not lays black eggs color. It happen because the eggshell contain crystal calcium carbonate. It is same like general eggshell on chicken in general. Also ayam cemani egg yolk same like other chicken. It has yellow eggs yolk in the middle. The black color will appear when the embryo appears on the eggs yolks.

Are you curious about the taste of Ayam cemani chicken eggs ?  or Is it possible to eat ayam cemani eggs?. As the explanation above This kind of chicken is rare and difficult to get it. Even the eggs is more expensive than the general chicken eggs. The eggs of ayam cemani chicken are can’t find freely on the supermarket nor in general market. It is only find on the Ayam cemani  chicken farm or  in our wesite. The taste of this rare poultry same like the other poultry eggs. The eggs is medium category which is average 45 grams. The eggs of  is unique chicken has large in proportion to the size of the hen’s body. It is safety for consume and healthy for human body.

Ayam Cemani Walik
Ayam Cemani Walik

Are you wondering to start breeding ayam cemnai chicken ? and how to obtain a ayam cemani chicken ?. Actually This kind of Chicken quite easy to cultivate and to obtain. Even it is easy for breeding this unique chicken, It is also need the patience and persistence. Because the unique black chicks are vulnerable to die especially at low temperatures. Therefore the chicks should be placed at the warm box. The equipped with the lamp to make sure the chicks are warm enough. Then In the morning the box of Ayam cemani chicks must be placed at the sunlight.  But when the sun start scorching the box must be move in  the shade places.

On the first years Ayam cemani  hens  are be able lay about 60 to 100 cream-colored eggs. The average Ayam cemani age up to 7 years more. it so productive  chicken. Then for maintenance ayam cemani chicken each chicken should be grouped according to age. It is for minimize death and makes it easy to feed. Because ayam cemani chicken feeding based on their ages and the chicks are virus vulnerable. So the cage must be separate. The chicks can be feed  with the concentrate starter. It must be feeding every time the chicks getting hungry. When the ayam cemani  chicks consume a lot of food it will make them growth faster.  But it must be controlled and  should not be excessive.

Ayam cemani chicken chick
Ayam cemani chicken chick

Then For the adult of ayam cemani chicken the food arranged one day twice. The food consist of concentrate laying, corn milled, bran and other food mix. Cemani chicken cage is also no longer a box but a limited cage, cage bate ray, or left them freely. The concentrate feeding is intended to improve the quality and quantity the production of ayam cemani chicken eggs. The eggs can be hatched naturally  through ayam cemani chicken hen or free range chicken hen. In a modern way there is an options,  the chicken eggs can be can be hatched by using hatching machine.  The hatching time is the same as an ordinary chicken it is 21 days.

Would you like to eat ayam cemani meat? or Are you curious about the black meat? . Maybe some of you will be think about it twice. Not only the high price or maybe the black color of ayam cemani meat and the difficulties to find this chicken. So it make some of you pity to eat the black chicken meat. For your Information Ayam cemani meat uk have an average weight 2-3 kg for cemani male while for female cemani can reach 2.5 kg.  This chicken are prestigious for ornamental chicken lovers because of its beauty.

Beside, Ayam cemani meat for sale because of its benefit. Did you know the benefit of black meat?  It is good for human body and for health. The black chicken is an Source of Antioxidant have a big role for promoting the body health. One of them is to protect the body against inflammation. Also it has beneficial to promote the body functions and to Protects Eyesight. Another benefit of ayam cemani chicken is shown that has the higher amount of protein compared to other varieties of other poultry meat. the black meat of ayam cemani contains lot of  Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 in it. This vitamins  which is are good for the body metabolism and others.

It has texture like a regular chicken meat. This ayam cemani chicken can be mix with any recipe.
It has texture like a regular chicken meat. This ayam cemani chicken can be mix with any recipe.

Have you ever tried ayam cemani meat? Then how does the ayam cemani chicken meat taste? It has texture like a regular chicken meat. This ayam cemani chicken can be mix with any recipe. It can be fry or grill or make some curry with this black meat of ayam cemani.  So you can makes your own creation with the rare black chicken meat from Indonesia.

Where to find ayam cemani meat for sale?  The black meat chicken  is rare, So it is hard to find the black meat of ayam cemani in the grocery in UK. Because of ayam cemani is the rare poultry in the world. You can find ayam cemani meat for sale on internet as the optional. Or you can go to the farm. There are a few  breeder of ayam cemani that provide Ayam Cemani For Sale UK. They are provide ayam cemani eggs for hatching until oldest. The oldest is expensive one, so it is hard on how to obtain a ayam cemani chicken.

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