The Beautiful Black Chicken “Ayam Cemani” Originally From Indonesia Which Is Entirely Black From Its Feather To Its Bones

ayam cemani chicks
exotic and luxurious color of cemani chicken

Do you know about Ayam Cemani? This is unique chicken with black color covered the whole body. Sometimes It is called “Goth Chicken” because everything inside and outside are black. It has black color on skin, beak, plume, tongue, legs, toe nails, even its meat, bones, and organs.

ayam cemani chicks
cemani chicken eggs has similar color with common eggs

It is a unique chicken in the world. May be Some of you feel curious about Do Ayam Cemani chickens lay black eggs? No, they don’t. For your information the Ayam Cemani Egg Color at a glance has the same color as the chicken in general. The difference of this chicken is it  lay cream eggs with pink freckle. Because of the whole body are black so people think that it lay black eggs.

Then ayam cemani egg yolk also has the similar color like chicken in general it is yellow. It will be dark when the embryo occurs. ayam cemani eggs and the blood are only part which are not black. it has dark red blood which is more red than  chicken in general. so may people said that it has black blood.  Then Do any chickens lay black eggs?  So far, according to the specialist there are no black eggs, usually chicken lay brown eggs, white ivory, or broken white.

Then Why is the Ayam Cemani chicken black? The black color that occur on the whole body and the organ because this unique chicken have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation (Fibromelanosis). This type of this chicken is one of the rare species in the world. It makes this chicken more expensive than other chicken.

There are many people who want to breed  this kind of chicken because it looks elegant and exotic. The species of this unique chicken has started to be rare in the worldwide. Recently, it only remains 3500 species in the worldwide. But recently, the  demand for this chicken in the United State of America and United Kingdom are greatly increase.  But there are only a few breeders who breed this unique chicken. So it will impact on the price in the market.

Do you know how much is a Ayam Cemani? Actually, Ayam cemani for sale USA it can be reach up to $ 5000 a pair. In the chicken world, this species equated with the Lamborghini. The average price of Hatching Eggs cost $19.00 – $35.00. It is a fantastic price for a rare chicken.

The unique chicken Ayam cemani  is popular in Asia. This chicken usually use as mystical powers and for some religious ceremony or traditional ceremony. Ayam cemani price India  is quite expensive  because it is typical rare chicken.  This chicken also believe has medical value. In India there is  similar black chicken which has same typical as Ayam cemani Chicken. This chicken called Kadaknath, Kadaknath is typical black chicken  which is believed to infuse vigor  and has mystical value.  Beside the effectively for increase blood cells and hemoglobin. That’s why many people are looking for this unique chicken for consume and for maintained.

Ayam cemani chicken age can be reach up to 7 years. This chicken more  productive than free range chicken or the chicken in general.  This unique chicken are ready to lay their eggs at the age of 7-8 months and above. With a period of 3-4 times per year and the hens lay about 60 to 100 eggs their first year. The weigh for an eggs average of 45 grams.  It would be more productive if using a Hatch machine for eggs productions. Nowadays, only several breeder who develop Ayam cemani chicken in the worlds.  There are many people in several country want this unique chicken. it makes the demand and supply are not balance.

Baca Juga!  The Best Ways Of Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs Successfully

The adaptability and maintenance of Ayam cemani chicken is easy. This chicken are fed and cared for naturally. The chicks feed with concentrate in the form of voer or pure BR which is not given any mixture. Then For the first 4 weeks daily consumption of about 400 grams / head. In the next 4 weeks, it can fed up  to 838 grams / head until the age of 8 weeks. Then for 4-day-old chicken is given tetelo or ND (Newcastle disease) vaccination, which is repeated at 4 weeks and 4 months. In addition it can be vaccinated with smallpox vaccine. It is done in order to maintain the health and endurance of chicks.

The chickens older than 4 weeks  can be feed  with  the  chicken food in general.  It is Such as rice bran, and rice that has not been stale. Hopefully with the additional feed it be able to save on chicken feed.  The food can bi mixed together. Then when  ayam cemani chicken begin to spawn need additional vitamin. It can be enhance with lying chicken food. it aims to support the productivity and quantity of the production eggs.  To make it easy  the vitamin can be blend together with the food. Its so easy to take care of ayam cemani chicken. The food for an  adult cemani chicken is set one day twice and it can be feed with corn milled, and other food mixtures. Because the treatment of this unique chicken are  the same like the general chicken.

The Chicken care and maintenance for teenager and adulthood. When 3-week-old chicks can be move in to a larger cage.  The cage must be facing towards the sun.  So the rays can enter into the cage and keep the cage always dry. Because if the cage moist the chickens will be easily infected the disease. Need to be  notice for size of  ayam cemani chicken cage.  It should be adjusted to the number of the chickens and age of the chicken. It is would help the chicken grow healthy and productive.

There are two kind of ayam camani, The first one is the the common cemani chicken and the other one is cemani chicken Walik. Both of them are same it has black color on skin, beak, plume, tongue, legs, toe nails, even its meat, bones, and organs. But Cemani chicken walik has different feather. It has  upwards feathers and the shaped like an inverted. The distinctive feathers is the own charm of cemani walik chicken. The typical walik cemani walik’s feather and the whole black color becomes its own uniqueness.  It make the ornamental chicken lovers want to keep it.

Baca Juga!  What Do Ayam Cemani Taste Like? Is the Meat Really Delicious?

Then would you like to taste the ayam cemani meat ? is it good?. This “Goth Chicken” meat are rare and difficult to find on the market. But if you want to consume the meat of this unique chicken you can  go to ayam cemani breederAyam cemani taste is more delicious and high fiber than the others. This chicken have an average weight 2-3 kg for cemani chicken male while for female cemani  chicken can reach 2.5 kg. No doubt, the black meat is so distinctive in contrast to chickens in general. But the taste of ayam cemani same like the chicken in general. And it has lot of benefit for human body. The texture of this unique chicken meat is high fiber and it tastes like general chicken. So it can be cooked for any recipes such as fried chicken, grilled chicken, or chicken soup. Would you try it ?

Besides the high price,  it also has lot of benefit for human body. It also can help to heal Sprain Pain, because it is contains oil that can treats sprains by boiling chicken meat until the oil comes out. Not many people know by consuming this unique chicken meat it can relieve stress because it contains Substance B5 in the chicken meat so it can provide a sense of calm on the human nerve. The another benefit of chicken meat it can balancing Cholesterol. The Niacin content in  the meat can lower the cholesterol levels so this type of meat is very safe for people with cholesterol.

This  “Goth Chicken”  from Indonesia is very unique and so attractive.  The uniqueness of this chicken It seems, has been not  widely studied. There are not many research about the unique black chicken. Probably not many researchers who published the research of the uniqueness of this chicken. because there are many people are curious about another uniqueness of this black chicken. There are many question about this black chicken such as how if this chicken mating with the general chicken, is  the chicken would has black feather and has black meat.  and how about the eggs  it would be lay black color or it would has the same color like the general chicken. It will be an awesome research that help the ayam cemani chicken breeder. But it still unclear yet. hope fully in the future there will be an research about this unique chicken.

Actually ayam cemani is great opportunity for business. To find out how to purchase and for further information you can contact us at our social media Facebook and Instagram.

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